NIA seizes ‘Dawah To Hindus’ doc from ISIS terrorist Mohammad Adil

Days after the National Investigation Agency (NIA) busted an ISIS-linked terror module in Jabalpur district of Madhya Pradesh, it has been revealed that the NIA recovered several anti-India and anti-Hindu materials from the arrested terror terrorists Syed Mamoor Khan, Mohammad Adil Khan and Mohammad Shahid. The material contains information about a mission to turn India into an Islamic nation by the year 2050.

In a press release, the NIA stated that arrested terrorist Adil Khan who was on the agency’s radar since August 2022 and his aides were promoting ISIS propaganda through social media and on-ground ‘Dawah’ programmes to carry out terrorist activities at the behest of ISIS. The NIA had stated the arrested terrorists were receiving funding for carrying out Dawah programmes and disseminating ISIS propaganda. Sharp weapons, ammunition (including prohibited bore), incriminating documents, and digital devices were recovered by the NIA’s raiding teams.

Reportedly, NIA has said that the arrested terrorists were working on the agenda of converting India into an Islamic nation by 2050.

According to the NIA investigation, the three accused were “highly radicalised and determined to carry out violent jihad. They were collecting funds, disseminating ISIS propaganda material, motivating and recruiting youth, and trying to acquire arms and ammunition with the intent of carrying out terrorist acts,” the NIA press release stated.

According to a Dainik Bhaskar report, arrested terrorists Mohammad Adil ran a YouTube channel wherein they found a ‘Dawah To Hindus’ document. The report also claimed to have found the website linked with the YouTube channel which is working on the ‘Dawah’ programme meant to convert non-muslims to Islam. The said website carries out propaganda to destroy religions other than Islam. It is through this website, Adil received funding and there were links related to payments made to him by the ISIS terrorists.

Dawah To Hindus 

It is pertinent to note that Dawah in Islam means to call proselytise or call upon non-Muslims to convert to Islam. The Dainik Bhaskar report stated that Adil’s YouTube channel had over 92,000 subscribers adding that all the videos posted on the channel have been deleted. However, the report claims to have seen some of the videos before deletion and found out from the comments on the videos that around 60 to 70 percent of the subscribers of the channel were foreigners. Moreover, the cover picture of Adil’s YouTube channel read, “Religion of Truth (Islam) to prevail over all religion”.

Terrorist Adil’s mother told Dainik Bhaskar that her son had told her that he runs a YouTube channel wherein he uploads videos of other Islamic scholars and this led to a copyright strike on his channel. After the strike was revoked, he used to make his own videos. She claimed that it was a normal religious YouTube channel adding that she does not know anything else about it.

Adil’s YouTube channel has ten links, including a Twitter account, an Instagram account, an English Quran app, a Quran online link, a Salah translation PDF document, a Hukm Allah PDF document, a Man Made Law PDF document, a Beneficial Knowledge link, and a PDF document titled “Dawah to Hindus.” This document reportedly claims that the process is underway to turn India into an Islamic nation by 2050.

Dawah To Hindus and 20 chapters filled with lies, distortion and hatred for Hindus

The introduction of this document mentions how Hindus are not practising their own religion appropriately and also describes the ‘similarities’ between Hinduism and Islam.

The ‘Dawah To Hindus’ document consists of twenty chapters, according to the Bhaskar report which includes chapters disparaging Hinduism. There are chapters on Hindu gods like Lord Rama, Lord Krishna, Lord Shiva and Lord Brahma wherein extremely derogatory language has been used for the gods and the Hindu scriptures have been misquoted and distorted beyond imagination.

The first chapter of the document asserts that everyone should accept Mohammad as the prophet and a true teacher. It also mentions Lord Shiva, Indra and Raja Bhoj.

The second chapter mentions Hindu scriptures and their known categories like Shruti and Smriti, the four Vedas are mentioned under the category of Shruti (what is heard) and Manusmriti as well as epics like Ramayan, Mahabharat are categorised as Smriti.

The third chapter mentions about the formless nature of God in Hinduism, it misquotes Hindu scriptures out of context to insinuate that idol worship is wrong and that there is only one god who is unborn. It mentions shlokas from Vedas and Upanishads out of context to assert that there is no image of god.

The fourth chapter discusses  ‘scientific mistakes’ in Hindu scriptures. According to the Dawah To Hindus document, the distance from Earth to the Sun, as well as the diameters of the Sun and Moon, are incorrect in Hindu scriptures.

The fifth chapter again distorts Hindu scriptures such as the Garud Purana and Brahmsutras of Adi Shankaracharya to justify non-vegetarianism. It also mentions verses from the Valmiki Ramayana.

The sixth chapter discusses Hindu rulers having several wives whereas women were only meant to have one husband, implying that women face inequality in Hinduism.

The seventh misinterprets Hindu scriptures and ISKCON founder Sri La Prabhupada’s preachings to claim that beating wives is justified in Hinduism.

Chapters eight and nine assert that women in Hinduism are inauspicious and that Hindu men indulged in some imaginary ‘Hindu Jihad’.

Chapter ten of the document claims that Hindu deities oppress women and children.

There are highly outrageous chapters in the document such as chapter eleven on prostitution, chapter twenty on Lord Shiva and chapter twenty-four on Shiva and Lingam. These chapters contain obscene images of Hindu deities and extremely derogatory language is used to describe the Shivling.

According to chapter eighteen, ‘Child Marriage’ of the aforementioned document, child marriage is justified in Hindu scriptures. Misquoting the Puranas, it is claimed that men in Hinduism are required to marry girls who are one-third younger than them.

The next chapter titled ‘Incest’ asserts that women are attracted to any good-looking man.

Chapters twenty-one and twenty-two malign the character of Lord Krishna and Lord Brahma respectively. Distorting the puranic shlokas it is claimed that Lord Krishna used to have ‘Rasleela’ with eighteen lakh Gopis. While Lord Brahma’s wife and daughter have been mentioned in an extremely slanderous manner.

Similarly, the twenty-third chapter contains slanderous content regarding Lord Rama and Goddess Sita. It further asserts that if Maa Sita had worn a Hijab, nothing ‘bad’ would have occurred to her.

UK-operated website taking forward the ‘Dawah Mission’

The Bhaskar report further claims to have found a link to a UK-operated website which has collected funds for continuing its operation for the next five years. The website featured an appeal to raise funds for ‘The Quran Project’, ‘Pamphlet Project’ and ‘Live Updates Syria’ organisations. The website is also raising funds for one ‘Cageprisoners Project. The website is reported to have featured an appeal from Iqbal Madani, a terrorist caught in Pakistan.

The website has listed several books for varied age groups including books on ‘dress code’ for women. There are audio and video lectures on the website to propagate the mission of Dawah. Moreover, links to several YouTube channels like One Islam ProductionsOne Path Network, and Ilmfeed are also featured on the said website. These channels are operated from the UK, Australia and the United States. These channels and their websites contain information on Islamic history.

On his YouTube channel,  Mohammad Adil also justified sexual intercourse in public places as he quoted one verse from the Quran in one of his YouTube Community.

Source: OpIndia

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