Police ploy to implicate innocent Samir Gaikwad in Pansare’s Murder Case

Press Release by Sanatan Sanstha

Samir Gaikwad, arrested by the Police in connection with Comrade Govind Pansare’s murder, from Kolhapur, is a full-time seeker of Sanatan Sanstha and we are sure that he is innocent. The Police have purposefully arrested him, by going through 2 crore call data records and searching only the phone number of Sanatan’s seeker, due to pressure from the anti-Sanatan elements. Earlier, Dr. Dabholkar’s murder also sparked the inquiry of many seekers from Sanatan. Sanatan Sanstha has also faced similar criticism on earlier occasions. However, no output came out of these inquiries. Samir Gaikwad has been arrested on the basis of suspicion. Even the Police are stating that he is just a suspect. We are sure that the truth behind this will shine through soon.

The Police have hatched a conspiracy to implicate innocent Samir Gaikwad. The manner in which Samir was arrested is highly suspicious. Before anybody is arrested, the Police have to prepare papers seeking his remand, which may take a few hours. Samir was arrested early in the morning and produced before the Court immediately thereafter. This means the remand papers were prepared well in advance. This points towards a conspiracy. The Police needs to inform the family of arrested person immediately after the arrest. However, the Police informed Gaikwad’s family after a few hours. This is a serious matter and raises questions about the way police have acted in this matter.


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