Islamization of Govt. schools in Jharkhand, Bihar, Bengal, etc.

The population of Muslims has increased in many states like Jharkhand, Bengal, and Bihar, among others. Due to this, in many places, the ‘secular’ system of administration has been replaced by the Islamic style of doing things. In the case of schools, this is adversely affecting students who are Hindus or follow other religions. Their religious rights and security are under threat. Recently in a school in Jharkhand, where the number of Muslim students was more than 70 percent, the Hindu students were banned from praying with folded hands. This is not limited to prayers. The government mandate is that the schools should have the weekly day off on Sunday. However, an inspection later found that in many schools of Jharkhand where Muslim students abound, the weekly day off has been changed to Friday. Urdu is being used instead of Hindi. This is alarming, to say the least!

We would like to draw your attention to the following points…

1. Shri. Ritesh Kashyap, a journalist of ‘Panchjanya’ (from Jharkhand) claimed that government schools in Ranchi, Dumka, Jamtada, Garhwa, Palamu, Pakur, Bokaro, etc., have declared Friday as the day off. Urdu is preferred over Hindi. The Muslims in these areas have used their superior numbers to make these changes over the last 10-25 years, without having any government clearance. This is not limited to Jharkhand, schools in Bihar and Bengal have also seen such changes.

2. BJP MP from Jharkhand Shri. Nishikant Dubey has claimed in the Lok Sabha that the country is being Islamized by giving holidays on Fridays instead of Sundays in around 1800 schools. These schools have started using Urdu words instead of Hindi on their name boards. Also, due to its proximity to Bangladesh, infiltration has increased the population of Muslims manifold. This has completely changed the demography of the areas. According to the information given by the local news channels, the Hindus are selling their homes and fleeing due to the terror created by Muslim infiltrators. Many illegal, as well as criminal activities, have increased due to these Bangladeshi infiltrators. Aadhaar cards and ration cards are being obtained illegally. Local tribal culture is being destroyed.

3. The Central Government should question the state governments as to what they were doing if the schools were giving their weekly day off on Fridays. When India is a ‘secular’ country, how can the administration function as an ‘Islamic system’? This undermines the secular credentials of our nation. This also jeopardises national unity.

4. Government schools are not madrasas or mosques belonging to Muslims. They are administered by a secular government. This should be noted before the weekly holiday is changed to Friday.

5. In March 2022, several radical jihadi organizations including the Popular Front of India demanded that Muslim girls be allowed to wear hijab in schools and colleges of Karnataka. They organized protests against the government called ‘Pahle Hijab-fir Kitab’ (Hijab first, schooling next) in many states; But the Karnataka High Court has passed an order banning the donning of hijab in schools and colleges. It is absolutely necessary for the government to follow this order in all respects.

6. If the numerical majority of Muslims decides whether to give Friday as the day off, the population of Hindus is more than 78 percent in the country, then will the government give Hindus a holiday on Thursday or any other day for their worship? Tomorrow, in a state like Punjab (where Sikhs are in the majority population) will the government give them a holiday according to their religious beliefs?

7. Who gave the Muslims the right to take away Hindu students’ right to rest on Sundays, as well as the right to religious freedom given by the Indian Constitution to pray with folded hands? Is this an Islamic country? It is unconstitutional to deprive Hindus of their fundamental rights enshrined in the Constitution.



1. A central investigation team should be sent to the states of Jharkhand, Bengal, Bihar, etc., which have holidays on Fridays instead of Sundays, and a thorough investigation should be conducted there.

2. Government officials and employees found complicit in this should be suspended. Their wages and allowances should be frozen. Also, if Muslim clerics, religious leaders, or organizations are found responsible, criminal action should be taken against them for disrupting government work.

3. Legal action should be initiated against those who force Hindu students to ‘not join hands’.

4. Strict orders should be given to conduct all the affairs of the school in a ‘secular’ manner.

5. The increasing Bangladeshi infiltration in the state of Jharkhand over the years has threatened the security and religious rights of the locals there. There has been an increase in illegal activities and crime. Jharkhand’s existence is in peril. A thorough investigation should be conducted by the National Investigation Agency (NIA) in this matter.

6. Immediately implement the ‘National Register of Citizens’ (NRC) to survey the infiltrators in Jharkhand and expel them.

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