Some reactions to Deputy Chief Minister’s shocking statement

1. Politicians must stop making such immature statements – Dr. Sacchidanand Shevade
In the ancient times, not only Manusmruti but 18 such Smrutis have been written ! He must state why only Manusmruti need be banned. On one hand these people support freedom of thoughts and expression and on the other hand, oppose Manusmruti! Manusmruti is renowned all over the world as the first book on law. There has never been a compulsion to follow Manusmruti. Besides this scripture has been translated into German, English and several foreign languages and world over, it is being studied from the point of view of good governance. Today there are several authors alive of many controversial books spreading hatred and revenge among the Castes and Communities. Why is there no action taken against such authors ? Politicians should stop making such immature statements for their petty political gains !

2. Politicians adopting the policy of divide and rule! – Avadhutshastri, Editor, Dharmabhaskar
In the history, British adopted the Policy of divide and rule and used various means and propaganda for dividing the society on the basis of Caste, Religion and Creed. Today’s Politicians are following the same policy for their petty political gains. The Brahmin Community has always asked the society to worship Lakshmi, but themselves have worshipped Saraswati. Such Brahmin community has unfortunately remained a target of social hatred and bias !

3. R.R. Patil’s statement meaningless – Sanjay Upadhye
Sanjay Upadhye a noted researcher on Hinduism, said that in 2006 making such a statement about Manusmruti is humorous ! Today, the situation is such that all researchers agree that it is difficult to form any firm opinion of a scripture like Manusmruti. From where did Deputy Chief Minister get this opinion ? Has he himself read the Manusmruti even once ?

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