Plan of religious conversion completely foiled by Hindus

Missionary Dr. Vaaz under arrest.

Mangaon, (Dist Raigad):  The plan of conversion in Shri Dattaram Tondalekar’s house by mesmerizing religious sentiments was foiled by the Tondalekar family with the help of Hindu activists. (Everybody should show such kind of alertness as Tondalekar family showed in this case of conversion – Editor) A case is been filed against Dr. S Vaaz and their associates Shital Dhakwal and his wife and one more person who is been declared absconding. Dr Vaaz and their colleagues were arrested for spreading maliciousness and insulting Hindu religion, customs and traditions by the spiteful thoughts.

The accused were arrested under IPC section 295 A. (It’s been ones again proved that a proselyte Christian is more fanatical then the original ones – Editor.) This news created a bit of sensation in the Mangaon area. Dr. Vaaz is a surgeon and has clinic in Mangaon area. (This is the real face of Christian missionaries. And those who says that Christian missionaries serve people in hospital should look this incidence as an example – Editor) Dr. Vaaz, Shital Dhakwal, his wife and one more unknown person visited Shri Tondalekar’s house on 14th November. Shital Dhakwal is relative of Shri Dattaram Tondalekar. These four started searching their house, and when Shri Shankar Tondalekar asked them about their search. Then Dr. Vaaz replied that there is some black doll (which is used for black magic – Editor) in your house which may cause damage to you and your family. Also sister of Shital Dhakwal is ill because of this reason. 

If these things are not stopped then you will have to pay very badly for this. (Christian missionaries are expert in playing with religious sentiments of Hindus and converting them. Hindus should be alert and should stop Christian missionaries to do so. – Editor) Shri Achyut Tondalekar nephew of Shri Dattaram Tondalekar informed Shri Mahesh Mistri of MNS about the incidence. Shri Mistri told him to drive them off from their house. After that Shital Dhakwal and his wife came out and took away the statues of god from their shrine. (Do not let the Christian missionaries to touch your Gods – Editor) At the same time Dr Vaaz and the other person asked for water to Shri Tondalekar. Dr. Vaaz sprinkled that water in the house after muttering something in English. Shri Shankar Tondalekar asked Dr. Vaaz about this muttering and sprinkling the water he said that we are just purifying your house, and walked straight into the Mahadev temple without removing footwear. (Dr. Vaaz must be aware of the fact that, Hindus do not enter in the temple with the shoes. But just to pollute Hindu temple Dr. Vaaz deliberately did this.  This shows the maliciousness of Christians toward Hindus – Editor) Shri Tondalekar told them to leave the place and Dr. Vaaz with that other person started arguing with Shri Shankar Tondalekar.  

Dr. Vaaz said, "My deity told me that there is one black doll in your house which is creating trouble to you and patient coming to my clinic. We have one little girl and the deity manifested in her told all this to me." After listening to this Shri Shankar Tondalekar asked him whether you are doctor or Mantrik (one who can to cure evil through incantation – Editor). Then while returning he took out the spikes which he put earlier. Later at 5:30 Shital Dhakwal came back again and put the statues back in the shrine.  Shri Shankar Tondalekar told Shri Kishor Tondalekar about this whole incident and then under his guidance on 15 November a written complain was lodged against the four accused. Shri Mahesh Mistri of MNS student wing, Shiv Sena leader of Mangaon Shri Ajit Tarlekar, Seeker of Sanatan Shri Shrikant Joshi and journalist Shri Prakash Katdare with some other Hindu activist were present in police station.

Dr. Vaaz was involved into this conversion program from long time but there were not substantial proof against them. But this time people got success to catch him red-handedly and the conspiracy of converting Hindus get revealed. The church right in front of his house and the malicious activities against Hindu religion are making people angry and there is a possibility of strong agitation in the city. ((Only possibility?)  The agitation should have been started against the Christian who are into conversion – Editor)


  • When the Hindu activists along with Shri Achyut Tondalekar went into police station then Shital Dhakwal started arguing with them and said, "You should take action against me, you should not pull Dr. Vaaz into this, and you people are politicizing this issue. (Dhakwal should not tell against whom Hindus should file case.) 
  • Achyut Tondalekar contacted Hindu activist immediately and was firm on his views till the end.

Fanatic Police officer Kurane!

During the press conference police officer Kurane said that Shri Katdare called himself a Hindu Brahmin (How could anybody wearing (police) uniform can say like this? – Editor) He is very harsh in writing so he should give this news very briefly. (Police should not tell journalist how to write the news. They know their responsibility, so better he should duties – Editor)

Source : Dainik Sanatan Prabhat

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