Heretics will be driven out like Portuguese were: Goan Hindus

Chaitra Krushna Pratipada

By Staff Reporter

Inauguration of Dharmajagruti Sabha by lighting deep

Inauguration of Dharmajagruti Sabha by lighting deep

Margaon (Goa): The Hindu audience that thronged the Hindu Dharmajagrui Sabha at Mathagram (Margaon) on today’s auspicious day of Hanuman Jayanti vowed to make the Hindu society strong and powerful. The objective of Sabha was to accomplish Hindu unification, religious awakening and protection of Dharma. The Sabha was jointly organized by Hindu Janjagruti Samiti and Bajrang Dal on Costa ground at Aake, Margaon – the land that has become sanctified with the touch of the great son of Bharat, Swamy Vivekanand who introduced Hindu dharma to the world in 19th century and where the first bugle of freedom struggle of Goa was sounded. The Sabha attracted a strong crowd of more than 4000 curious Hindus.

<i>Dharmabhimanis<i> present at Dharma Jagruti Sabha” title=”<i>Dharmabhimanis<i> present at Dharma Jagruti Sabha” /><br />
<br /><i>Dharmabhimanis<i> present at Dharma Jagruti Sabha
<div align=The Sabha commenced with recital of Vedic mantras by Sanatan Sanstha’s priest Shri. Damodar Vazeguruji together with Vedmurti Shri. Ketan Shahane and the child-seekers of Sanatan’s Ramnathi Ashram Master Shashank Sinh, Master Kaushal Sahakari and Master Ambarish Vaze. The lamp was lighted at the auspicious hands of H.H. Brahmeshanandswamy, Peethadhishwar, Shri Kshretra Tapobhumi.

The Sabha was addressed by a galaxy of speakers including H.H. Brahmeshnandswamy, Peethadhishwar, Shri Kshetra Tapobhumi; Shri Dilip Vasant Betakikar, Secretary of Vidyabharati; Shri Jayesh Naik, president for south Goa of Bajrang Dal; Dr. Manoj Solanki of Sanatan Sanstha; Shri Sean Clarke, administrator of Spiritual Science Research Foundation; Shri Jayesh Thali, HJS’ coordinator for Goa state and state spokesperson of Dharmashakti Sena and Dr. Durgesh Samant, national spokesperson of HJS. The Sabha concluded with singing of Vande Mataram. 

Hindus should get religious education! – Dr. Manoj Solanki

Due to self-complacent mentality, the Hindu is unable to retaliate for any onslaught on the dharma and the nation, which in turn harms the interests of both of them. The word ‘Karmakanda’ is unnecessarily uttered in a derogatory tone. This is wrong. Karmakanda is very much necessary; because there is a spiritual science behind the ritualistic actions and there lies the real strength of Hindu dharma. The followers of other religions have realized the importance of Karmakanda and hence they try to create confusion among the society. Hindus should therefore take and give the religious education also like other faculties. 

Denigration of Hanuman, Deities and national heroes through text books – Shri Dilip Betakikar, Vidyabharati

Today we are celebrating Hanuman Jayanti with great dedication; but on the other hand our Deities are being denigrated rampantly. The students of graduation in Delhi university are taught the history that Hanuman, which in fact is the revered Deity of Hindus, was a sexy small monkey who used to hide and watch sexual actions of men and women. The examples are innumerable. The editing of the text book being taught in Delhi university is done by Mrs. Upendra Singh who is the daughter of our prime minister. It is these very books which branded the great nationalists who gave their life for the country as terrorists. But in the countries in the world have understood the importance of Bharatiya culture. The relation of Hindutwa and Hindusthan is that of a body with a soul. 

A mother from every house should give one child to fight for Revolution! – Jayesh Naik, vice-president, Bajrang Dal, south Goa. 

Different types of tricks are used today to ruin Hindu dharma. The conversion is not only done through the believers but through the Jihadi aggressors also. The migrant Muslims stand on motor bikes in front of schools, entice the Hindu girls and keep physical relations with them. The media is keeping quiet about this. Muslims aggression and encroachments are rampant in Davarli, Housing Board where the houses of the Hindus were often closed. The women feared to come out in the open after 7 p.m. At this place, Bajrang Dal installed a temple of Shri Swamy Samartha overnight on Gudi Padva day with the blessings of God and brought about a revolution. A mother from every house should give one son as a fighter i.e. Mavla to fight for revolution. 

One does something for the sake of Dharma lives for ever in fame! – Dr. Durgesh Samant, National spokesperson of HJS

"Wrong history is taught in schools and the intellect of Hindus is in a state of confusion. If we forget history, our future will be spoilt. Our pride will crumble and the past mistakes will be repeated. Historically the Muslims have attacked the Hindus. Today’s so-called rationalists and the politicians are engaged in the same activity. If Hindu dharma is ruined, there will be great havoc and anarchy in the world. There may be many organization engaged in the activity of Hindutwa; but their aim is one. HJS has commenced the activity of saving the dharma. This is the third Sabha of the Samiti in Goa during the last three months. This has made a welcome transformation of Goa. A number of organizations like Bajrang Dal, Padmanabh Sampradaya and their workers are fighting the heretics shoulder to shoulder with the HJS. Those who do something for the sake of dharma live for ever in fame. Others die like animals and are forgotten. Today, HJS is making efforts to save dharma in its own right. This struggle is a perennial one. 

We must give fitting counter-argument to those who look down on Sanatan dharma! – Sean Clarke, SSRF

"None of the religions in the world is as expansive and all-inclusive as the Sanatan Dharma. It was on the strength of sword that the other religions had grown significantly as compared to Hindu dharma. A few centuries ago, the ‘Inquisition’ of the Portuguese reached the coast of Bharat. The brutal atrocities they committed on the Hindus with the sole aim of conversion were reminiscent of the atrocities of the Nazis on the Jews in Germany. Unfortunately it is the thousands of Hindus only who throng at the church in old Goa to pay homage to the very person who was responsible to commit the untold miseries on the Hindus and who was eulogized as a saint. What is more, the government of Bharat has given the church the status of a tourist centre!  How many countries in the world would have glorified their perpetrators? When we become tolerant to this extent, tolerance ceases to be virtue and it turns to be a defect. Hindus alone are responsible for this state of affairs. They lack pride for dharma. So they have become cowards. If in spite of myself being a Christian, I can come on this platform and speak for Sanatan Dharma, why do not you do anything for the Hindu dharma in spite of your taking birth in Hindu dharma and having impressions of your dharma? This is precisely because lack of religious education. We must undertake an in-depth study of our dharma and be able to give fitting counter-arguments to those who look down on Sanatan dharma!"

Represenation opposing harm to dharma receives tremendous response from ardent Hindus!

The representation to oppose the incidents causing harm to dharma, kept near the venue of the Sabha attracted tremendous response from ardent Hindus who willingly came forward to sign it. There were different representations like the one to oppose the project to destroy Ram Setu and the one urging immediate capital punishment to Afzal who had attacked parliament house, to be forwarded to the President. 

Eye-catching stall of child-seekers appealing the people to preserve Hindu culture!

The stall of child-seekers at the entrance of the Sabha caught attention of the people. The child-seekers rent the air with slogans like ‘Say best wishes for New Year instead of Happy New Year’, ‘Celebrate birthday as per Indian culture, not western culture!’, ‘Prevent denigration of Deities through plays!’, ‘Hail Sanatan Hindu dharma!’ etc.

Balsadhaks from Sanatan Sanstha's <i>Balsanskarvarga<i> explaining significance of Hindu culture” title=”Balsadhaks from Sanatan Sanstha’s <i>Balsanskarvarga<i> explaining significance of Hindu culture” /><br />
<br />Balsadhaks from Sanatan Sanstha’s <i>Balsanskarvarga<i> explaining significance of Hindu culture
<h3>Snippets </h3>
<li> The workers of Bajrang Dal reverberated the surround area with the sound of musical instruments, Dhol and Tashe. When the celebrities were honoured, the workers saluted them by sounding the Dhol and Tashe.  </li>
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News Coverage by other News-papers

Youth urged to safeguard Hinduism at Margao

By Herald Reporter

Margaon (Goa):  H.H. Bramneshanand Swamy, Pithadeeshwar, Tapobhoomi, Kundaim on Sunday gave a call to Hindu youth to rise up and safeguard Hinduism in the state.

Speaking at a Hindu Sabha organised by the Hindu Janajagruti Samiti at the Costa grounds here on Sunday, the Swami said the need of the hour for the Hindu youth to bring about unity in Hinduism and take the religion to greater heights.

Addressing a huge gathering of Hindus, the Swami underlined the need to dedicate themselves in religious activity. "There’s a need for Hindus to unite and show one as a Hindu", he appealed.

South Goa Bajrang Dal vice-President, Jayesh Naik made an impassioned plea to the Hindus to come together and united facing the challenges facing the community in Goa.

Referring to the influx of Muslims into Margao, Naik said many today say that Margao is no more the city of the Hindus as it being ruled from Monte Dongor and Housing Board.

"Open threats are issued to Hindus to come to Monte Hill and Housing Board. The time has come for all Hindus to come together", he appealed.

He said the Jihadi elements from outside the state are posing a threat not only to Hindus, but also Goan Muslims and referred to the recent violent incidents inside Malbhat Masjid.

Taking pride in the construction of the temple at Rumdamol-Davorlim Panchayat area, Naik dared anyone to attack the Hindus.

The Bajrang Dal leader came down heavily on the media for not taking up issues when Hindus are at the receiving end and accused them of functioning at the behest of politicians.

Editor of Spiritual Science Research Foundation Shaun Clark spoke inquisition and conversion in Goa during the Portuguese regime.

Amongst others who spoke on the occasion were Dr. Manoj Solanki, Dilip Vasant Bhetkikar.


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