Govt. stops repairs of unauthorized construction near Afzal Khan’s tomb !

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Govt. stops repairs of unauthorized construction near Afzal Khan’s tomb !

April 7, 2012

Hunger strike withdrawn; but agitation would go on till unauthorized construction is demolished !

Vai (Maharashtra) :  Mr. Avinash Farande and Mr. Kashinath Shelar, the district and city-chief of BJP respectively had started hunger strike since last 3 days in connection with the unauthorized construction near Afzal Khan’s tomb. Mahabaleshwar’s Tehsildar Mr. Neelprasad Chavan issued orders to stop repair work of the said construction involving expenses of Rs. 22.00 lakhs.

Mr. Avinash Farande and Mr. Kashinath Shelar, the district and city-chief of BJP respectively withdrew their hunger strike as Vai’s Tehsildar Mr. Sunil Chandanshive and its zonal officer, Mr. Suraj Waghmare gave a promise, in writing, to take up the matter with District Collector of Satara on 12th April. They also announced that their agitation would be intensified till the construction is not demolished.  

Mr. Farande thanked all pro-Hindu organizations and media for supporting the hunger strike. Members of MNS, BJP, Pratapgad Utsav Samiti, Shivapratishthan and HJS were present in large numbers on the occasion.

Discussions to be held on 12th April between agitators, pro-Hindu activists and District Collector  on 12th April !

Mr. Dhananjay Desai, the founder of Hindu Swarajya Sena and his 60 workers supported the cause by going to the place of incident. Considering the increasing support received by agitators, round of discussion were held for 5 times on behalf of the Government and it was decided to hold discussions with the district collector and pro-Hindu activists on 12th April. Mr. Avinash Farande and Mr. Kashinath Shelar, the district and city-chief of BJP respectively, accepted lime water from Tehsildar Chandanshive and zonal officer Waghmare to break their hunger strike.   

Mr. Milind Ekbote, the President of Samasta Hindu Aghadi, Pujya Sambhajirao Bhide of Sree Shiva-pratishthan and the convener of Pratapgad Utsav Samiti and Smt. Vijayatai Bhosale were also present on the occasion.

Pro-Hindu ‘Sanatan Prabhat’ creates awareness !

During the hunger strike, ‘dainik Sanatan Prabhat’ boldly presented the side of Hindusim and exposed the injustice done to Hindus besides pro-Muslim attitude of the Government and created awareness among hundreds of Hindus. Mr. Milind Ekbote of Samasta Hindu Aghadi commnded ‘Sanatan Prabhat’ for the same and many pro-Hindu activists thanked ‘Sanatan Prabhat’.

Sanatan’s ‘sattvik’ products give spiritual strength at the venue of agitation !

Sanatan’s products like ‘sattvik’ udbatti, camphor and perfume was giving spiritual strength and divine energy during the hunger strike, said Mr. Kashinath Shelar and he asked for these products from Sanatan seekers. 

Source : Dainik Sanatan Prabhat

Fast unto death for demolition of unauthorized construction of Afjal khan’s tomb on Pratapgad

April 3, 2012

  • Hindu activists demand naming of the place as ‘Shivapratap Bhoomi’
  • Mr. Avinash Farande, district-chief of BJP and Mr. Kashinath Shelar, its city-chief undertake fast unto death

Hindu-hater Congress Govt. is ever ready to eliminate Hindus like the Mughals who killed Hindus !

Vai (Maharashtra) : The State Government has not been taking any action to implement the order passed by Supreme Court for demolition of unauthorized construction around Afzal Khan’s tomb at the footsteps of Pratapgad. Instead of demolishing the unauthorised construction, 12 policemen have been appointed for its protection. Besides, for the last two days, the administration has undertaken repair work of this unauthorized construction and rubbed salt into the wounds of Hindus. On behalf of BJP, fast unto death has been taken up in front of Tehsildar’s office at Vai from today. Mr. Avinash Farande, the district-chief and Mr. Kashinath Shelar, the city-chief of BJP have undertaken such fast unto death.   (Mr. Avinash Farande and Mr. Kashinath Shelar who have undertaken fast for protection of Dharma, are the real strength of Hindu Dharma ! – Editor SP)  

Pro-Hindu organizations have been fighting, in lawful manner, for demolition of unauthorized construction around Afzal Khan’s tomb on Pratapgad for many years. The High Court had also passed order on 15th October 2008 and 11th November 2009 for immediate demolition of unauthorized construction. The pro-Hindu activists had filed a case in Supreme Court against the State Government for not implementing High Court’s orders. Recently, the Supreme Court has ordered Maharashtra Government to immediately destroy the unauthorized construction; but instead of implementing the order, the Government is repairing this unauthorized construction. (Congress Govt. is paying no heed to the Court orders and is ready to go against the order leading to contempt of Court for appeasement of Muslims; thus the Govt. is instigating Hindus to revolt ! – Editor SP)

The fast has been undertaken for the demands that Court’s orders should be implemented demolishing the unauthorized construction, the area should be named as ‘Shivapratap Bhoomi’ in honour of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj as he had protected ‘Swaraj’ by slaying Afzal Khan.

Love for Afzal Khan and indifferencve towards Hindus of the coalition Govt. led by Congress !

A representation was submitted by BJP and pro-Hindu Organisations to the Zonal Officer Mr. Suraj Waghmare about a week back with the demand that the unauthorized construction around Afzal Khan’s tomb should be demolished within 7 days implementing Supreme Court’s orders and to honour religious sentiments of all Hindus.  Instead of taking any action, the Government undertook repair work; therefore, the pro-Hindu activists had to choose the path of fasting unto death. 

Source : Dainik Sanatan Prabhat

Afzal Khan’s aficionado Congress disregards Supreme Court’s orders !

April 1, 2012

Govt. takes up repair work of unauthorized construction around Afzal Khan’s tomb 

Pune (Maharashtra) : The order issued by the High Court to demolish unauthorized construction around Afzal Khan’s tomb on Pratapgad was recently upheld by the Supreme Court. Although it is a very recent order of Supreme Court, the State Government has taken up repair work of this unauthorized construction paying total disregard to the Supreme Court’s order. The above news has been published by ‘Dainik Saamna’. (Govt. does what it pleases although it is against the Supreme Court’s orders ! Congress Govt., which has become so helpless for the votes that it has no respect for Supreme Court, should be ousted ! – Editor SP)

Mr. Milind Ekbote of ‘Pratapgad Utsav Samiti’ has warned the Government to stop repair work of the unauthorized construction immediately and follow Supreme Court’s orders; else case will be filed against the Govt. for contempt of Court. A representation to the above effect has also been sent by him to the District Collector of Satara. Pro-Hindu activists are demanding that the construction should be demolished immediately.

Source : Daily Sanatan Prabhat

Demolish illegal construction around Afzal Khan’s tomb : Supreme Court

March 3, 2012

A ‘Slap’ in the face of Congress-NCP rulers appeasing Muslims !

SC dismissed petition filed by State Government to protect illegal construction

Mumbai : Muslims have built illegal construction on 5500 sq.ft. area around Afzal Khan’s tomb at Pratapgad fort in Satara District. Mumbai High Court (HC) had given order to demolish the illegal construction, but Maharashtra Government went in appeal against it in the Supreme Court. (Where was the need for the Congress Govt. to go in appeal to the Supreme Court against High Court’s order? Why Congress Govt. wants to protect illegal construction around Afzal Khan’s tomb ?) But as the Supreme Court (SC) has dismissed Maharashtra Govt.’s appeal; the Congress Govt. will have to demolish the illegal construction.

Mr. Milind Ekbote, a devout Hindu from Pune had filed PIL in Mumbai High Court against illegal construction around Afzal Khan’s tomb. A Bench of HC, comprising of Justice J.N. Patel and Justice Kathawala gave verdict as ‘The land around Pratap Gad belongs to Forest Department and is protected by Forest Protection Act. Such land owned by the Forest Dept. should not be used for any other purpose. Any other use of this land can be made only after taking permission of Special Commission appointed by Environment and Forest Department as per the directive given by the Supreme Court. Hence State Govt. should demolish the illegal structure immediately.’ The verdict by Mumbai HC was given on 15 October 2008.

Defeat of Maharashtra Govt. in the Supreme Court !

Maharashtra Govt. had not demolished even a single brick of the illegal structure, although it is more than 3 years after HC verdict. Hence Mr. Milind Ekbote appealed against the delay by State Govt. in Mumbai HC. At this time, Maharashtra Govt. surprisingly pleaded in HC that ‘We want to protect illegal construction around the tomb. We will approach the Supreme Court for this purpose.’ As per this stand, State Govt. filed petition in the Supreme Court. In this connection, the SC directed Maharashtra Govt. to file affidavit explaining the reasons behind protecting illegal construction. But Govt. was not able to submit satisfactory clarification in support of their stand to protect illegal construction around Afzal Khan’s tomb; therefore, SC Bench comprising of Justice D.K. Jain and Justice Anil Dave dismissed Maharashtra Govt.’s petition.

Source : Dainik Sanatan Prabhat

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