20 countries with no Hindu population by 2015?

Impact of evangelism on Hindus worldwide (2004 Statistics)

Hair raising Observations!

* Do you know that Hindus in Christian nations (US, Trinidad, UK etc.) are less likely to convert than Hindus in Traditional Hindu nations (India, Nepal, Mauritius etc.)
* Hindus in Guyana (count: 320000) are the least evangelised Hindu community in the world
* 78.5% of Malaysian Hindus will be converted in the next 5 years (Total Malaysian Hindus: 2344520)
* 11 countries may cease to have Hindu population by 2010 whereas 20 countries may cease to have any Hindu population by 2015.
* Majority of Hindus in Islamic countries convert to Christianity to protect themselves from Jihadi persecution.For ex. In Pakistan an attack on a Church killing raises international attention whereas an attack on a temple raises no place in the newspapers.



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