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 The saga of religious persecutions on Hindus in Bangladesh is never-ending. It has never ended and there are no indications of its end in a little while.

Nevertheless, in spite of the continuation of this inhuman saga for decades, there has never been any relief or assistance to Hindus, unlike others especially Palestinians, from globally acclaimed organizations. What we have seen in all these years is a lip service that falls through at every time it is made. So this time tested effeteness is of no use at the moment. What we can do at this hour is to know the existing reality and raise our voices, convince others also to raise their voices in the global arena against this crime against humanity.

Here are a few incidents of human rights violations of minorities in Bangladesh.

  1. On January 09, 2012, in the morning, a few Islamists, putting bombs in the veranda (of residence) of Hari Chandra Das, Hindu living in village: Sahosh, District: Khulna, demanded JIziya tax of 3 lakh taka. Whenever Hari Chandra Das refused to give in and pay such a defamatory tax, assailants threatened to exterminate the whole family.
  2.  More than a hundred Hindu families of hairdressers used to live in Old Thana area, Sub-district: Lohagara, District: Chittagong, a few times back. Nevertheless, owing to oppressions of Islamists and forcible acquisition of their lands, the Hindu families vacated the area. What is more, the age-old crematorium of theirs has also been occupied. At the moment three such families are in the  area and Muslim goons are hell-bent to drive them out.
  3.  On January 24, 2012, at dead night, Muslim thugs (with firearms) raided the shop of Mr. Ajit Chandra Karmakar, prominent Hindu businessman, located in Sadar bazaar area, Sub-district: Chandina, District: Coomilla. Gold jewelries worth 3 lakh taka were looted.
  4. A Hindu family comprising Prabir Kumar Ghosh, his wife Parbati Rani Ghosh, and their adolescent daughter was kidnapped (intimidating with firearms) recently and this shocking incident took place in village: Kalakopa, Sub-district: Daudkandi, District: Coomilla. But this is not the whole truth. Parbati Rani Ghosh and her daughter were kidnapped and kept in a house where the mother was raped for seven days at a stretch. However, mother and daughter managed to flee ultimately and reported the matter in its entirety to the local police station. A case, in this regard, has already been started against Haurn-ar Rashid, the main culprit and Chairman of Subilpur Union Council. But the police is trying to cover the case up and has made the Hindu family sing in their tune only.
  5. On January 2012, during evening, Manik Chandra (age 35), inhabitant of Nachni Gharoa area, Sub-disrict: Sundargunz, District: Rangpur became victims of wild attacks of Islamists. He was brutally murdered, after being kidnapped.
  6. On February 03, 2012, in the evening, Beguni Rabidas (age 60), residing in Balasighat area, Sub-district: Fulchari, was beaten to death by a few dreaded Islamists. A formal complaint, in this regard, has been lodged to the local police station.
  7. On January 29, 2012, at 12 pm, a young woman, Buddhist by religion, was kidnapped and subsequently raped by a gang of Islamists. All these took place in Manikchari area, Sub-district: Laxmichari, District: Khagrachari. Owing to administrative indifference and lack of approaches to nab the culprits fast, a deep resentment is rising among the tribal people.
  8. On December 22, 2011, at dead night, residence of Professor Ranjit Biswas, Hindu by religion, situated in Boalia Model Police Station area, Rajshahi District city, was attacked by Islamists. Apart from looting belongings worth 3 lakh taka, rest of the house was put on fire and all were razed.
  9. On December 15, 2011, at dead night, Sankhanidhi Temple of Hindus, located at No. 38 Tipu Sultan Road of Old Dacca, was desecrated and destroyed by Muslim criminals. At the moment, there is no remnant of the same even.
  10. On December 27, 2011, at dead night, Hindu businessman, Swapan Kumar Samaddar (age 25) was allegedly murdered by a nexus of police and Islamists at (close to police outpost) Kuralia bazaar area, Sub-district: Uzirpur, District: Barisal. As a mark of protest when local Hindus, in throngs, gheraoed the police outpost they were fired indiscriminately leading to the critical injury of 9 protesters. 7 policemen were also heavily injured due to the attack. Police fired 21 rounds to dispel the fiery mob of Hindus.
  11. On January 02, 2012, Dr. S M Yunus Ali, Principal of KC (Kolaron Chandipur) Technical and Business Management College, located at Sub-district: Jiyanagar, Distirct: Pirozepur, was arrested by police. His sole offence was to keep the controversial book “Lajja” of Taslima Nasreen in the college library.
  12. On December 26, 2011, in the night, the plan to poison the entire family of Pradip Das, a Hindu individual, inhabiting village: Magudanga, Sub-district: Keshabpur, District: Jessore, was foiled. The grievous plan was made by a handful of Islamists. However, five members of the family, at the moment, are in critical conditions in the hospital.

Source : East Bengal Eye

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