Parents should discuss the issue of Love Jihad at home: Adv. Mani Mittal, Supreme Court

‘Sakshi, Shraddha…… when are the Love Jihad killings going to stop ?’

Advocate Mani Mittal

‘Love Jihad’ is a planned conspiracy. Fanatics are provided huge funds for it. The offenders in Love Jihad are even provided legal aid. Hindu young women are drawn into the net of Love Jihad and killed. Limitations of law are unable to provide protection to people. There is no awareness amongst Hindu parents and young women about Love Jihad; therefore, many Hindu young women are becoming victims of Love Jihad. They have become easy targets. It is not only necessary that the Government should pass a stringent law to prevent incidents of Love Jihad, but it is also essential that the issue of Love Jihad should be discussed at home, stated Ms Mani Mittal, a practising advocate of Supreme Court while expressing her views on the topic of ‘Sakshi, Shraddha……when are the Love Jihad killings going to stop ?’ during a special online discussion programme held by Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS) on the above subject.

Mr Ritesh Kashyap, a journalist from Jharkhand, who is associated with the monthly periodical ‘Panchajanya’, said the secularists, communists, etc. claim that there has been propaganda against Muslims through the issue of Love Jihad. The Love Jihad incidents are, however, happening throughout the country. Jharkhand shares its border with Bangladesh, and it has been observed that Bangladeshi Muslims are involved in every possible crime, besides infiltration. The fanatic Bangladeshi Muslims, Rohingya Muslims, along with local fanatic Muslims, are pulling young Hindu girls into the net of Love Jihad. The Government needs to treat Love Jihad as a grave problem, classify the cases of Love Jihad like other crimes and declare its statistics.

Mr Nagesh Joshi of HJS said that hundreds of young girls from Maharashtra are missing. The State Deputy Chief Minister has recently accepted the incidents of Love Jihad happening in the State. The State Police and administration are expected to take stringent actions in these cases. The offenders under Love Jihad get support despite their crimes; however, they do not get severe punishment; therefore, there is no fear amongst these offenders. The Union Government is expected to pass laws where an offender under Love Jihad would get a death sentence. The cases of Love Jihad should be heard in the special Fast-Track Courts.

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