Appeal to Hindu society and measures to restrain the menace of ‘Love Jihad’

1. Appeal to Hindu society

1A. Save our cultural heritage by preserving the valuable treasure of Hindu girls ! : ‘Morality and culture of Bharat is preserved because of the Hindu woman. Hindu girls are the gene-banks of Hindu culture. Allowing them to marry boys from other sects amounts to surrendering the invaluable genes of Hindu lineage to them. Do not allow this to happen. Save our cultural heritage.’

1B. O Hindus ! Since ‘Love Jihad’ is an ethnic attack on Hindu Dharma, unite and come forward to thwart the conspiracy of ‘Love Jihad’ in your area !

1C. Remember – ‘A safe society is one where womenfolk are secure’, and protect Hindu girls !

1D. ‘O Hindus ! Take an oath that you will not allow any Hindu girl you know to become a victim of ‘Love Jihad’ !’

1E. Accept the girls (who were converted, but want to return to Hindu Dharma) back into Hindu Dharma ! : ‘Many times, these helpless converted girls are not accepted by Hindu society although they are willing to return to Hindu Dharma. Since they have demonstrated their Hindu nature by returning home rebelling against the enemies of Dharma, Hindu society should bring pressure on Jihadis by accepting them back in Hindu Dharma without any hesitation. Our Hindu boys should come forward to marry such affected girls. Similarly, financially sound Hindus should take the responsibility of their new married life.’ – Mr. Sameer Darekar

1E 1. Contact for purification : Masurashram, Panduranwadi, Goregaon (East), Mumbai 400 063. Tel – 28741997

2. Appeal to Hindu religious leaders

‘Hindu religious preachers, religious centres and Sages-Saints have important responsibility with respect to the menace of ‘Love Jihad’, since they can advise a congregation of thousands of people. Hindu religious leaders should play a lead role in expressing to everyone the truth of ‘Love Jihad’ that is destroying Hindu families and race. The moment the discourses of Hindu religious leaders will proclaim the black deeds of Islam in the pages of history and the present the dreadful reality, Hindu youth will not hesitate to settle scores for the screams of Hindu women of the past 1300 years.’ – Mr. Sameer Darekar

3. Measures to restrain the menace of ‘Love Jihad’

3A. Creating awakening against the dangers of ‘Love Jihad’ : It is necessary to create awakening about the dangers of ‘Love Jihad’ through schools and colleges, Ladies’ gatherings, community functions, business centres, religious programmes etc. For this awakening to be effective, present this (Love Jihad) book by Hindu Janajagruti Samiti !

3B. Bharat should also have stringent laws akin to those in Israel for restraining ‘Love Jihad’ ! : ‘Marriages between Jews and Jihadis are banned according to Israeli laws. To restrain the menace of ‘Love Jihad’ in Bharat, there is a need to form stringent laws. O Devout Hindus ! Unite and meet your local elected representatives and Ministers, submit memorandums to them and demand formation of requisite laws.’

3C. Remedy on ‘Love Jihad’ according to the philosophy of Swatantryaveer Savarkar ! : Swatantryaveer Savarkar would tell Hindus, ‘When our women are abducted and converted by the enemy, their offspring become our enemies and hence, rescue them and bring them back into our religion.’ Therefore, just as remaining ever vigilant towards not allowing our girls to enter another religion is one way of restraining ‘Love Jihad’, rescuing girls who have become victims of ‘Love Jihad’ and taking them back into our religion and ritually purifying them is another way of restraining ‘Love Jihad’, which Hindu society has to resort to immediately.

Source : Hindu Janajagruti Samiti’s book ‘Love Jihad’

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An organized campaign : To deceive Hindu girls into love, their forceful conversion and later use them as ‘instruments for bearing jihadi offspring.’ – (Daily ‘Mid-day’, 30.10.2009)

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