Islamists in Pakistan launch online donation campaign for AAP ?

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New Delhi : Who are good Hindus in the eyes of Pakistan or Islamists? A Hindu who has good human qualities, a Hindu who is run by his Hindu religious values or something like that? Certainly not, a good Hindu is a man who turns a blind eye to his Islamic oppressors or who assists the Islamic invaders ruin his religion and culture is a Good Hindu for them, a Hindu who betrays Hinduism is a good Hindu for them. The crazy fanatic Zaid Hamid who always bashes Hinduism, praises the ‘Hindus’ like Amaresh Misra (Islamic-activist, anti-Hindu propagandist author and Congress leader). And when such a Good Hindu is found, Pakistan turns very helpful to him. Since this morning Pakistan based Facebook pages promoting Jihadist Separatism in Kashmir and some other Pakistani nationalist pages are running a huge campaign for donation on behalf of Aam Aadmi Party founded by such a Good Hindu, Arvind Kejriwal, self-acclaimed authority to issue the certificates of honesty.

Arvind Kejriwal who started his journey as a crusader against corruption in India, as an apolitical entity, and first declared that all political parties are corrupt and that’s why they are apolitical, entered into politics by cashing the huge fan followers they gained in the name of anti-corruption movement. Kejriwal actually sabotaged the movements that were already in line by BJP and Baba Ramdev. Kejriwal then started doing the same conventional politics that he criticized and didn’t criticize.


Kejriwal isn’t a visionless man, but he has far-fetched vision that enables him get the proper sense of what and when. Kejriwal knew his ways to earn the funding from outside India. A man who had allegations on him of funding from foreign agencies and corporate had found the other way to get the unclean funds cleanly. AAP constantly boasts getting funds from NRI’s clean money through its website’s donation section. Once AAP boasted that it has received an envious sum of INR 5 Million from an NRI based in East Asia. You don’t have to be surprised how a man who had lesser contact with India is more concerned about the corruptions in India than the Indians themselves. You can also never prove whether the foreign agencies are channelizing the funds through the NRI’s based in those agencies, such NRI’s who rather than fighting the governments in their nation for their own treatment by that government (when NRI’s are badly treated in many nations) are funding a lifetime earning to a hypocrite apolitical-turning-political organization in India.

Today the Pakistani online forums are campaigning for donations for AAP. The posts show a screenshot of the donation process by a man who works for Gulf Pakistan as seen from the screenshot, but a resident of India, has donated his two months’ salary for AAP. Qayyum (probably, his named is blurry), a 47 years old Indian, who loves to call himself Endian has donated INR 45,000 to AAP and taken the screenshots of form filling and then the payment process and then receiving the Transaction ID, inspires all the Pakistanis to donate at least INR 100 to AAP. And why does he sacrifice his two months’ salary to AAP? You can see his message at the remark box, مجھے یکین ہے کی آپ لوگ ہندوستان مے اسلامی ھقمت قیام کروگے
It means, “Mujhe Yakeen Hai Aaplog India Me Islami Huqumat Qayam Karogey (I am sure you guys will establish Islamic rule in India).

The man has described this situation as a historical turning point and Kejriwal as the Neo-Jaychand who will initiate the second phase of Islamization of India, and asked to assist him in his assistance to Islamists. His message posted by in the online campaigns says that the citizenship filter is a deliberate security breach and even as you have to sign that you are Indian citizen in the form checkbox attribute, it lets you bypass the phase. It is a nice way to shot two targets with single arrow, managing public perception that they are receiving no foreign funding but NRI money, and you can still donate them. Then as you successfully make the payment through credit/debit card, you will receive a Transaction ID like him as he expressed. Then he urged the public to assist according to his/her capability because, “Allah said that the dust you face in the battle, will return as fragrance and the asset you invest in the cause of Allah, will be returned to you 700 times more” as Qayyum asserts.

This post was first found in a Facebook page “Our Kashmir Our Concern” running from Muzaffarabad, Pakistan-Occupied-Kashmir promoting the separatist causes in Kashmir and Pakistani Army and intelligence goodwill. Here is the link to the promotion: and then the post was gradually found in other separatist and Pakistani pages. So AAP is probably getting too much fund from the anti-Indians. Does AAP deserve that, does AAP founder deserves the title of Jaychand with respect, given by Mr. Qayyum “Endian” in his message (provided as an appendix)? Does AAP promote the cause of the “Indian Muslim” defined in the message of Qayyum “Endian”? Appropriately !

Mr Qayyum cited several reasons AAP must be supported by Pakistani and Indian Muslims and “Good Hindus”. One of the reasons being AAP is most bold critic of BJP which is most nationalist Indian party and most anti-Pakistan. Yes, AAP definitely fulfils the criteria. Since AAP has excellently fooled the Indian mass to believe every rubbish AAP spits out, it quickly blamed Narendra Modi and Amit Shah for provoking communal riots in Muzaffarnagar in UP, India without any proof and when their delusion that he can fool al the public was proved wrong and his baseless allegations drew them criticism, they wiped the post from their official website. However when the nefarious role of Azam Khan of Samajwadi Party was exposed by media, AAP, the self-acclaimed honesty-certifying-authority had no words to condemn this. It exposed how blindly the AAP is venomous against BJP. And that qualifies AAP to gain fund from Pakistanis and “Endians” like Qayyum.

Does AAP deserve the Pakistani fund from the Islamists aiming to Islamize entire India ? Of course yes ! AAP has always turned soft and blind eye to Imam Bukhari, the dreamer of Islamic Republic of India. Imam Bukhari is the Shahi Imam of Jama Masjid, New Delhi who has so many charges of communalism and inciting violence and most importantly corruption like not paying the taxes and all, in the protest of which Kejriwal excels. But still he gave Bukhari a clean chit. It also met the hardcore communal anti-Hindu Mullah Takkeer of Bareily (guess why). When asked what was he doing with this communalist, first he said he didn’t know about his communal nature but then he issued a certificate and gave him clean chit by saying that the charges against Taukeer is false because Taukeer denied the charges. And this is AAP. AAP lets its certifying credentials to be used to building the image of Islamists in India and do the damage-control on their behalf. Kejriwal was the first man who removed the photo of Bharat Mata from IAC stages because it hurt the sentiments of Indian Muslims.

Does AAP deserve the Kashmiri separatists’ fund? Certainly yes! The AAP core committee member and national level lawyer Prashant Bhushan has publicly opined that he favors the separatism of Kashmir but then to save his party from criticism he further said that it is his personal opinion. AAP is viewed as instrumental for Pakistan against India on Kashmir issue.

Keeping in mind such facts AAP really deserves the fund from Pakistanis and only the AAP (they are above Gods) know how much fund they are receiving from people like “Qayyum Endian” dreaming day and night to destroy India.

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