Delhi : Cop bullies residents for protesting against mazar built on Azadpur flyover

On August 2, O News published a video from the Azadpur flyover in Delhi where SHO Adarsh Nagar was seen bullying a Hindu man for raising his voice against a mazar on the flyover. When he was questioned on his authority, the police officer also threatened the man with legal action. The Hindu man was later grabbed by the Police and taken away in a van.

The reporter of O News had gone to check on a mazar on a flyover in Delhi. Recently, photographs on this mazar have gone viral on social media, alleging this mazar was encroaching the road. Sikandar, who manages the mazar, claims that this mazar was built before 1950, and his grandfather and father also managed the mazar. He added that there is a mazar under the flyover with the grave of a Pir baba, and the one that is above the flyover was built later around 1982-83. When that reporter told him that the flyover didn’t exist in 1982, he said that it was built when the construction of the flyover had started, which according to him had started in 1982. He further claimed that no construction had taken place since 2009.

It may be noted that while Sikandar claimed that the mazar was built on the flyover in around 1982-83, the fact is that the flyover was opened to traffic only in 2009. And the construction for the flyover didn’t start in 1982 as he is claiming. The flyover was built to ease traffic movement during the 2010 Commonwealth Games in Delhi.

People have a complaint of heavy traffic jams due to the allegedly illegal construction, but the administration has failed to take any action. Those who are opposing the mazar claimed that this mazar is not as old as it has been claimed. The reporter talked to a Hindu activist who identified himself as Vijay Gadaria. He said that he saw this mazar for the first time around 10-12 years ago, he also said that it has been built on an encroached space on the flyover.

While Vijay was having an argument with Sikandar over the legality of worshipping mazar in Islam, SHO Adarsh Nagar, CP Bharadwaj, intervened and tried to stop Vijay. He asked Vijay, “Who gave you the right to pressurize Indian citizens like this. If you want to take any action, take the legal recourse.” He further added that as per the Supreme Court ruling, the Government Of Delhi had enacted a religious committee to take action on such complaints. “If this gentleman has any problem, he should submit an application to the Delhi government,” he added.

Police pushed everyone away

Vijay got irked by the SHO’s statement and asked for his views on the temple levelled in the Chandni Chowk area recently. SHO Bharadwaj asked him to talk in the constitutional arrangement. “You cannot bully any religious person like this,” he said and warned him of legal action. Then he grabbed Vijay and asked the Police personnel to take him to the station. The cameraman who was shooting the scene was pushed away.

The cameraman was heard saying, “Why am I being punished?” hinting that he was hit by the police personnel who were trying to push him away. In the shaky video afterwards, Vijay could be seen dragged away by the Police and put in a van. At that moment, the SHO shouted to inform that he is detaining Vijay under some sections of the IPC. When the reporter questioned SHO of his actions, he said that people are regularly coming here and causing trouble to the individual. “It is not right to bully an individual. We have to maintain law and order,” he claimed.

On asked why Sikander was allowed to tell his side of the story but not others, SHO got irked and said, “This is not the way. They have to take legal recourse.” He further told the reporter not to create a law and order issue. “You are not expected to raise such sensitive issue on a roadside,” SHO said.

Another Hindu man told the reporter that if it had been Muslims, the situation would have been different. “We were Hindus that too less in numbers thus they pushed us away. Had it been a group of Muslims, the same Delhi Police would have folded their hands and asked them to do whatever they want,” he said.

Vijay Gadaria was kept in detention for a day before he was released yesterday. Following the incident, the Hindu youth activists have vowed to take steps the get the mazar removed. Vijay said that they will take legal action against the mazar built on the Azadpur flyover. Other youths also threatened to bring it down if the authorities and courts do not remove it.

Reaction from Netizens

The mazar on the flyover and the action by SHO is being criticized on social media platforms. Several netizens raised voice against the SHO and demanded action by the administration.

This is not the first time such illegal religious structures have popped up on roadsides and on government land. In March 2021, Moradabad’s Tahir was found building mazar in Sundarlal’s land, claimed ‘pir baba ordered in dream’.

Source : OpIndia

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