Ajra Riots: Police ruthlessly beat up Dist. Dy Chief of Shiv Sena!

Margashirsha Shuddha Dashami


Ajra Riots : Police ruthlessly beat up District Deputy Chief of Shiv Sena!

December 10, 2008

Margashirsha Shuddha Dwadashi/Trayodashi

Do police show such ‘courage’ while arresting the Muslims?

If even a small thing happens against the Islam , the Muslims from all over gather together to protest.Now when the police are ruthlessly beating  Pro-Hindu Shiv Sena’s Taluka Chief  first and now even the District Deputy Chief  besides other Hindu Dharmabhimanis at Ajra what are Hindus from other places  doing?

Ajra (Maharashtra): The Hindu-Muslim riot which started here on Wednesday showed no signs of respite even on fifth consecutive day.( This is utter failure on the part of police.How are they going to overpower terrorists if they cannot control one riot?-Editor). The riot has spilled over to the nearby villages.Yesterday night, District Deputy Chief  of Shiv Sena Shri Parshuram Bamne was ruthlessly beaten before being arrested.( Do police show such ‘courage’ while arresting Muslims? They know it very well that if they behave with them with such high handedness then the Muslims will burn them alive.However any type of behavior with Hindus is tolerated!-Editor)

Shri Bamne was therefore admitted to a hospital at Gadhinglaj.The curfew was relaxed yesterday following the orders from VidhanSabha President Shri Babasaheb Kupekar.The entry passes were given for entering the town;but the spill over of this riot is now seen in villages Halkarni and Mahagao coming under Gadhinglaj Taluka. Stacks of hay was set on fire by some unidentified persons.

Source: Daily Sanatan Prabhat

Curfew continues in Kolhapur: 54 Hindus behind bar

Margashirsha Shuddha Dashami

Kolhapur (Maharashtra): Shri. Kerba Honyalkar was beaten for simple reason by Javed Mulla along with his 2 associates. Still the atmosphere is tense after the riots by the Muslims. 54 Hindus were arrested on 7th and they were produced in the court where the decision was given saying that they would remain in the custody till 11th December. The curfew was announced for the whole day; but relaxed between 4pm. to 6pm. The so called morcha by politicians from both sides were cancelled. On 7th police took to lathi charge very severely on the morcha by the Hindus and Shivsena’s Head of the District as well as Sarpanch, Mr. Sambhaji Patil was also beaten inhumanly. 21 muslims were arrested on 5th December and put in the custody till 11th December as per the order from the court. (Though Muslims had started the riots more Hindus than Muslims were Put in the custody. Is it not partiality on the part of the police? These police jihadis are meant to get killed at hands of the terorists ! – Editor) Since Idd is going to be celebrate on 9th the curfew might continue.

MP Shri. Sadashivrao Mandalik, MLA Shri. Narsing Patil, President of the Legislative Assembly paid a visit to the town on 7th and 8th. Some of the Hindus and Muslim political leaders had decided to have a peace morcha to improve the relations between Hindu-Muslim; but they had to cancel it. (When the Muslims were aiming at burning the properties of Hindus, where were these politicians trying to bring peace among the two groups then? O. Hindus leave these Gandhi principles and be ready to react against the Muslims as those principles make Hindus suffer. – Editor)

Due to the curfew people are suffering as there is no water supply for 3 days, the market and schools are closed. (If the police were to stop the Muslims in time would this have happened? What atonement is the Police Department going to undertake for letting the Hindus suffer and letting the Muslims continue their hooliganism. – Editor)

Inhuman lathi charge on Hindu’s Morcha in Ajara

December 7, 2008

Margashirsha Shuddha Navami

Women and children beaten along with prominent leaders

Kolhapur (Maharashtra): Hindus turned down the alternative suggested by the Government the meeting of ‘Shantata Samiti’. Hence 3000 Hindus were proceeding towards Revenue Collector’s office to hand over a representation to arrest muslims for their stone pelting on the Hindu’s shops in Ajara. (Many a times Morchas have been unsuccessful as the Congress Government always supports Muslims. Hence Hindus should learn to have a new strategy now. – Editor) At that time the police sopped them in the middle of the road and started lathi charge very inhumanly. (Hindus voice is always suppressed. They do not have the courage to take similar action against Muslims. Hindus should contemplate on, why it was like this and act accordingly. – Editor) District and Sarpanch Shri. Sambhaji Patil was pulled down from the 3rd floor of Janata Bank beating very badly like an animal. Morcha was stopped on the road; but why Shri. Patil who was not in the Morcha was treated like this, just because he is a Hindutvawadi? (O, Hindus ! Congress Government who is a coward in matter connected with Muslims and would never take any severe action against this incident. Hence elect active Hindutvawadis in the coming elections. – Editor) People are furious because the women and the children had to suffer inhuman beating from the police. (No one pays any heed to Hindus’ fury as they do not act like the Muslims. – Editor)

On Wednesday last 3 Muslims attacked a Hindu shop owner and beat him unnecessarily after picking up a quarrel with him. Later due to the demand by the furious Hindus those culprits were arrested. So other Muslims started attacking Hindu’s shops. Since then the atmosphere is under tension. (Hindus suffer beating from the police for no fault of theirs. Is this country Pakistan in the name of Bharat? – Editor) District Collector, Shri. Dilip Jadhav on behalf of the Government, District Head of Police, Shri. Chandrakant Kumbhar, Shivsena District Head, Shri. Rambhau Chavan, Members of the Grampanchayat, Abu Bashir Takildar, Adam Mangaokar and local Hindutvawadis were present at the meeting that was held yesterday. They accepted the mistake committed by the Muslims. In this meeting only there was a reference to the old enmity between regarding ‘Nimajaga Mal’ celebreations on Dasara Festival and also assured that the said Mal that was in the custody of Muslims would be handed over to the Hindus. They should take back the ‘Band’; but Hindus demanded the compensation for the loss should be borne by the Muslims. (Hindus congratulations for demanding this! The Muslims arrogance could be curtailed if Hindus are alert. Otherwise Muslims would go on attacking Hindus without any heed and Hindus would continue bear the loss. – Editor) Hindus left the meeting for not agreeing with the government. Riots between Hindu-Muslims have also spread in some other villages in the District. Muslims burnt the small stacks of grass belonging to Hindus; whereas the Hindus tried to destroy Madarasa in a village. This morning around 3000 Hindus from surrounding villages decided to organize a Morcha. 21 out of 51 Muslims attackers were arrested. A representation was to be handed over to the Revenue Collector demanding that the remaining culprits of the riots should also be arrested and be charged under ‘Mocoa’ Suddenly the police who were keeping a watch on the Morcha, started inhuman lathi charge. Some women were beaten by them even if they had fallen down while running away in confusion. The police were abusing the running people using foul language. Congress Government police

Reminded the atrocities by the Britishers during their rejim. (Police should not think that they are great officers in the society. If the Hindus who are running away from their lathi charge now are awakened then they would be in serious trouble. Police can learn from History how public fury is horrible! – Editor) 

Hindu’s shops burnt by fanatic Muslims at Kolhapur!

December 6, 2008

Margashirsha Shuddha Ashtami

Kolhapur (Maharashtra): Accusing police for disgracing three Muslim scamps publically, thousands of Muslims gathered in the main market and attacked shops owned by Hindus. (Whatever be the reason, but how could Muslims gather in such a large number, don’t these Muslims have better thing to do? Or they just know to attack Hindus – Editor) This mob burnt some shops precisely owned by Hindus. (After the so called rage on Muslims, they reacted very violently to this incident. Because of such aggressive behavior, Muslims are dominating even though they are in minority. And Hindus, those are in majority they have restricted themselves to the silent protest march and statements, which is why Hindus don’t have any say in this country. If Hindus who have suffered, starts following such violent path then there should not be any surprise! – Editor)

They even attacked police. In attack 5 people were injured including 2 police personals. (How can we expect security from these police who themselves got beaten by Muslims. Dear Hindus, to protect yourself from Muslim attacks you yourself have to become alert and capable – Editor) Last night police finally succeeded to make the situation under control. Police blocked all roads, and prohibited outside Muslims from entering the city. (If any thing happens, the Muslims go to the sensitive area for creating riots against Hindus. And in such cases how many Hindus go to help our brethren in riots affected areas? Does such behavior going to help to stop the unnecessary aggressive behavior of Muslims. Aloofness of Hindus will make them suffer a lot in coming days! – Editor) Till date police have arrested 21 Muslims in this case.

Javed Mulla came with his colleague and beat Shri Kerba Honyalkar, who own a Chinese center right opposite Ajara petrol pump. (Muslims are creating nuisance because of their behavior. Muslims come to Hindu restaurants and starts wrangling without any reason. It’s really a matter of concern whether such scampi people should be allowed to enter in the restaurants. In fact now it’s up to Hindus to decide whether to keep any kind of relations with Muslims – Editor) To tell police to arrest Javed and his associates, Hindus carried out rally on Wednesday. (Shame! Hindus have to hold protest march for the arrest of scampi Muslims. Hindus are suffering because of congress. Dear Hindus to change this situation first we have to make sure that congress will be out of power in the coming election. Throw the congress out of power permanently and finish this congress mogul rule ones for all! – Editor)

Police make arrest of three Muslims including Javed after the Hindus presaged of the ‘Bandh’ in this case. Muslims accused police for disgracing these three and assailed on the police station with large number. (Repeated attacks on the police station are the sign on undeclared war with the system and administration in this country. Jihadi Muslims are assailing on this country with modern weapon and bombs and local Muslims are making this country unstable with riots. Dear Hindus understand the seriousness of the situation – Editor)

It was very difficult for police to handle the situation. The mob got dispersed after the police assured that the three people arrested will released after the enquiry. (The Muslims are forcing police to leave the accused arrested in minor crimes. But tomorrow they might come together to fight for fanatic terrorist and will force police to leave the terrorists! – Editor)

When police tried to stop one Hindu, he replied, "let us face these Muslims
otherwise you also will have to die like martyr Kamate and Karkare!"

While returning one more group joined them, and started stone throwing near the Ajara court. The Hindu standing there started retaliating to this attack. (Police are incapable of handling rioters Muslims. Hindus are trying to stop such Muslim even after knowing their destructive nature tells us the fact that, the inheritors of Chatrapati Shri Shivaji Maharaj could save this country from the terrorist and terrorism. Also Hindus are only capable of establishing peace in this country! – Editor)

Because of this retaliation, angry Muslims attacked on the Shiv Sena leader’s ‘Durga Sweet Home’, ‘Sai Motor Garage’ and also on some shops owned by Hindus in the Sambhaji Chowk. They were continuously creating riotous mess for an hour in that area. (Muslims started from police station creating nuisance, but police as usual did nothing to stop them. Force this congress government to take action against such incompetent police – Editor) Muslims burnt the Hindu owned shops and attacked by throwing soda water bottles.

Meanwhile police asked for an extra police force from Gadhinglaj and Nesari. But the riot started between Hindus and Muslims, because the extra police force didn’t reach on time. In this riot bus, 6 motorcycles and one car got damaged. After the reinforcement came, police got succeeded to disperse the mob. In this riot PSI Shri Manohar Koli, Constable Natha Patil and Shri Natha Desai, Ganesh Gajeshwar, Sudhakar Powar these Hindus also got hurt. (How only Hindus got hurt in this riot? – Editor)

Almost 3 hours this was happening. Because of the fear that Muslims may attack again, Hindus kept the watch the whole night. (The congress government and police because of them now Hindus have to come on the road for their security concerns forces for the revolution to necessary – Editor) Late night police Chief Shri Chandrakant Kumbhar called a meeting and asked to maintain peace. The whole day curfew and blockade was imposed. Police didn’t allow entering the Muslims coming from Chandgad and nearby areas. Some Hindus called to enquire about the situation. Police have detained some Muslim leader for safety purpose.

Source: ‘Daily Sanatan Prabhat’

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