Unanimous resolution to oppose the ‘Halal Parishad’ to be held in Mumbai on 12th and 13th November

Inauguration of Holy text ‘Halal Jihad?’ in the meeting to oppose forced Halal certification

‘Halal certification is the Jizya tax of today. Today, the Halal economy has spread throughout the world. Muslims are demanding halal certified products. Therefore, Halal is being forced on Hindu businessmen and entrepreneurs. Forcing Halal in such a way despite having a Government certification is denying the constitutional rights of Hindus. Since the ritual of ‘Halal’ can only be performed by Muslims, it is in a way boycotting the majority of Hindus. Therefore, now the Hindus should give a ‘Zataka’ (shock) to this ‘Halal’ economy in an organised manner, appealed the compiler of the Holy text ‘Halal Jihad ?’ and the Spokesperson of Hindu Jaanajagruti Samiti Mr. Ramesh Shinde. He was speaking at the ‘Meeting to oppose the forced Halal Certification ‘ organised at the ‘Swatantryaveer Savarkar National Memorial’ in Dadar. In this conference, it was unanimously resolved to oppose the ‘Halal Parishad’ to be held in Mumbai on 12th and 13th November. On this occasion, The Holy text ‘Halal Jihad ?’ compiled by Mr. Ramesh Shinde was inaugurated.

Hindus should form an action committee to stop Halal and oppose the forced Halal certification –  Ranjit Savarkar, Working President, Swatantryaveer Savarkar National Memorial

Ranjit Savarkar

Love Jihad has been going on since the time of Akbar. Now ‘Halal Jihad’ has started. Jihadi organisations are conspiring to rule the world including India with the money received through Halal certification. Therefore, it is the duty of every Hindu to boycott the forced Halal certification. Hindus should boycott Halal economy by adopting a covert policy. Action Committee of Hindus should be formed to prevent Halal and strictly oppose the compulsory Halal certification.

MNS is ready to oppose Halal economy – Yashwant Kiledar, Vice President, MNS

Yashwant Kiledar

‘Halal’ should be limited to Muslims, why force it on Hindus ? Now is the time to give ‘Zataka’ to the Conspiracy behind Forced Halal Certification. Maharashtra Navnirman Sena has always been prepared to oppose Halal economy. Our leader Raj Thackeray will stand by Hindus against Halal”, said Mr. Yashwant Kiledar, Vice President, MNS

On the occasion, BJP’s National Spokesperson and former MP Dr. Vijay Sonkar Shastri said, “Halal method is not only limited to cutting meat. Today, Halal economy has entered all fields. Halal Jihad is a big conspiracy against Hindus. The BJP administration of the Delhi Municipal Corporation has also forced restaurants in Delhi to display prominently whether the meat is ‘Jatka’ or ‘Halal’.

The founder of ‘Parashuram Tapovan Ashram’ at Vasai (Medhe) Bhargavashree B.P. Sachinwala said, “Hindus should promote and propagate Sanatan Dharma by awakening Deity Parashuram in them. If this is done, all Jihads including all forms of Halal Jihad will automatically perish”. While the Working President of All India Veerashaiva Lingayat Federation Dr. Vijay Jangam said, “there is a big conspiracy going on behind Halal and to prevent this, the Government should allow us to issue ‘Trishul’ certificate”.

Maharashtra in-charge of ‘Akhil Bharatiya Khatik Samaj’ Mr. Vivek Gholap said, “Due to Halal, Hindu Khatiks are facing unemployment. Hindus should insist on buying ‘Zataka’ meat instead of ‘Halal”. Mr. Santoshkumar Gupta of ‘Zataka Mahasangh’ appealed to ‘Hindus to purchase Zataka meat to oppose Halal Jihad’. ‘Hindus should increase their strength and organisation, only then we can defeat the Halal conspiracy’,’ opined the President of ‘Maharashtra State Saraf and Goldsmiths Federation’ Mr. Motilal Jain.

A video in which the opposition to the Halal economy was expressed by the dignitaries such as veteran actor Mr. Sharad Ponkshe, famous lecturer and journatlist Mr. Pushpendra Kulashrestha, well-known writer and speaker Dr. Satchidananda Shevde, etc, was exhibited. In this ‘Forced anti-Halal Certification Meeting’, various resolutions were passed expressing the determination to organise and give a ‘Zataka’ to the ‘Halal’ economy. The programme concluded by reciting complete ‘Vande Mataram’.

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