Delhi court frames charges against Tahir Hussain in Ankit Sharma murder case

Tahir Hussain (Image : News Laundry)

On 23rd March 2023, the Karkardooma court in Delhi framed murder and conspiracy charges against Aam Aadmi Party leader Tahir Hussain and ten others for the murder of IB officer Ankit Sharma during the anti-Hindu Delhi riots on 25th February 2020. Ankit Sharma’s dead body was recovered from a drain in Delhi. Tahir Hussain and ten others are charged under sections 147, 148, 153A, 302, 365, 120B, 149 & 188 of the Indian Penal Code. Tahir Hussain was additionally charged under sections 104,109 & 505 of IPC.

While framing the charges, the court observed, “Tahir was continuously acting in a manner of supervising & motivating this mob. All these things were done to target Hindus. Every member of the mob assembled there participated in achieving the objective of targeting Hindus.”

The court further remarked, “Such conducts of the members of this mob, show that they were acting out of the meeting of their minds and with a ‘clearcut objective in mind, to kill and harm Hindus’. Thus, a ‘criminal conspiracy to indulge in a riot and to kill Hindus and harm properties of Hindus’, is well reflected from the evidence on the record.”

The court said specifically about the AAP leader, “Tahir Hussain also played the role of instigator to kill Hindus. and exhorting this mob as to not to spare Hindus. He instigated the mob when Ankit came forward towards this mob.”

The court also highlighted that Ankit Sharma was killed only because he was a Hindu. The court said, “The conspiracy need not be specific to kill Ankit. When the accused persons were acting in pursuance to conspiracy and common object to kill Hindus, it covered the killing of Ankit as well for the reasons that Ankit was killed because he was Hindu.”

The autopsy report revealed the horrific brutality

The dead body of slain Intelligence Bureau constable Ankit Sharma was recovered from a ditch in Chand Bagh on 27th February 2020. His body was then sent for autopsy by the authorities. The autopsy report revealed the horrific brutality that was inflicted on him before his body was dumped in a ditch behind the house of AAP leader Tahir Hussain.

The autopsy report said that Ankit Sharma was stabbed over 400 times, and his body has been mutilated beyond belief. He had stab wounds all over his body and not even a single portion of it was spared. He was stabbed for hours, four to six hours, by possibly as many as six individuals together. Moreover, his intestines were ripped apart, says the autopsy report. Forensic doctors reportedly said that they haven’t seen such nightmarish mutilation in their lives. The report said that the body had “multiple abrasions.. deep cut.. by sharp edge objects”. The panel of doctors, who carried out post mortem, clearly stated that Ankit Sharma was brutally and repeatedly stabbed, which had caused his death.

Tahir Hussain incited the mob that killed Ankit Sharma

A case in this regard was registered on 26th February 2020 by Ankit Sharma’s father Ravinder Sharma at the Dayalpur police station. IB staffer Ankit Sharma was reported missing by his family during the Delhi anti-Hindu riots. On 27 February, his dead body was found in a sewer in the Chand Bagh area. The Delhi police had stated in its charge sheet that Ankit Sharma was specifically targeted by the mob that was led by Tahir Hussain. They had alleged a deep conspiracy behind the murder. The charge sheet says that Ankit Sharma was murdered outside the residence of Tahir Hussain in the Khajuri Khas area on February 25. After stabbing him multiple times, the mob threw his body into the nearby drain. A knife used in the murder and blood-stained clothes were also recovered.

AltNews attempted to give a clean cheat to the Muslim leader of AAP

After it had emerged that AAP leader Tahir Hussain was one of the main organizers behind the riots in North East Delhi on 25th February 2020, Islamists and the left-liberal ecosystem went overboard in defending him. Even after stones, petrol bombs, acid packs, improvised slingshots to hurl petrol bombs, etc were recovered from Tahir’s building after the riots, and videos had emerged showing hundreds of people throwing stones and petrol bombs from the roof of the building with Tahir supervising the attacks, Islamists wanted people to believe that he was innocent.

Leftist propaganda site AltNews, which calls itself a fact-checker, jumped into the bandwagon to give a clean chit to Tahir Hussain. Alt News published an article to refute allegations that the AAP leader had posted an edited video, but several people questioned the arguments Alt News used to defend Tahir Hussain.

A video was posted by then-AAP spokesperson Prince Soni on 27th February 2020 where Tahir Hussain was making an appeal to the police to control the riots, amid violence going on in the background. He had alleged that rioters had forcefully entered and vandalized his house. Although the video was posted a day after the riots were brought under control, Prince had claimed that it was recorded during the riots. Alt News used the video as proof to give a clean chit to Tahir Hussain.

After the video was posted, several persons on Twitter claimed that it was doctored. It was alleged that Tahir Hussain had recorded his statement after the riots were over in an indoor setting with a green screen as a background, and footage from the riots was added in the background using video editing tools. Several persons had overserved that while Tahir’s statement was seemed to have recorded using a tripod as his footage was stable, the background was shaking and moving, typical of recording using a handheld device. Alrt News also relied on the AAP spokesperson and took the data provided by the AAP spokesperson for granted and peddled that Tahir Hussain’s video was shot on 24th February 2020 when the riots were going on.

The so-called fact-checker gave a clean chit to the AAP leader based on non-reliable and dubious sources. They chose to believe the version of an AAP spokesperson who will obviously defend their party leader and relied on video from a smartphone which can be easily manipulated.

Tahir Hussain is also accused of financing the anti-Hindu Delhi riots of 2020

In conjunction with a money laundering investigation, the Karkardooma court also filed charges in January against former MCD councilor Tahir Hussain. He was accused of using unlawful means to finance the North East Delhi riots. Tahir Hussain has neither admitted guilt nor asserted his innocence.

Source: OpIndia

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