The Election Manifesto of Hindu Voters!

Margashirsha Krushna Ekadashi

By Staff Reporter

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Cast your vote for only that candidate who has ethical conduct and who will look after Hindu interest!

Dear Hindu Brothers and Sisters,

The politicians to whom we Bharatiyas so confidently handed over the reign of our country after Independence have turned it into a thing of no value. We have experienced the extreme deterioration of our country over last 61 years even though all the political parties were given chance to rule.

The Nation has gone down hill because of Adharmi (unrighteous) politicians!

During ancient times the people used to be happy, fearless and prosperous because the Hindu kings then were duty bound and followers of Dharma. The current politicians and rulers are unrighteous and misuse the power for their own interests. This has lead to deterioration of Bharat at all levels. The people are overwhelmed with poverty, unemployment, corruption, crime and misconduct.

The secular rulers themselves are responsible for the detrimental state of Dharma!

Activities against the Hindu Dharma and appeasement of Muslims and Christians have become the permanent feature of secular politicians. Therefore in a Hindu majority Bharat the very faith of Hindus on the Dharma was hurt through the various media of denigration of Hindu Deities, the killing of Hindu leaders, anti Hindu laws etc. The 85 crore Hindus who are not united on the basis of Dharma had to face the sorrow of the detriment to their Dharma while Non-Hindus being united were appeased by the politicians for their lump sum votes.

To arrest the present pitiable condition of Nation and Dharma it is essential to elect such candidates who are patriotic, followers of Dharma,  having caring attitude for the masses,  having warrior attitude, morally strong and  having sacrificing nature. For that it is essential that the Dharmashakti of Hindus has to manifest through the medium of ballot and that is the responsibility of all of us. Therefore seriously think as to whom you will cast your invaluable vote! HJS therefore is calling you to change the current state of affairs.

Do not vote such candidates!

  1. Corrupt, criminal, uneducated and those who change the party
  2. Those who offer drinks, parties, money, clothes, picnics and items of luxury in exchange for votes
  3. Those who play politics of caste by encouraging the reservation culture and thus divide the society
  4. Those parties who appoint defeated candidates to the post of Governor or chief of some corporation etc.
  5. Those who have amassed unlimited wealth after being elected and those who have kept crores of rupees in the Swiss bank or some such foreign bank and thus have hidden their black money and have evaded taxation.
  6. Those disrupt the working of parliamentary or legislative sessions and thus causing loss of crores of public money
  7. Those who spend crores of public money on the advertisements when there is a loan of millions of rupees on the nation and when 30% of our population is below poverty line
  8. Those who spread such defaming history such as,’ Sri Ram is an imaginary personality’ ‘ Lokmanya Tilak, Sawarkar, Bhagatsingh were terrorists’ and ‘ Shivaji Maharaj was wicked and deceitful’
  9. Those who pretend Hinduttva after smelling the oncoming wave of Hinduttva.
  10. Those involved in preparing Anti Hindu laws and those who hate Hindu Dharma, Deities, the Hindu Holy texts and Sanskrit language.
  11. Those who distribute the money donated by the devotees to Church,  Mosques, Christian Schools after taking over the temples under government management.
  12. Those who participate in the programmes of Muslims and Christians; but do not participate in Hindus’ agitation for the defense of Dharma and neglect the undesirable practices taking place during the festivals in their own constituency
  13. Those who out of their fanatic mentality give tickets to Muslims and never lose a single opportunity to appease them
  14. Those who give reservation to minorities in jobs, educational field, give subsidy of crores of rupees for Haj pilgrimage and donate thousand of acres of land for building Mosques and Kabrastans.
  15. Those who try to destroy the places of Hindu cultural heritage such as Ramsetu,Bhama hill where Saint Tukaram did penance and those  who do not allot permanent land for the Amarnath pilgrims for provision of facilities
  16. Those who never register a simple protest  when Hindu leaders are murdered,  Muslin instigate riots, vandalisation of Hindu Deities ‘idols and when such Hindu hater painter M.F. Hussain paints the nude pictures of Bharatmata and Hindu Deities.
  17. Those who have neglected the rehabilitation of four and half crore Kashmiri Hindus who due to atrocities committed by Muslims had to leave the place and thus have subjected them to a miserable life in the refugee camps.
  18. Those who arrest the Chief pontiff( Dharmaguru) of Hindus and torture Him but do not dare to touch Imam Bukhari who on several  occasion has given nation dividing speeches and also when there are so many criminal evidences against him.
  19. Those who have allowed the infiltration of 4 crore Bangladeshi Muslims and also have conferred them Bharatiya nationality.
  20. Those who have delayed execution of the death sentence to terrorist Mohamed Afzal and those do not intend to find out permanent solution to the menace of terrorism.

    The money amassed by the corrupt politician should be collected from the people who elected him! – Arya Chanakya

Cast your votes in favor of the following people!

  1. Non corrupt, of good character and those who pay their taxes sincerely
  2. Those who fulfill all the promises given during election campaign
  3. Those who celebrate their family programmes like marriage, birthday in a simple manner and donate the saved money for the cause of Nation and Dharma.
  4. Those who constantly keep in mind ,’I am not the master of people but their servant’ and while doing their duty unfailingly also teach the people such qualities as discipline, sacrifice, pride in Dharma and pride about Nation
  5. Those who strive for correcting the mistakes and Dharmadrohi curriculum in the text books
  6. Those who put their efforts to see that the administrative work is carried out in regional language and all the public boards are displayed in regional language and those who will take firm steps towards the avoiding of unrealistic importance of English language
  7. Those who promise that the administration, police force and the military will contain only those who love Dharma.
  8. Those who vow to bring in common civil code which will consider all caste and religions with a neutral attitude.
  9. Those who are constantly active for the cause of Hinduttva and those who promise to safeguard Hindu Dharma in their election manifesto
  10. Those who as a first thing run for the rescue of Hindus in such conditions as riots and defend them
  11. Those who try every way to prevent denigration of Hindu Dharma, Deities, Holy texts of Hindus, and the National heroes
  12. Those who clearly mention in their manifesto that they will bring stringent laws like banning of cow-slaughter and religious conversions
  13. Those who will fight for the welfare of Hindus in Parliament, Legislative assemblies and Municipalities
  14. Those who will try to stop the glorification of such Anti Hindus like Aurangjeb, Afzalkhan and Akbar
  15. Those will promise to introduce   very stringent laws to finish off  terrorism and Naxalism
  16. Those who promise in their manifesto that once they are elected to the office they  will punish all those  politicians who have delayed the execution of  Mohammed Afzal, those who have diluted the anti terrorist laws and those politicians who did not throw the Bangladesh infiltrators out

‘Whom to vote’ is taught to Muslims in the Mosques and to Christians in the Churches. What is wrong then to tell the Hindus that they should vote only that candidate who is interested in Hindu welfare?

Code of conduct for Hindu voters!

1. Do not cast your vote for paltry benefits and do not fall prey to bribes!
2. If the candidate is unrighteous (Adharmi) and of mean character, canvass against him whatever may be his party and if the candidate is follower of righteousness and  moral values then campaign for him even at the cost of your life so that he is elected!

Hindus! Remember that your every vote is important for pulling the secular politicians down and establish the rule based on Dharma!

1. If none of the candidate in your constituency is eligible then boycott that election! Besides if more than 50% of the voters in a constituency boycott the election then send a letter to the President to pass a law where all these candidates are declared ineligible and elections are repeated !
2. Compell the the rulers to pass a law whereby the voters in a constituency can call back the elected candidate if his work in connection with public welfare is unsatisfactory!
3. Let the candidates know beforehand that public will take tough action against the elected candidate if he fails to act according to his manifesto!

Neither we belong to Shiv Sena nor
BJP or Congress. We are for all Hindu Society!

Disclaimer: HJS does not insist that you vote a particular party. We only request that elect those active Hindus who strive to work for Hinduttva irrespective of which political party they belong to.

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