Know the harmful effects of conversions


1. Social effects

A. Harmful effects observed in Kandhamal (Odisha) after tribes converted to Christianity : ‘Due to a drastic change in the lifestyle of the converts, a severe rift developed between the communities which had converted to Christianity and the traditional society there.’ – Daily Rashtriya Sahara (6.7.2009)

B. Harmful effects of communalism of Christians (when in majority) on social life : In Nagaland, there is a ban on organising any event on Sundays, the religious day of Christians. Even buses do not operate on this day. Farmers too are banned from working on their farms on Sundays. If they work, they have to pay a fine of Rs. 5,000 and have to face a punishment of 25 lashes.

C. In Meghalaya, which is a Christian majority State, the Union Government rules are linked to Christianity : ‘In Meghalaya, as per the Union Government rules Sunday is a holiday. However, the Additional Secretary of the Rural Development Department of the Meghalaya Government, Mrs. M Mani in a written reply to an RTI question by Human Rights activist Mr. Harishchandra Pawar, a retired Government official from Mangarulnath, has stated, ‘Since our’s is a Christian State, Sunday is a holiday for all.’



2. Cultural effects

A. The original Nagas have forgotten their culture and are influenced by western culture : ‘In Nagaland, the Baptist missionaries baptised the local Nagas into Christianity and took them away from the Naga culture. The missionaries also destroyed their folk songs and dances, stories and religious traditions gradually and brought the Nagas under the influence of western culture completely.’ – Mr. Virag Shrikrushna Pachapor

B. In Mizoram, majority of Christians sought a ban on traditional musical instruments : Christian organisations sought a ban on the playing of traditional musical instruments such as the drum of the Mizo king. The Christians there threatened the king that if he continued with this tradition, he would have to face dire consequences.

C. Hindus who have converted to other religions begin to hate their own country and culture : ‘For Hindus who have converted to Christianity, ‘Rome’ is Holy land instead of ‘Bharat’. They begin to abhor the sacred rivers of Bharat, sacred mountain ranges, people, languages, attire and culture.’ – Rajkumari Amrit Kaur

D. Muslim invaders destroyed the cultural identity of cities by giving them Islamic names : Conversions change cultural concepts and lifestyle. This rule applies not only to individuals but to cities too. In many places, along with conversions of Hindus Muslim invaders also gave cities Islamic names such as Aurangabad, Hyderabad, Allahabad, thus destroying the cultural identity of these cities.

E. Complete destruction of culture
1. Muslim invaders in Iran, the place of origin of the Parsis, tortured the Parsis, who are the worshippers of fire, and converted them. Those who refused to convert were driven out. Bharat gave refuge to these Parsis. Today, the Parsi culture has been completely wiped out from Iran.
2. It is because of Christian conversions that the Roman and Greek cultures have become extinct.
3. Tribal culture in USA, Australia, Africa and Russia has been completely wiped out : In an attempt to convert or after converting crores of innocent tribals, Christian missionaries have destroyed their original culture, lifestyle, values and the existing social fabric.

3. Political effects

A. Change in power in Lebanon due to conversions : Lebanon is a small country, which once had a Christian majority. Today it is a Muslim majority country. Christians of this country are fleeing and seeking asylum in Christian countries. In 1900, in Lebanon there were 77% Christians, in 2011 they were down to 39%. In 1900, the Muslims were 21%, now they are 60%. After Independence in 1943, 6 of the main berths were given to Christians and 5 to Muslims in the coalition ministry that was formed. Muslims utilised their political prowess to increase their influence in Lebanon. They increased their population remarkably and became a majority in the country. In 2009, the traditional Christian party administration collapsed and the fanatical ‘Hezbollah’ party came to power. Thus, conversions were the reason for change in power in Lebanon.

4. National effects

4.1 The mentality of neo-converts is anti-national

A. ‘Many neo-converts have now become anti-national.’- Rajkumari Amrit Kaur

B. ‘Today, anti-national sentiment can be perceived in the hilly regions of Meghalaya, Mizoram, Tripura and Manipur and to some extent in the converted communities of Arunachal Pradesh.’ – Mr. Virag Shrikrushna Pachapor

4.2 Conversions amount to a change of citizenship

Swatantryaveer Savarkar had said ‘Conversions lead to change of citizenship’. With this warning, he created social awareness. The points mentioned ahead will elucidate how accurate this is.

A. Nagaland

1. Creation of Nagaland was due to the rebels who converted to Christianity : ‘Soon After Bharat became independent, the Naga rebels declared an armed revolt under the leadership of the Angami Zapu Phizo, a Christian. Their communal war cry was ‘Nagaland for Christ’. Michael Scott, a Christian missionary performed the unrighteous deed of providing weapons and all required provisions to these Naga rebels. Under the pressure of Baptist missionaries, the secular Government accepted all demands of these rebels, which lead to the creation of Nagaland.’ – Mr. Virag Shrikrushna Pachapor

2. Signboards that say ‘Nagaland belongs to Jesus Christ ! Bloody Indian dogs get lost !’ can be seen everywhere In Nagaland.

3. ‘After getting a separate Christian state these Christian rebels started an armed rebellion against the country demanding a separate Naga country.’ – Dr. NR Varhadpande (Daily ‘Tarun Bharat’)

B. Kashmir

1. The process of creating an independent country of Muslim majority Kashmir out of Bharat : After Bharat became independent, the Muslims in Kashmir, who were in majority, demanded and secured a separate Constitution and the right to make separate laws for themselves. ‘Independent Kashmir (as a country)’ was the aim of the first Chief Minister of Kashmir, Sheikh Abdullah. To fulfil his aim, he resorted to anti-national acts and built a rapport with Pakistan. Consequently, a rebellious mentality developed among the Kashmiri Muslims. The separatist organisation ‘Hurriyat Conference’ began the propaganda of ‘Independent Kashmir’. To establish an independent state of Kashmir, terrorist organisations such as ‘Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF)’ came into existence. As a result, today it has become difficult to hoist the Tricolour there, even on National days.

C. International examples

1. East Timor : ‘On 20.5.2002, the Islamic country of Indonesia was partitioned to create a small Christian country of ‘East Timor’.

2. South Sudan : On 9.7.2011, the Islamic country Sudan was partitioned and a new Christian country ‘South Sudan’ was created. For 20 years, Christian priests from USA converted the poor Muslims in southern Sudan to Christianity. When the population of Christians there reached 90%, the Church demanded an independent Christian state separate from Sudan.’

5. Religious effect

5.1 Conversions amount to an increase in the number of enemies of Hindus

A. “Every man going out of the Hindu pale is not only a man less but also an enemy the more.” – Swami Vivekanand

B. Hindus who have converted to another religion oppose reminiscences of Hindu Saints

1. The fishermen community in Tamil Nadu that has converted to Christianity opposed the erection of a statue of Swami Vivekanand.

2. The villagers in Kalady, Kerala, who had converted to Christianity, opposed the construction of a study centre in the memory of Adi Shankaracharya, who was also from this village.

C. Cold blooded murders and conversions of Hindus by those converted to Islam : Hindus who were traitors to Dharma and who converted to Islam during Mughal invasions either out of fear for their lives or greed for wealth, were later involved in cold blooded murders of Hindus and converting countless Hindus to Islam. Malik Kafur (Army general of Allauddin Khilji), Mahabat Khan (Army general of Jahangir), Maqbul Khan (Wazir – equivalent of Prime Minister of Firuz Shah), Muzaffar Shah (Sultan of Ahmedabad) and Kala Pahad of Bengal, were formerly Hindus. After converting to Islam, they attacked the Hindu Dharma mercilessly and committed unimaginable atrocities on Hindus.

D. Conversion of Hindus by a converted son of Gandhi : ‘After Harilal (Mohandas Gandhi’s son) embraced Islam, he converted many Hindus to Islam. In fact, he had vowed to convert his parents Mohandas and Kasturba also to Islam.’ – Gurudev Dr. Kateswamiji

E. Slaughter of Hindus in Kashmir by Muslim converts : During the Islamic invasions, most of the people in Kashmir valley were converted. The new generations of these converted Muslims threatened the Hindus there in 1989 – ‘Hindus should either convert to Islam or quit Kashmir’. Consequently, 4.5 lakh Hindus left their homeland Kashmir and over a lakh Hindus were killed by terrorists. Today, Hindus are on the way to being wiped out from Kashmir.

5.2 Danger of Hindus being wiped out

‘If Hindus keep getting converted rapidly, in a few years time we will have to say ‘Once there existed Hindu Dharma’, in the same way as we say today after a 100 years ‘Once there existed Parsi religion’; because, when Hindus will be in minority as a result of conversions, they will be called kafirs and killed.’ – Dr. Jayant Athavale, Founder, Sanatan Sanstha

6. Universal disharmony

A. ‘Conversions are the cause of many an avoidable conflict.’ – Mohandas Gandhi

B. ‘Conversions are the root cause of conflicts in the world. If there are no conversions in the world, then certainly there will be no conflicts.’ – Mr. MSN Menon (Weekly ‘Organiser’, 6.5.2007)

C. ‘Conversions have been the cause of many wars in the middle ages.’ (Booklet ‘Hindu jagruti se sanskruti raksha’)

D. Conversions have been the cause of major bloodshed in the world : ‘The bloodshed during the forcible conversions wrought by Christians and Muslims around the world exceeds the entire bloodshed that has taken place in the wars so far in the world.’ – Mr. Arvind Vitthal Kulkarni, Senior Journalist, Mumbai

(Reference – ‘Religious conversions and Purifying the converted’ )