Hindu activist Makarand Mahadik’s house attacked by fanatics

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Hindus should establish Hindu Nation to stop insolence of fanatics !

  • Fanatics molest Mahadik’s sister
  • Police avoid arresting accused

Powerful pro-Hindu organizations took no action in the matter; but Hindu Vidhidnya Parishad rushed to help, therefore, Hindus feel secure with ‘Hindu Vidhidnya Parishad’ rather than powerful pro-Hindu organizations !

Mumbai : On 28th January, fanatics attacked the house of Mr. Makarand Mahadik, a member of ‘Hindu Manavadhikar Manch’ and a pro-Hindu activist staying at Kurla. (Hindus are insecure in the country where Hindus are supposed to be in majority  – Editor SP) Mr. Mahadik’s sister, her husband and children were beaten up. She was molested and her ‘mangalsutra’ was snatched and broken. Mr. Mahadik has lodged a complaint about such attack with ‘Vinoba Bhave Police station’ at Kurla. Although police have registered a case; nobody has been arrested so far. (Fanatics attack and molest Hindus’ mothers, sisters, young women and police take no action. Why should Hindus provide salary for such police? – Editor SP)  

Advocates of Hindu Vidhidnya Parishad are helping Mr. Mahadik. Fanatics involved in the attack are moving freely in the area; but police have not arrested them, accused Mr. Mahadik. (Police have taken no action even against fanatics molesting lady police staff during Azad Maidan riots on 11th August. Will such police take action when other women are molested? If such police are attacked at the hands of fanatics, will Hindus feel bad about it? – Editor SP) He has, therefore, lodged a complaint with Dy. Commissioner and Commissioner of Police. Mr. Mahadik has also made a demand to provide police protection. Local Municipal Councilor Ashraf Azmi is supporting fanatics, accused Mr. Mahadik and demanded police protection.  (Fanatis’ elected representatives firmly support even their criminals whereas Hindus’ elected representatives do nothing for Hindus. – Editor SP) Mr. Mahadik had attended All India Hindu Convention held in June 2012 at Ramnathi, Goa.

In the residential area where Mr. Mahadik is staying, only 10 % of the population is Hindu and the rest are fanatics. (Where fanatics are in minority, they are quiet; but where they are equal, they attack others and where they are in majority, they eliminate people following other religions. Should Hindus also behave like these fanatics? – Editor SP) Fanatics play cricket and football on the local ground. While playing, they break glass panes of windows thus causing loss to the residents staying near the ground. Mr. Mahadik has lodged complaint with police station against the same as a representative of local residents.  Every time, police were preventing the youth from playing on the ground. (What is the use of police who don’t find permanent solution on the complaint and don’t create awe in fanatics? – Editor SP) On 28th January, Mr. Mahadik opposed fanatic Muslims playing football when they attacked his house. Fortunately, Mr. Mahadik escaped from the attack; but his sister, her husband and children were beaten up by fanatic Muslim youth.  

It is doubted whether police are not taking action out of bias against Mahadik

Fahaz, Faisal Farukhi and Abdulla are the 3 masterminds; but no action has been taken against them. When few journalists contacted Vinoba Bhave Police Station, they were told that the complaint was false; therefore, no action can be taken. Mr. Mahadik has filed a petition in Mumbai High Court for implementation of order for setting up of ‘Police Complaint Authority’ and recently, the Court has issued an order to establish such Authority which will facilitate citizens to lodge complaint against police; therefore, out of anger against Mr. Mahadik, police are not taking any action against Mr. Mahadik’s complaint, is the doubt raised by some people.

Source : Daily Sanatan Prabhat

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