Fresh case filed against Maulana Kaleem Siddiqui arrested in conversion racket case

The UP Police has filed a fresh case against Maulana Kaleen Siddiqui of Phulat Madarsa based on a complaint by one Amit Prajapati from Charthawal, district Muzaffarnagar, Uttar Pradesh. In his complaint, the man accused Siddiqui and six others. Prajapati has claimed that Siddiqui not only converted him to Islam but also forced him to eat beef. He also said that he was offered Rs. 4 lakh for conversion. The Police have initiated a probe in the case under Conversion Act.

Prajapati said that in the year 2014, he met Haji Salim in a furniture showroom. Salim took him to Phulat Madarsa in May 2014. Maulana Kalim Siddiqui got him to recite Kalma and converted to Islam. He lured him with Rs. 4 lakh and a promise to marry him with the girl of his choice and converted him to Islam. Prajapati was given the Islamic name Abdullah after the conversion.

After the conversions, Prajapati said he was taken to Jamaat in Maharashtra. He stayed there for 40 days. He was taught to read Namaz and Kalma. He was later sent to Madarsa Deoband, where he learnt Urdu and Arabic languages. After that, he was asked to lure other young men and women into converting to Islam. He was given Rs. 4 lakh, which he used to buy a plot in Charthaval.

In his complaint, Prajapati said that Haji Salim, Dilshad, Zahid Mulla, Naushad Chhota, Yameen and Israr Pradhan came to meet him on October 25. They brought beef in a tiffin box and asked him to eat. When refused, the accused started abusing and beating him. They threatened they would kill him.

He further said in the complaint that Siddiqui and other accused also made a video of him in which he was forced to say objectionable thongs against other religions. According to Prajapati, the video is still there on Siddiqui’s YouTube channel Alkalam.

Police allegedly delayed action

According to a statement given to Amar Ujala, the victim has claimed that the Police delayed taking action against the accused despite the fact that Siddiqui has already been caught by ATS in the case linked to mass conversion in Uttar Pradesh. The victim said that the Charthwal Police Station kept the complaint suppressed for two days. It was after Hindu Jagran Manch raised voice against the delay that the Police came into action and assured a quick investigation.

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Conversion syndicate leader Umar Gautam’s son Abdullah arrested by UP Police ATS

November 8, 2021

The Anti-Terrorist Squad of Uttar Pradesh has arrested Maulana Mohammed Umar Gautam’s son Abdullah in connection with the alleged ISI-funded conversion racket having international links. While Gautam was arrested on June 20 this year, his son was arrested on Saturday (November 6) from Gautam Buddha Nagar.

Abdullah is alleged to have deep involvement in the conversion racket along with his father who along with other accused said to have converted over 1000 people. In a press statement, UP ATS has disclosed the charges on which Abdullah was arrested. “As per protocols, the arrested will be produced before the court. The foreign funding and the expenditure of funds as well as relation with other accused are some of the things that the police will interrogate Abdullah about, and for the same, is pleading the court for custody,” the ATS said in the statement.

The investigation has revealed that like his father, Abdullah had received huge funding worth Rs 75 lakh in his bank account out of which Rs 17 lakh was obtained through foreign fundings. Both have the same source of funding which was used for the purpose of religious conversion into Islam by luring people. The fund was distributed among converted people and to further attract non-Muslims for conversion. Abdullah also used to manage and run Al Farooqi Madrasa and mosque and Islamic Dawa Center (IDC), two fronts of Gautam to carry conversion racket. ATS has said that Abdullah was an important cog of this conversion racket and he was in direct touch with other accused of this case namely Jahangir Alam, Kaushar and Faraz.

The ATS so far has arrested 17 accused in this case including Gautam, his son, Maulana Kaleem SiddiquiRameshwar Kawade alias Adam, Arsalan alias Bhupriya Bando, Kaushar Alam and others. ATS has also established the flow of foreign funds worth Rs 57 Crore to the account of Gautam and his associates through hawala channels. ATS said that Al Hasan Education and Welfare Foundation of Gautam and Jamia Imam Waliullah of Kaleem Siddiqui received funds from the same sources. ATS traced sources of fundings to UK, USA and Gulf countries. Investigation so far has established Kaleem Siddiqui having received Rs 22 Crore through foreign funding for the purpose of conversion. It also claimed that Accused like Adam and Kaushar were spreading the ideology of Al-Qaeda.

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Illegal Islamic conversion racket in India had received Rs 150 crore in foreign funding : UP ATS

October 16, 2021

The Anti-Terrorist Squad (ATS) of Uttar Pradesh police investigating religious conversion scam by Islamic scholar Maulana Kaleem Siddiqui and others have claimed to have detected the flow of foreign funds worth Rs 150 crore for the racket. While the investigation is underway, the above fund detected so far was invested in the illegal religious conversion activities in India. The fund mainly originated from Gulf countries Bahrain, Britain, Turkey and others.

The ATS has partially disclosed foreign funding in a charge sheet submitted before the court of the chief judicial magistrate of Lucknow against Rameshwar Kawade, Kausal Alam, Bhupriyo Bando alias Arslan and Faraz Shah of Maharashtra. They are among 10 accused arrested by ATS for carrying illegal conversion to Islam in Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra, Karnataka and other parts of the country. ATS alleged accused were working in a syndicate for a systematic conversion to alter the demographic structure and to create communal ill-will.

According to a report, the fund was sent to Kaleem SiddiquiMaulana Umar Gautam and Salahuddin Zainuddin Sheikh. All three were arrested by ATS during the course of the investigation. Now the ATS is investigating background of organizations that provided funds to them.

Three organizations namely Islamic Dawah Centre, Fatima Charitable Trust and Al Hasan Educational & Welfare Foundation being run by Umar Gautam were used as fronts to receive foreign funds. In the last five years, Umar Gautam is accused to have received Rs 57 crore as foreign funds, out of which 60 per cent was used to run the conversion racket. Most of the fund was transferred by Britain based Britain-based Al Falah Trust. ATS said Kawade’s wife Maihasan Ali who is an Egyptian is a key foreign link of Umar Gautam.

The maulana who suffixes the Hindu name Gautam is himself a curious case of conversion. Born in 1964 a Rajpoot family in Fatehpur, he converted to Islam under influence of his Muslim friends while pursuing higher studies in agriculture science in Nainital in 1984. The trickiest and quick among the trio, in the last year he had converted around 1000 people, according to the ATS. He always targeted vulnerable people for conversion, told them his own story of a Thakur converting to Mohammedan as he hated caste-based discrimination of Hindu society.

Salahuddin Zainuddin Sheikh is a native of Vadodara who runs the American Federation of Muslim of Indian Origin. He had received Rs 28 crore in the last five years which he gave to Umar Gautam. Maulana Kaleem who runs many organizations like Jamia Imam Waliullah Trust has received huge foreign funds for religious conversion.

Notably, the Enforcement Directorate is also investigating them for alleged money laundering.

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UP ATS arrests close aide of Maulana Kaleem Siddiqui for carrying out illegal conversions

October 7, 2021

The Uttar Pradesh Anti-Terrorist Squad, probing the mass conversion racket, on Thursday arrested Sarfaraz Ali Zafri, a close aide of Islamic scholar Maulana Kaleem Siddiqui. The accused was arrested from the state’s Amroha district. According to reports, Zafri had been working very closely with Maulana Kaleem Siddiqui, accused of running India’s ‘biggest religious conversion syndicate’, and had been pushing several people into conversion since 2016.

The arrest was made after Maulana Kaleem Siddiqui, who is one of the biggest clerics from western UP, was arrested on charges of religious conversions by the state’s anti-terrorist squad last month.

IG, ATS, GK Goswamy revealed that they had received information about Sarfaraz Ali Zafri while interrogating Maulana Kaleem Siddiqui.

“Zafri used to work at Global Peace centre of Maulana Kaleem Siddiqui, who was arrested earlier. He was also member of Revert, Rehab, and Dawa WhatsApp Group through which his gang members spread religious hatred, induced people to adopt Islam by giving various kinds of inducements,” Goswamy said.

According to the ATS, Zafri is a Jamia Nagar resident who allegedly directed the activities of Kaleem’s Global Peace Centre, which was involved in religious conversion. According to the ATS, he also ran the Humanity for All organisation in New Delhi, which engaged in unlawful conversion under the pretext of social service.

Maulana Kaleem Siddiqui funded arrested Sarfaraz Ali Zafri, said Uttar Pradesh ATS

He lured potential converts by promising to assist them to find work, according to the report, which also stated that Kaleem used to fund Zafri. According to the police, he was also allegedly involved in obtaining foreign financing for unlawful conversion, as evidenced by data found from his cellphone.

Officials say those arrested so far have been charged under the Uttar Pradesh Prohibition of Unlawful Conversion of Religion Act, 2020, and the Indian Penal Code.

UP ATS conducts raids at premises of recently arrested Maulana Kaleem Siddiqui in Delhi

Yesterday, the Uttar Pradesh ATS had conducted massive raids at the premises of Maulana Kaleem Siddiqui who has been accused of running India’s ‘biggest religious conversion syndicate’.

Two residential and two commercial properties of prime accused Maulana Kaleem Siddiqui and his associates were searched in connection with the probe.

As per a press note issued by the ATS, incriminating evidence from desktops, tablets and documents has been seized from the raids conducted at several locations across the national capital.

Siddiqui’s residence as well as his organizations Global Peace Center and World Peace Organization located in Shaheen Bagh area of New Delhi were raided along with the residence of one Abdul Rahman.

Crores received through hawala

The UP ATS had initiated a massive investigative operation in June this year after the arrest of one Umar Gautam and his aide accused of mass conversions.

The duo ran an organization named Islamic Dawah Centre (IDC), along with their other associates, to mass convert people into Islam through inducements such as marriage, job, money and mental pressure.

They have also been accused of targeting differently-abled children to convert and use them as human bombs. Moreover, the investigation has also revealed the illegal foreign funding received by Gautam and his accomplices.

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UP ATS arrests 3 aides of Maulana Kaleem in illegal religious conversion syndicate

September 28, 2021

The Uttar Pradesh Anti-Terrorist Squad (ATS) on Sunday arrested three associates of Maulana Kaleem Siddiqui, who was arrested for allegedly running religious conversion syndicate across India. Those arrested by the ATS have been identified as Kunal Chaudhary, Mohammad Hafiz Idris and Mohammad Salim.

Last week, ATS arrested well-known Islamic scholar Maulana Kaleem Siddiqui from Meerut for allegedly running the “biggest conversion syndicate”, a police official had said.

A local court has remanded Siddiqui in judicial custody till October 5.

Siddiqui was arrested by the ATS, which is probing the racket, at around 9 pm on Tuesday and was brought to the agency’s headquarters in Lucknow after being produced in a court, Additional Director General (ADG), Law and Order, Prashant Kumar then said.

He was arrested three months after Delhi’s Jamia Nagar residents Mufti Qazi Jahangir Alam Qasmi and Mohammad Umar Gautam were apprehended by the ATS on June 20. Qasmi and Gautam were running the Islamic Dawah Centre, an outfit allegedly working on ISI funding for converting deaf-mute students to Islam, according to officials.

The ATS has so far arrested 10 people from different parts of the country in connection with its probe, Kumar said. Special Judge of the NIA/ATS court YR Gupta remanded Siddiqui in judicial custody till October 5 on Wednesday.

The ATS sought the custody of the accused.

Fixing the agency’s plea on September 23 (Thursday), the court summoned the accused from jail on that date.

The ATS has already forwarded a chargesheet against six of the 10 accused. The probe against four is pending.

Sub-inspector Vinod Kumar lodged the FIR in the case at the ATS police station on June 20.

Meanwhile, Samajwadi Party (SP) MP from Sambhal Shafiqur Rehman Barq said Siddiqui’s arrest was “wrong”.

“The BJP government has no work other than targeting and harassing Muslims,” he alleged.

Giving details of the racket, the ADG said it came to light during the probe that Gautam and one of his accomplices were given Rs 57 crore by UK-based Al-Falaa Trust, but the two did not give details of the expenditure.

Siddiqui’s involvement in the illegal conversion racket under the garb of running various educational, social and religious organisations was also found, the officer said.

“Foreign funding was received for this in a big way. Illegal conversion was being carried out in a planned and organised manner and many well-known institutions are involved,” he said.

Kumar said it also came to the fore that Siddiqui ran the “biggest unlawful conversion syndicate” and threatened and misled people for conversion and prepared them for “Dawah” (the act of inviting or calling people to embrace Islam).

The ATS found that he also runs the Jamia Imaam Waliullah Trust, which carries out illegal religious conversions in the name of running “communal harmony” programmes, the officer said.

A resident of Muzaffarnagar, Siddiqui cleared the Pre-Medical Test (PMT) after getting his BSC degree from Meerut, but instead of pursuing MBBS, he joined Nadwatul Ulema in Lucknow, Kumar added.

Siddiqui also funded madrasas and for this, he used to get huge amounts of money from abroad by illegal means, the ADG said.

For the purpose of conversion, Siddiqui’s self-written literature, which is available online as well as in print, was being given to people for free, he said.

He was propagating that only Sharia (Islamic law) could give justice to people, Kumar said.

“He used to emphasise that issues like triple talaq should be dealt under the light of Sharia,” he added.

Organisations that funded Gautam’s ventures also provided funds to Siddiqui’s Jamia Imaam Waliullah Trust, the officer said.

The probe unearthed that an amount of Rs 1.5 crore was transferred to the trust’s bank account illegally from Bahrain and evidence of funding to the tune of Rs 3 crore was also found, Kumar said.

He said six teams of the ATS are probing the case.

Earlier, a sign-language expert working in the Union Ministry of Child and Family Welfare was arrested by the ATS for his alleged complicity in the religious conversion racket, according to officials.

The deaf-mute sign-language expert was identified as Irfan Khwaja Khan, a native of Maharashtra.

The arrests made by the ATS in connection with the alleged conversion racket have also prompted the Enforcement Directorate to initiate a probe into foreign funding and money laundering.

Those arrested have been booked under the relevant sections of the Uttar Pradesh Prohibition of Unlawful Conversion of Religion Act, 2020 and the Indian Penal Code, according to officials.

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Maulana Kaleem Siddiqui wanted to target Brahmin and Kshatriya girls for conversion

September 24, 2021

An audio clip of the Islamic scholar Maulana Kaleem Siddiqui, who was arrested on charges of religious conversions by the Uttar Pradesh Anti-Terrorist Squad on Tuesday, September 21, has gone viral. In the audio clip, the Maulana admits that upper caste girls like the Brahmins or the Kshatriyas were the targets for the mass conversion syndicate he had been operating.

In the audio clip shared by Zee News, Maulana Kaleem said: “…isse pehle aaye the toh who bole ki choti jaat ke hain, agar ladki Brahmin ya Kshatriya ya phir koi badi jaat ki ho toh woh jam jaata hain” (…the ones who came before, belonged to the lower caste, its better if the girl is a Brahmin, Kshatriya or from any other upper caste). The Maulana added that he will do something once the lockdown opens.

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UP mass conversion racket : ATS arrests Maulana Kaleem Siddiqui for suspicious activities

September 22, 2021

The Uttar Pradesh Anti-Terrorist Squad on Wednesday made yet another arrest in the biggest conversion racket that was unearthed in June this year. Islamic scholar Maulana Kaleem Siddiqui, who is one of the biggest clerics from western UP, was detained on charges of religious conversions.

The 64-year-old Islamic scholar runs Jamia Imam Waliullah trust that funds several madrassas for which he received huge foreign funding, the police said.

Uttar Pradesh ADG (Law and Order) Prashant Kumar informed, “Investigation shows Maulana Kaleem Siddiqui’s trust received Rs 3 crores in foreign funding including Rs 1.5 from Bahrain.”

Siddiqui was on the radar of security agencies and was nabbed from Meerut last night. The police official further said that six teams have been formed to investigate the matter further. The Islamic scholar too is being interrogated by UP police.

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UP conversion racket accused used hawala money to fund terror in J&K, investigation under way

August 28, 2021

On Friday (August 27), the Vadodara police informed that one of the ‘UP conversion racket’ accused Salahuddin Sheikh has been involved in funding terror activities in Jammu and Kashmir. The development came hours after a Special Operations Group (SOG) of Vadodara police reached Lucknow with a production warrant from a local court.

As per reports, the Vadodara police have begun probing the terror funding angle after accused Salahuddin’s connections surfaced in Jammu and Kashmir. According to a senior police official, he diverted hawla funds to the Union territory for the past few years. “He was in touch with many people in J&K and hence we are investigating if the money he diverted was used for terror activities or creating unrest in J&K,” the official emphasised.

While speaking about the matter, Vadodara police commissioner Shamshee Singh added that Salahuddin Sheikh received ₹60 crores through hawala schemes and ₹19 crores through foreign donations. He pointed out, “We are conducting a detailed investigation of how the money was used and who all received the cash that Sheikh diverted…Hawala funds used to come via Dubai. They (accused) also received foreign donations from UK, USA & UAE via a trust. Accused also got 103 mosques built in 5 states. They also used hawala funding for anti-govt protests and have connections in J&K also”

Reportedly, the accused built 45 mosques in Maharashtra, 17 mosques in Madhya Pradesh, 3 mosques in Assam, 30 and 8 mosques in Rajasthan and Gujarat. Another police official informed that Salahuddin Sheikh used to run a school in Chhota Udepur to facilitate his money laundering activities. Sheikh’s name surfaced during the investigation, following which the cops found his bank accounts that were used in hawala transactions.

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Mass Conversion racket : Gujarat police reaches UP to arrest Umar Gautam and Salahuddin Sheikh

August 27, 2021

In a parallel investigation against the two accused, a team of Vadodara police from Gujarat has reached Uttar Pradesh to arrest Umar Gautam and Salahuddin Sheikh, the two accused in the UP forced conversion case. The two are currently lodged in a Lucknow jail after being arrested by UP Anti-Terrorism Squad (ATS) for running a racket of forceful religious conversions.

The duo reportedly was also involved in diverting funds of a charity organization for illegal religious conversions and to provide legal help to anti-CAA protestors, including those arrested in the Delhi riots.

A release issued by the Special Operations Group (SOG) of Vadodara police informed that a police team from Vadodara has reached Lucknow with a production warrant issued by a local court.

NGO received Rs 10 crore fund in 4 years

Salahuddin Sheikh was one of the six aides of Umar Gautam to be arrested. He was nabbed in a joint operation by the Gujarat and UP ATS in Gujarat in July.

Sheikh who is the Managing Trustee of AFMI Charitable Trust in Vadodara used to divert the foreign funds to Umar Gautam for religious conversions.

Reportedly, Sheikh’s NGO had received nearly Rs 10 crore in foreign funds in a period of four years during 2016-2021. The majority of the funds received by the Salahuddin’s NGO were from UK and America-based organizations.

A five-member Special Investigation Team (SIT) was constituted by the Vadodara police to conduct further probes into the matter. Registering an FIR against Sheikh on Tuesday, the police issued a press release divulging more information.

As per the release, Sheikh is said to have given Rs 6 crore to Umar Gautam for religious conversions and Rs 60 lakh as legal help to anti-CAA protestors arrested in connection with the Delhi riots.

The accused has also diverted Rs 7.27 crore to his network in Gujarat, Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh and Assam to build over 100 mosques in those states.

Police teams have been sent to those states to unearth the entire network, said the release.

Umar Gautam involved in mass conversions

Umar Gautam along with his aide Mufti Qazi Jahangir Qasmi was arrested by the UP ATS in the month of June this year. The two accused ran an organisation named Islamic Dawah Centre(IDC), along with their other associates, to mass convert people into Islam through inducements such as marriage, job and money and mental pressure.

They have also been accused of specifically converting deaf and mute children. The investigations revealed that Gautam converted 1500 children at a deaf and dumb school in Noida to Islam.

The two, and their organisation has been booked under Sections 420, 120 B, 153A, 153B, 295 and 511 of the Indian Penal Code and Section 3/5 of the Uttar Pradesh Prohibition of Unlawful Conversion of Religion Ordinance-2020.

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UP ATS makes three more arrests in Umar Gautam conversion racket case

July 18, 2021

The Uttar Pradesh ATS has arrested three more individuals related to the conversion racket involving Umar Gautam that was unearthed a few weeks ago. Consequently, UP ATS has arrested Prakash Kawre alias Adam, Kaushar Alam and Arsalan alias Bhupriya Bando on the 16th of July (Friday).

The three accused were arrested from Nagpur in Maharashtra and will be brought to Lucknow. The Police will approach the Court for custody. Appropriate action will be taken as per law.

As per UP Police, Adam was the focal point of the Maharashtra Network of the racket. He was constantly in touch with Umar Gautam and furthered conversion activities in the state. Adam’s wife is a citizen of Egypt and he was in touch with other Islamic majority countries, police say. According to the police, Adam has been involved with Islamic propaganda in the past.

Kaushar Alam was involved in conversion activities in Maharashtra and Karnataka. He handled the finances of the network among other things. Adam and Arsalan are both 29 years old, Kaushal alam is 50 years old.

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UP mass conversion : ED says accused Umar Gautam received foreign funds for illegal conversions

July 3, 2021

On Saturday (July 3), the Enforcement Directorate (ED) conducted raids at 6 locations in Delhi and Uttar Pradesh in connection to the high profile conversion racket run by Maulana Mohammad Umar Gautam.

The agency has said that it recovered several ‘incriminating documents’ during the raid. It has revealed that the racket of mass conversions was carried on a large-scale scale across the country by Mohammed Umar Gautam and his organisations. The accused had also received crores of foreign funds to further the forced conversions.

In a statement, the central agency informed, “ED has conducted searches at 6 premises located in Delhi and UP under the provisions of Prevention of Money Laundering Act, 2002. The Enforcement Directorate(ED) initiated Money Laundering investigation on the basis of FIR registered by ATS, UP on forced religious conversion under the provisions of the Indian Penal Code. In the said FIR, Mohd. Umar Gautam, his associate Mufti Qazi Jahangir Qasmi, and others were alleged for alluring people for conversion to Islam religion against financial support.”

It further added, “In this connection, today ED conducted searches at 6 premises in Delhi (3) and UP (3). The premises searched include the office of Islamic Dawah Centre (IDC), house of main accused Mohd. Umar Gautam and his associate Mufti Qazi Jahangir Qasmi, all located at Jamia Nagar in Delhi. The offices of Al Hassan Education and Welfare Foundation and Guidance Education and Welfare Society located at Lucknow and Sant Kabir Nagar respectively, have also been searched.

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UP mass conversion : NGO run by accused had received Rs 10 crore in foreign funding in 4 years

July 2, 2021

Salaluddin Sheikh Managing Trustee of AFMI

The Uttar Pradesh ATS, intensifying its search operations in the illegal mass conversion case, has made the sixth arrest. The accused Salahuddin Sheikh was nabbed in a joint operation by the Gujarat and UP ATS in Gujarat.

Sheikh who is the Managing Trustee of AFMI Charitable Trust in Vadodra, used to divert the foreign funds to Umar Gautam for religious conversions, as per a Desh Gujarat report.

Interacting with The Indian Express, a senior official of the Gujarat ATS revealed, “Accused Salahuddin Sheikh was arrested from Vadodara and produced before a court in Ahmedabad on Wednesday evening. We have received the transit remand till July 3 for the accused and he has been handed over to the UP ATS team, which will take him to Lucknow.”

UP ATS in a statement has informed that Sheikh confessed to knowing Umar Gautam and diverting hawala money to Umar to fund the religious conversion.

Sheikh had allegedly diverted Rs 30 lakhs to Umar Gautam, the founder of Islamic Da’wah Centre which is under scanner for illegal religious conversions.

Details of the funding

As per FCRA (Foreign Contribution Regulation Act) submissions, Sheikh’s NGO received nearly Rs 10 crore in foreign funds in a period of four years during 2016-2021 as per its.

As per the Desh Gujarat report, Salahuddin Sheikh’s NGO had received around Rs 4 crore directly from a foreign source during the financial year 2019-20. In 2018-19 AFMI received funds to the tune of Rs 2.75 crores while in 2017-18 the NG received over Rs 1.4 crores. A similar amount was donated to the NGO in the financial year 2016-17 which reflected to be around Rs 1.62 crores. However, the data for 2020-2021 is not clear as yet.

The majority of the funds received by the Salahuddin’s NGO were from UK and American based organizations- Zulekha Zinga Foundation (UK), Majlis Al Fatah Trust (UK), Gujarati Muslim Association of America (US), Firdous Foundation (UK), lkhar Village Welfare Trust (UK) and North West Relief Trust (UK).

These funds were allegedly being taken under the garb of maintaining hospitals and educating the poor. Some NGO listings website claim that AFMI Charitable Trust runs a 50-bed charitable hospital, provides monthly rations to widows and destitute and runs an English medium school in the tribal area of Chhota Udepur.

Gautam had close ties with hate speech peddler Zakir Naik and Bilal Philips

According to report published on Republic TV, Umar Gautam has links with fugitive hate speech peddler Zakir Naik and his close aide Bilal Philips, who in turn is associated with terror outfits such as Taliban and Hamas.

Source : OpIndia

UP conversion racket reaches Gujarat : Santosh went missing and returned as Abdullah

July 1, 2021

The tentacles of mass conversion racket, where people were allegedly forced, lured and coerced into conversion to Islam, have now reached Gujarat.

Three orphan brothers from Surat Gujarat, Rajesh Pandhare, Dinesh Pandhare and Santosh Pandhare, lost their parents when they were very young. While the three brothers were trying to adjust to the fact that they have to survive without any elder in the family, the conversion mafia in the state found a way into their house. As per a report published in Aaj Tak, they worked as labourers to fulfil their day-to-day needs.

Santosh went missing without a trace

In 2013, one day, Santosh left for work and never came back. He was only 16-years-old at that time. Rajesh and Dinesh tried to trace their brother but failed. As the time passed by, the hope of finding Santosh dimmed away, and the two brothers learned to live with the fact that they would never meet their brother again.

A call that changed their lives

Around 7-8 years later, Rajesh got a call from an unknown number. When he picked up the call, the caller identified himself as his younger brother Santosh. The two brothers saw a light of hope that their brother would finally reunite with them. However, the situation was a lot different from what they thought.

Santosh embraced Islam to become Abdullah

Over the call, Santosh informed his brother that he has converted to Islam, and his name is now Abdullah. He further told the brothers that he was happy with his life and wanted to stay where he was. He claimed he was living somewhere in Delhi and Saharanpur, Uttar Pradesh. He also sent a video of his place to Rajesh and Dinesh and told them a lot about the place he was staying in.

As per reports, he also expressed his desire to go to Kashmir.

The fight to bring Santosh back home

After learning about Santosh’s whereabouts and the story of his conversion, the two brothers could not stop themselves from trying to bring him back to Surat. They informed Surat Police about their brother and approached Hindu Organizations seeking support in the matter.

With the support of the Police Commissioner of Surat, Satish Sharma and then the crime branch team managed to bring Santosh back to Surat. Santosh was not pleased with what his brothers did. After coming back to Surat, he revolted against his brothers. According to reports, he even called some men to kill the brothers. Rajesh said that Santosh was a minor when he was lured to Islam when he was in Surat.

Role of Bajrang Dal in bringing back Santosh

Rajesh and Dinesh had approached Devi Prasad Dubey, convener of Bajrang Dal, for support in the matter. He helped them in approaching the police for support. Dubey told Aaj Tak that there is a conversion mafia active in Surat, and government must take action against them.

Speaking to OpIndia, Devi Prasad Dubey said the conversion mafia is targeting those who are orphans and marginalised. They lure them on the pretext of good food and a better lifestyle and ask them to convert to Islam, he said. On Santosh’s case, Dubey said, “The maulvi who converted Santosh was fearless to the extent that he offered Rajesh and Dinesh to convert to Islam. He told them that Islam is the only religion that can give them respect and a better lifestyle.” Dubey further added that the recordings of the conversation between Santosh and his brothers hinted that there was a plan to shift Santosh to Kashmir and then out of India.

Mass religious conversion racket

In a shocking revelation, two maulvis were arrested by Uttar Pradesh’s anti-terror squad (ATS) who were accused of converting at least 1,000 people to Islam, sometimes by luring, coercion or forcefully. The accused were later identified as Mufti Qazi Jahangir Qasmi and Mohammad Umar Gautam and were residents of Jamia Nagar in South Delhi. The two accused, who ran an organisation named Islamic Dawah Centre(IDC), along with their other associates, were charged for mass conversion of people into Islam through inducements such as marriage, job and money and mental pressure.

The rampant racket of converting people into the fold of Islam came to light after a deaf and dumb son of a couple in Kalyanpur, Kanpur, was converted and sent to South India. Since then, thousands of cases of forcible conversions to Islam by the two accused have surfaced. The two reportedly made false promises of jobs and money in lieu of conversion.

Source : OpIndia

UP conversion racket : Maulvi Umar Gautam, Qasmi had received Rs 2 crores from UK

June 28, 2021

The Uttar Pradesh ATS has intensified its probe into the illegal and forced mass conversions racket. It is now being reported that the investigation has exposed the trail of foreign funding to fuel illegal religious conversions in India. As per ATS, Rs 2 crore were diverted from the United Kingdom and misused by the prime accused Umar Gautam and Mufti Qasmi.

The ATS has informed that the bank account of a Gujarat-based businessman was used for these transactions. Inspector general of police, ATS, GK Goswamy informed, “Transactions to the tune of crores of rupees have been made from the UK into the accounts of a businessman in Gujarat, who is under our scanner. We are verifying the accounts.”

Elaborating on the matter, another official revealed that the transfer of Rs 2 crore was done from UK illegally, without following the guidelines. Also the account of a trust/society was used to make private transactions.

“Evidences show violation of the Foreign Exchange Management Act (FEMA), which is being probed. ED is also looking into it,” added the officer.

ATS officials said they were tracing the details of transactions from the Middle East countries to the accounts of the two accused. Additionally, an investigation is on looking into the properties owned by the arrested duo and identifying other accomplices.

School used as prime centre under scrutiny

Nurul Huda English School located in Fatehpur has been named as a prime centre used by Umar Gautam for his conversion activities. The NCPCR has demanded a report on the school in three days.

Over 50 students, teachers and administrative staff have registered their video statement. The police have also seized the CCTV footage of the school, however, footage of the prayer hall and classrooms have been found missing.

The UP ATS had earlier stated that the duo of Umar Gautam and Jahangir Qasmi had targeted women, underprivileged and differently-abled children for illegal conversions, to the extent of alienating many from their families and radicalizing them. Many have been converted with the lure of money too.

Several cases of hearing and speech impaired children at the Noida Deaf Society being converted to Islam at the behest of the conversion racket had also come to light. ATS had stated earlier that huge funds from foreign sources have been moved to sustain the conversion racket.

ATS takes Umar Gautam to 4 districts

The ATS on Saturday took the prime accused Umar Gautam and Mufti Kazi Jahangir Qasmi to four districts near NCR which they frequented for conversion purposes.

An ATS official informed, “We found documents of some individuals in NCR, who were forcefully converted. “Umar Gautam and Mufti Kazi Jahangir Qasimhad visited these areas several times. All these details are being scrutinised,” said the officer.

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Mass conversion racket : Umar Gautam reveals how they targeted non-Muslim girls from rural areas

JUne 26, 2021

Earlier this week, the Uttar Pradesh ATS busted a massive ISI-funded conversion racket after it arrested Maulana Mohammed Umar Gautam and his accomplice Mufti Qazi Jehangir from Delhi for allegedly forcing over 1,000 people to adopt Islam. The duo, who ran an organisation named Islamic Dawah Centre (IDC), along with their other associates, were charged for mass conversion of people into Islam through inducements such as marriage, job and money and mental pressure.

The two accused, who are in seven-day custody remand from Wednesday (June 23), are being interrogated by the ATS regarding their conversion programmes and their links with Pakistan’s ISI, among other things.

Now, according to a report by Hindi daily Amar Ujala, the ATS has confirmed that during their interrogation the duo has disclosed yet another modus operandi of their mass conversion racket. They have revealed that they targeted girls in the rural areas as they were easier to prey on.

The ATS recovered a list with names of 31 non-Muslim girls who fell into their conversion trap and most of these girls belonged to the rural areas. On questioning, the accused reportedly told the ATS officials that it was easier to brainwash girls living in villages into embracing Islam. They are mostly uneducated and belong to lesser privileged families. So it becomes easier to lure them with jobs and financial aids, which was what Umar Gautam exactly did to lure his target into embracing Islam.

Girls from rural areas were easier targets since they belonged to economically backward sections

After the revelation, ATS once again re-examined the list of 31 women recovered from the Islamic Dawah Center (IDC), the organization belonging to the conversion racket’s prime accused Mohammad Umar Gautam. According to ATS sources, after re-checking the list, it was found that as many as 12 out of the 31 girls who had fallen into the conversion trap were from rural areas.

Besides belonging to rural areas in Uttar Pradesh, there were women who belonged to villages of Jharkhand, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Guwahati. The gang members gauged the victim’s vulnerabilities and accordingly use it to their advantage to trap the victims and convert them to Islam. Since most of these rural girls belonged to the economically backwards class and were financially oppressed they became easier targets for Umar Gautam and his cartel.

Umar Gautam and Mufti Jahangir Qasmi may have received funding from terrorist Hafiz Saeed

Prior to this, the ATS has made several startling revelations in the case. According to Zee News, sources within the Uttar Pradesh police have confirmed that they suspect the conversion racket run by Mufti Qazi Jahangir Qasmi and Mohammad Umar Gautam had funding from India’s most wanted terrorist and Jamaat-ud-Dawah chief Hafiz Saeed. The Zee News report said that the Hafiz Saeed connection to the religious conversion case came to the fore during the interrogation of the accused.

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Fatehpur : Teacher says conversion racket leaders regularly visit her school to convert Hindus

June 25, 2021

The Uttar Pradesh police’s Anti-Terrorism Squad on Monday this week busted a country-wide religious conversion racket and arrested Mufti Qazi Jahangir Qasmi and Mohammad Umar Gautam.

Amidst all the startling revelations made in the case, it was revealed how the entire religious conversion racket was funded by some foreign organisations, Pakistan’s ISI and other Arab countries. It was brought to the fore how the duo had hatched a plan to first convert the hearing and speech impaired children into Islam and then use them as human bombs.

In fact, many victims’ families have come forward to narrate how they fell prey to this mass religious conversion racket. The father of a victim named Manu Yadav had alleged that he received a threat call on his son’s mobile number from Pakistan asking him not to cause hindrance in the conversion of his son.

Now, in another shocking revelation, a lady teacher named Kalpana Singh from Nurul Huda English Medium in Fatehpur, Uttar Pradesh, has revealed how Umar Gautam had visited the school she taught in with 20-25 other Maulanas in the year 2020, to brainwash them to adopt Islam.

Umar Gautam lured Fatehpur teacher promising financial support

Kalpana Singh, a resident of Bakarganj village in Airayan Block in Fatehpur district, Uttar Pradesh, claimed that the clerics lured students and the staff for conversion by promising financial support. Umar Gautam and his accomplice assured them that they would pull them out of poverty if they converted to Islam.

She revealed how Umar Gautam had pressurised her to convert to Islam by assuring her a better life after conversion. Umar Gautam had told non-Muslims like Kalpana that, unlike their Hindu religion, in Islam, financial support is provided to all the needy and destitute. He tried to convince Kalpana that all her financial woes would be taken care of if she agrees to get converted to Islam.

School management pressurised to teach young children Urdu and Arabic

The female teacher also disclosed how Umar Gautam, the prime accused in the Pakistan funded conversion racket, pressurised the school management to teach young students Urdu and Arabic in class. The school, in turn, started teaching Urdu and Arabic to children of lower and upper kindergarten classes, said Kalpana Singh. She names a teacher in the kindergarten classes who started teaching Namaz, in the pretext of teaching it to the Muslim students of the class. Kalpana said that since the non-Muslim students use to be present when the Namaz was being taught, they too started picking it up in bits and pieces and reciting it at home. Due to this, the parents of these children started complaining, recollected Kalpana Singh.

Based on the parent’s complaints, Kalpana Singh brought up the issue in front of the school management, requesting them to stop teaching Urdu and Arabic in the classes. But the school, in turn, threatened Kalpana and accused her of discriminating between Muslim and non-Muslim children. The management ultimately expelled her from her job.

After she was thrown out by the school management, Kalpana stated she filed a complaint in Fatehpur’s Sadar Kotwali against the manager of the school- Sharif Maulana and his son Umar Sharif, under IPC Sections 406, 504 and 506, however, the police took no action against the school management and with time the matter was swept under the carpet.

Kalpana Singh is one of the many who have been victims of this country-wide religious conversion racket spearheaded by Mohammad Umar Gautam. Since the Uttar Pradesh police’s Anti-Terrorism Squad busted a religious country-wide conversion racket this week, more and more victim’s families are coming out to share their plight.

As more and more revelations by the kin of the victims emerge, few aspects such as promising job and marriage to convert and the involvement of a foreign hand remain constant.

According to information available so far, the two prime accused, Mufti Qazi Jahangir Qasmi and Mohammad Umar Gautam and their organisation have been booked under Sections 420, 120 B, 153A, 153B, 295 and 511 of the Indian Penal Code and Section 3/5 the Uttar Pradesh Prohibition of Unlawful Conversion of Religion Ordinance-2020.

Md Umar and Jahangir Qasmi wanted to use converted, brainwashed differently-abled children as human bombs

The rampant racket of converting people into the fold of Islam came to light after a deaf and dumb son of a couple in Kalyanpur, Kanpur, was converted and sent to South India. Since then, thousands of cases of forcible conversions to Islam by the two accused have surfaced. The two reportedly made false promises of jobs and money in lieu of conversion.

Old videos surface in which Umar Gautam boasts of converting several people worldwide

Meanwhile, two old videos of Umar Gautam have surfaced before the UP Anti-Terrorism Squad (ATS), in which he openly boasts about converting several people to Islam. Along with the videos, the ATS is also probing his organisation Islamic Dawah Centre (IDC) and its link with Pakistan’s ISI.

Umar Gautam and his aide Jahangir Alam, both residents of Jamia Nagar in New Delhi, will be interrogated further about their claims in the videos and conversion programmes conducted by them and their links with Pakistan’s ISI during their seven-day custody remand that began on Wednesday (June 23).

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UP : ATS unearths religious conversion racket being operated as ‘motivation camps’, Zakir Naik link emerges

June 24, 2021

As the ATS has intensified the investigation in the mass conversion racket in Uttar Pradesh, shocking revelations have come to the surface. We reported earlier how the main accused Umar Gautam and his accomplice strategized to use the converted children as human bombs.

As the investigation progressed, it has now come to light that the mass conversion racket was being operated all across the state of Uttar Pradesh. Aditya (now Abdulla) from Kanpur, in the ATS investigation, revealed that he was talked into accepting Islam by a trainer who had visited his school for deaf a year ago. One Mohammed Wasif had contacted him through Messenger and Telegram. Abdulla revealed that he used to receive religious Islamic videos on Instagram to motivate him to convert.

In hours-long investigations led by an ATS and two state teams assisted by a sign language expert, Abdulla revealed that he finally decided to convert to Islam when he was promised a job and marriage. He also received a conversion certificate.

Abdulla was given a target to convert other children

Abdulla was then given a job in Kerala by his masters. He was given a target to convert other deaf and mute people like him especially from the northern belt like Delhi and Haryana who resided in Kerala.

Radical Islam classes conducted in Halim Muslim College

Abdulla during the investigation revealed that Halim Muslim College in Chamanganj hosted ‘motivational’ classes every Sunday to radicalize the deaf and mute people who wanted to or had converted to Islam.

As per a report, the perpetrators of the conversion racket turned these converts into agents in the lure of money. These agents then assigned to attract people to the alleged ‘motivation’ camp for which they were paid Rs 5000. Upon conversion, the agents were paid anywhere between Rs 20,000 to Rs 25,000.

Abdulla’s mother revealed that he was contacted by a dumb and mute youth named Wasif who ran one such ‘motivation’ camp. The agents of this camp would force young Hindus to attend the classes and then convert to Islam.

The ATS is now trying to identify the motive to convert deaf and mute children to Islam and establish a possible terror link. Abdulla also revealed that he knows of another such person who will soon be converting to Islam in Aligarh. The Aligarh police have been alerted about the matter.

Father of one NDS student also points out at Wasim

As per a Times of India report, the father of one of the NDS students, who was allegedly converted, informed that his son had come home for a few days in April. He informed that his son was staying with a person named Shakeel from Faridabad. Shakeel, he said had introduced him to a Wasim who plausibly influenced his son into converting to Islam.

The mother of another converted student also revealed that her son after studying at NDS for four years had gone to a local school in Kanpur. She revealed since then her son used to hide his phone, talk to someone in whispers over call and keep his phone double locked.

NDS ruled out conversion at their premises

While the NDS founder Ruma Roka said that they found the records of Shakeel who studied with them in 2011-12 for a short while, they have no records of Wasim. They also asserted that some of the affected students were from their 2010-11 batch when the school had no hostel and were possibly contacted by the perpetrators outside the school premises.

Plan laid out by a NDS teacher

The investigation being carried out by the ATS has repetitively revealed the role of the Noida Deaf Society which is now being considered as the main link. It is being reported that the entire plan was hatched by a Muslim teacher of the NDS who excessively preached about Islam to the deaf and mute students.

Abdulla’s mother revealed that this teacher had also visited Kanpur for a short while. However, his suspicious actions and promotion of Islam led to a complaint against him. The search for the teacher is on.

Zakir Naik connected to the conversion racket

As per an India Today report, Islamic Dawah Centre- Umar Gautam’s organization was in touch with infamous Islamist preacher Zakir Naik’s aide.

The investigation led by the ATS is also trying to establish the funding links to ascertain the motive of the Islamic Dawah Centre run by Umar Gautam and his accomplice.

Plans to use converted children as human bombs

We reported earlier how on Umar Gautam and Qasmi’s plan to first convert the hearing and speech impaired children into Islam and then use them as human bombs. The perpetrators brainwashed the differently-abled children into hating non-Muslims, accepting Islam and were planning to use them as suicide bombers as the scope of retaliation from such children is limited, informed a senior official.

Source : OpIndia

UP CM Yogi Adityanath invokes NSA against Noida mass conversion accused

June 22, 2021

After the mass conversion racket was busted in Uttar Pradesh, Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has instructed the agencies to invoke National Security Act (NSA) against the accused.

He has also instructed to book the accused under Gangster Act. The state government has directed the authorities to start the process of confiscating the properties of those who are accused of the conversion racket.

Links emerged to the Dasna temple incident

During the investigation, it was revealed that Kashif and Ramzan, who conspired to attack the priest of Dasna temple, are linked to Salimmuddin, resident of Sector 12, Vijay Nagar. He is Guru of Vipul Vijayvargiya, who had entered the temple premises with his brother-in-law Kashif.

In 2015, Salimmudin converted Vipul and gave him the name Ramzan. In 2019, Ramzan got married to Kashif’s sister. Police have arrested Salimuddin after his name came up during the interrogation of Kashipur Ramzan. Salimuddin is also linked to Umar Gautam.

It is pertinent to note that on May 2, sevadaars of Dasna Mandir, Ghaziabad, caught two men identified as Vipul Vijayvargi and Kashif on suspicion of carrying out the assassination attempt on Mahant Yati Narsinghanand.

Kashif had told the Police that he came in contact with Vipul on Facebook three years ago. When Police asked the reason for staying in touch on Facebook, he said it was just a normal friendship. Vipul claimed that he wanted to meet the famous priest of Dasna Mandir.

As per reports, the duo entered the temple at around 8:30 PM. They had a bag that was allegedly not checked by the Police at the gate. The sevadaars of the temple raised concerns over their activities in the temple premises. When they stopped and checked their belongings, they found three surgical blades and some powder. The reports suggest that that powder was a poison. Dasna Priest had also claimed that the powder was cyanide.

Umar Gautam and Jehangir received funds from Pakistan’s ISI for illegal conversions, arrested by UP ATS

On June 21, UP ATS arrested two men identified as Umar Gautam and Mufti Qazi Jehangir involved in illegal religious conversions. According to police, women and physically challenged children were their targets. The duo was arrested from the Jamia Nagar area in Delhi.

As per reports, Umar Gautam, who himself is a covert, revealed that they converted around 300 people every year. During interrogation, he also revealed that their main target was the economically weaker section of the society, including women, children and the disabled.

They were also getting the women married so that they do not return to their original faith. He confessed to having converted over 1,500 children at school for the deaf and mute in Noida on the pretext of employment and money. A case was registered by ATS under Sections 419, 420, 295A, 505 and 506 of the Indian Penal Code. During the investigation, police found that they were using Islamic Dawah Centre located in Delhi whose main function is to convert people to Islam.

Source : OpIndia

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