Bajarang Dal activists arrested for preventing illegal traffic of cattle

Panvel (Maharashtra): While narrating the incident, a Bajrang Dal activist and animal-lover Shri Arun Gore from Panvel near Mumbai said that as the Eid was approaching, the groups known for illegal traffic of cattle became active. So the Barang Dal workers had started a movement for protection of the mother cow. Shri Paresh Murbadkar, Shri Subhash Kadav, Shri Sandesh Dhavale and Shri Vikas Chitale received information that a truck carrying cattle illegally (HH 43 E 9384) was to come at Kharpada. They gave a representation to the police to stop the truck; however the police conveniently ignored the representation. (Had the Muslims given such a representation in connection with their religious sentiments, the police would have immediately swung into action ! – Editor) 

When the truck reached at the particular place, the workers of Bajrang Dal immediately informed police. To protect the mother cow they stopped the truck driver till the police arrived. (If the citizens are supposed to do the work the police, why do we need police at all? – Editor).  The truck driver tried to run the truck over the workers of Bajrang Dal. (The Muslims are so arrogant because they are pampered by the politicians ! – Editor). The truck was carrying 8 cows, 2 calves and 12 oxen aggregating 22 cattles. Three of them had already died en route. (The police who ignored the representation of Bajrang Dal are also responsible for the death of the cattle.  What action is the government taking on the police? – Editor).

When the police arrived on the scene, the truck driver Arif Mohamed Shaikh registered a complaint against the four workers that they had thrashed him.  (This is the complaining nature of the Muslims who are out to kill the Hindus ! – Editor).  Acting on the complaint, the police applied sections No.170, 341, 323, 504 and 34 and arrested the workers of Bajrang Dal. (It is as good as setting a thief free and hanging a monk! Tomorrow, if a Hindu catches a terrorist and the terrorist complains that the Hindus have thrashed him, the police will promptly arrest the Hindus !  One wonders whether the police want to have the rule of law and order or the rule of Muslim criminals? – Editor).  The truck driver Arif Mohamed Shaikh has been arrested under Section D ‘Motor Vehicle Breach fo Law’ of ‘Prevention of Illegal Animal Traffic and Cruelty to Animals Act 1960’.  Shri Gore informed that the person accompanying the truck driver has not been arrested.

In this connection it is also learnt that the police thrashed the Bajrang Dal activists in police cutody.  This has infuriated the pro-Hindu citizens.  (When injustice is meted out to the Hindus, only anger is expressed.  When there is injustice on the Muslims, large-scale violence breaks out.  This difference alone is responsible for the police to arrest the Hindus who catch Muslims criminals ! – Editor).  Shri Balasaheb Patil, BJP’s district president, Shri Sharad Birasdar, organiser of Bajrang Dal of Konkan region, Advocate Majod Raichand, chief, Goraksha Samiti of Kokan region, Shri Nandkumar Oze, Smt. Shashikala Pai of Sanatan Anyaya Nivaran Samiti and Shri Abhay Vartak of Hindu Janjagruti Samiti met the police officer and made a strong demand to take severe action on the butcher.  The police commissioner Shri Wagh promptly made arrangements to take a meeting in this regard.

Source: ‘Daily Sanatan Prabhat’

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