Pro-Muslim Police confiscates HJS’ pamphlets

Mumbai: On the occasion of Mahashivaratri at Mahalaxmi in Mumbai, at the temple of Lord Tryambakeshvar a stall exhibiting holy texts had been set up by the Sanatan Sanstha and the Hindu Janajagruti Samiti to propagate Spirituality and religion. Pamphlets pertaining to the law of ‘governmentalisation of Hindu temples’ which the Maharashtra government wants to enforce despite the law being anti-Hindu, were also kept there. At Gaodevi, policemen claiming these pamphlets to be anti-Muslim threatened the member of HJS present there and without any prior intimation confiscated 2500 such pamphlets.

This is the sequence of events that took place that day. First the police constable, Mr. Rokde came to the bookstall. On seeing this pamphlet he commented that by publishing such matter `you are creating communal tension’. The HJS member, Mr. Milind Poshe, present there explained to the policeman that places of worship of all, that is Jains, Hindus, Parsis, Sikhs and Buddhists were included in this law. Only Mosque and Dargahs were excluded and that this is all that the pamphlet mentions. Thereafter the police made a thorough enquiry about the details of this organisation, its chief convenor, his address, etc. to which Mr. Poshe answered calmly. These pamphlets were published by the `Tulsidas Gopalji Charitable Trust and the Dhakleshvar Temple Trust’. That night around 8.30 p.m. the Chief Police Inspector of the Gaodevi Police Station, Mr. Bhujbal came there and accusing the HJS member of publishing material which will hurt Muslim sentiments and cause communal tension, on his own, as if he had a search warrant took away 2500 pamphlets. When Mr.Poshe asked the inspector for an explanation, he angrily said that `this is the normal procedure and that to procure information they are compelled to do this.’ He did not elaborate any further on the issue. Further Mr. Bhujbal took the names and addresses of all the HJS members at the bookstall. `The Tulsidas Gopalji Charitable Trust’ and the HJS are seeking legal counsel on this issue.

Editor’s Note:

Anti-Hindu policemen! When denigration of Hindu deities/ temples is done and Hindus complain against this, instead of registering a complaint they threaten the Hindus. And when it comes to pamphlets by Hindus to protect their own religion and not harm others, the police confiscate the pamphlets! Its high time we Hindus got together and questioned this anti-Hindu attitude of the police.

The fact is that it is the government itself, which is creating laws and inducing communal tension. So the police should ask politicians this question. With policemen misusing their powers, now they will start losing whatever little sympathy the public has for them.

If the police inspector really needed information, was one pamphlet not sufficient? By confiscating 2500 copies it is obvious that the motive of the police was to prevent the circulation of these pamphlets. Police should not forget that their salaries come from public money. Would these policemen dare to do the same at a bookstall of the Muslims or behave so arrogantly with them?

Source: ‘Dainik Sanatan Prabhat’

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