Dharmajagruti Sabha held successfully at Canacona, Goa

Vaishakh Pournima

By Staff Reporter

Canacona (Goa):
Existence of Hindu Dharma is in danger in the State of Goa due to various reasons like rise in incidents of damaging idols of Hindu deities, indifference of Congress Government and the police in finding out the culprits, anti-Hindu Dharma and anti-history curriculum set by National Commission for Educational Research and Training (NCERT), mockery of Hindu deities through disgraceful incidents like sale of banners with pictures of deities in coastal area, efforts of Congress Government to remove ‘Haat Vrataro Khamb’ under the guise of road-widening thereby destroying historical witness to oppression of Hindus by cruel Portuguese.

Inauguration of Dharmajagruti Sabha by lighting Samai

Inauguration of Dharmajagruti Sabha by lighting Samai

It is, therefore, the need of the hour to train Hindus on matters related to Dharma and unite them to bring about changes in the above situation and with this purpose, Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS) had organized a public ‘Hindu Dharma-jagruti Sabha’ at Mundpaat, Chawadi, Kankon with the blessings of Sree Mallikarjuna. Hindus, hailing from places like ‘Kankon’ known for propagation of ‘Vaidik Dharma’ undertaken by ‘Sage Kanva’, Paingin of ‘Sage Paingva’, Agastipur of Sage Agasti and ‘Gava-dongari’ of Sage Gargya having the ‘sanskara’ and raised in the sacred soil, warned the heretics that henceforth, they would not tolerate assaults on Dharma.

The meeting was attended by dignitaries like H. H. Brahmeshanandaswami Maharaj, Peethadhishwara of Sree Kshetra, Tapobhumi, Dr. Durgesh Samant, national spokesperson of HJS, Shri. Yashawant Paradkar, a member of ‘Keshav Seva Sadhana’, Goa, Shri. Jayesh Thali, the spokesperson of Dharma-shakti Sena for Goa, Shri. Sean Clerke, the Editor of Spiritual Science Research Foundation and Dr. Manoj Solanki of Sanatan Sanstha. The meeting started with recitation of ‘Veda-mantras’ by Shri. Damodar Vaze, the Director of Sanatan’s ‘Vedapathashala’ and students of Vedapathshala from ashram followed with H. H. Brahmeshanandaswami lighting the lamp. The dignitaries were then felicitated. Mrs. Janhavi Salunkhe, prasar-sevika of Sanatan Sanstha for the State of Maharashtra explained about the purpose of establishment of HJS, its activities and various campaigns successfully carried out by the Organization. The program was hosted by Shri. Sangam Borkar, Ponda and Mrs. Shubhangi Gavanekar, Panaji, members of HJS. This was the 40th Hindu Dharma-jagruti meeting held by HJS so far. 

Felicitation of Shri. Virendra Marathe, Daily Sanatan Prabhat

Felicitation of Shri. Virendra Marathe, Daily Sanatan Prabhat

Shri. Verendra Marathe, a correspondent of ‘Sanatan Prabhat’ was felicitated in the program. In reply to the felicitation, he said that the honour extended to him was not his personal but that of the philosophy of Sanatan. He informed that the editor of the periodicals was twice put behind bars during the span of 4-1/2 years. When the office of Miraj edition of Sanatan Prabhat, a daily newspaper, was attacked by Muslims about 2-1/2 years back, Shri. Marathe was unnecessarily detained by the police, was mistreated and taken from Ponda to Miraj like a criminal. He was taken in a Maruti car which belonged to a Muslim involved in the attack. Mrs. Marathe sent a fax to the State Home Minister but he did not bother to even acknowledge receipt. When Shri. Marathe filed a case in the Court against the police, the case was dismissed, that too after 2 years. The mission of ‘Sanatan Prabhat’ will be carried on despite lack of justice or arrests made under political pressure. Moreover, the mission of Hindu unity, protection of Dharma and fight against heretics will go on with full gusto against all odds.          

Speeches of Dignitaries

None of the religions is as expansive and comprehensive like Sanatan Hindu Dharma – Sean Clerke, Editor, SSRF website

No other religion is as expansive and comprehensive like Sanatan Hindu Dharma. Growth of all main religions other than Hindu has so far taken place only on dint of force. A few centuries ago, Portuguese reached Indian coasts and oppressed Hindus for conversion in the same manner that Nazi meted out to Jews. Unfortunately, the person responsible for such oppression is treated as a saint and many Hindus crowd the church to pay homage. On top of that, the place has been assigned the status of a tourists’ destination by the Government. How many other countries in the world have lauded their oppressors in such manner?

We need to not only preach but also to practice righteousness – Dr. Manoj Solanki, Sanatan Sanstha

Our forefathers who used to follow righteousness were happier than we are today. They used to be so happy and satisfied than even Westerners. The significance of our Hindu Dharma needs to be explained to every Hindu in society. It is, therefore, necessary to not only spread Hindu Dharma but also every Hindu undertakes spiritual practice and behaves righteously. One needs to read ‘Daily Sanatan Prabhat’ which is full of devotion and pride for Dharma and gives so much information on Dharma. Newspaper is a weapon. One should take ‘darshan’ of this weapon everyday so also study it.

We need to prepare for fighting a mega-war and protect people from the clutches of fanatics – Jayesh Thali, Dharma-shakti Sena

’Dharma-shakti Sena’ is meant for protection of righteousness and not only for protection of any individual. Every moment is a battle. Condition of Hindus is very pathetic in this country. A ‘jihadi’ organization called ‘NDF’ from Kerala and workers of Marxists have started killing of Hindus and Hindu leaders.  Now protection of this country and Dharma is in our hands for which we may have to even sacrifice our lives. Our brilliant kings and revolutionaries fought against oppression going on for almost 11 centuries and sacrificed their lives. We should make every effort to be ready to fight a mega-war so that the nation does not fall prey to the machinations of fanatics. It is now time to create the same ‘kshatra-teja’ as that of ‘Bhawani’ sword in house of every Hindu. 

Devout Hindus present for Hindu Dharmajagruti Sabha

Devout Hindus present for Hindu Dharmajagruti Sabha


  • Most of the devout Hindus gathered, signed protest letters and representations
  • Protest letters and representations were kept at the Reception Counter to register dissent over assault on Hindu Dharma and prevent its deterioration with demand to take immediate action against anti-Hindu painter M F Hussain, to set curriculum that gives importance to Indian history, omission of objectionable part in the film ‘Love Guru’, withdraw ‘Setusamudram project’ set up to destroy ‘Ram-setu’ and strict action against those damaging idols of Hindu deities. Most of the members of audience signed these representations indicating their support.

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