Dharmadrohi Purushottam Khedekar Says, ”God is an abuse!”.

”God is an abusive word. Manusmruti is a dirty book. Waman is our worst enemy. Ida Pida talo, Bali che Rajya yevo”. These are the words used by Dharmadrohi Purushottam Khedekar. (Due to complacency of Hindus, such psychomaniacs like Purushottam Khedekar dare to speak on-stage against Hinduism in the land of Hindus.Will he dare to utter such words againts any Islamic faith? )
He was speaking on the occasion of Bamsef’s programme which read, ”What did the Aryan Brahmins do for Hindus?”. (Internal Challenges before Hindus are greater than challenges due to external aggressors. Such internal aggressors like Dharmadrohi Purushottam Khedekar who try to divide Hindus need to be stopped. It is duty of every Hindu to stop this menace. )
He further said
”Brahmins are not Hindus, they are foreigners. Hindu means a lowly, sick, scared two-feeted animal. During the rule of Aurangzeb all Hindus except Brahmins were levied Jazia tax.”(Purushottam Khedekar should be indeed given a medal for this new discovery)
”We must all become the Waman of Kaliyug and take three steps upon State Government, Central Government and Law!” (Beware Hindus! these Dharmadrohis have planned to take over the entire country, now itself arise and stop them all!)


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