Telangana : Complaint against IPS officer RS Praveen Kumar for his Hinduphobic activities

Senior Telangana IPS officer RS Praveen Kumar has courted a massive controversy after being caught in a video asking children to take an oath, pledging that they would not follow any Hindu rituals and traditions future.

A video of RS Praveen, currently the secretary of Telangana Social Welfare Residential Educational Institutions Society (TSWREIS), has gone viral on the internet where he was seen taking oath along with several people strongly affirming their disbelief in the existence of Hindu deities and their traditions.

The Hinduphobic act of a serving police officer has created a massive uproar on the internet, who accused Kumar of promoting anti-Hindu propaganda among students. This shocking came to light during the ‘Swaero Holy Month’ ceremony that he launched at the famous Buddhist shrine at Dhulikatta in the Peddapalli district of Telangana.

A video clip of the said function was circulated in social media showing Praveen Kumar and others taking this anti-Hindu pledge.

“I do not have faith in Gowri, Ganapathi or other Hindu gods. I will not worship them. I do not accept the concept of avatars of God. I will not do Sraadha Karma, nor do Pinda Daan. I will not do anything that is against the principles and teachings of Buddha. I will not consume alcohol. I do not believe in Rama, Krishna. I will not worship them,” Praveen Kumar dictated the oath to those innocent children.

Reportedly, the TSWREIS was set up by the Telangana government in 2014 to provide quality education to needy and deprived children and administer the various schools, colleges, and hostels run by the Telangana state government.

Praveen Kumar perpetuates anti-Hindu propaganda, corrupts minds of children: Activist group

According to the activist group – Legal Rights Protection Forum (LRPF), RS Praveen Kumar has been perpetuating anti-social activities by promoting the anti-Hindu ideology and corrupting the minds of children studying in schools/hostels run under the aegis of Telangana Social Welfare Residential Educational Institutions Society (TSWREIS).

In a complaint to Jitendra Singh, Union Minister of Personnel, Public Grievances and Pensions and the Department of Personnel and Training, the LRPF has alleged that Praveen Kumar had initiated a movement called SWAEROES or (Social Welfare AEROES), which is indulging in highly enraging anti-social activities by poisoning the minds of little children and the society at large in the name of upliftment of poor SC students and providing quality education.

“Such dubious activities in the name of welfare must stop, and punitive measures must be adopted to bring such state actors working in a non-stately actor fashion to Justice in the larger interest of public peace and maintenance of Law & Order”, the complaint stated.

“By taking the names of Gods and Goddesses belonging to a particular religion, Mr Praveen Kumar ― who is serving as an IPS officer and holding the responsible chair as Secretary to Telangana Social Welfare Residential Schools department schools, being in a highly decisive, authorized public bureaucrat ― is openly spreading hatred against other religions in an uncalled-for gesture”, the LRPF complaint read.

The complaint further alleged that RS Praveen Kumar has been continuing in the same position and department for more than seven years of long period which is a contravention to the general practice of Department of Personnel & Training. Besides this, he was recently promoted as Additional Director General of Police without having any experience in serving as a full time Police Officer, the letter added.

Police officer has taken control of govt funds in the name of SWAEROS, says complaint

Incidentally, ‘SWAEROS’ is a campaign launched by Praveen Kumar during his tenure as the Telangana Social & Tribal Welfare Residential Educational Institutions Society secretary. The ‘Swaero Holy Month’, also called Bheem Deeksha, is a month-long event marked by reading Dr BR Ambedkar’s works and other such activities.

The oath draws inspiration from the pledge taken by Dr BR Ambedkar upon his conversion to Buddhism at Deeksha Bhoomi in Nagpur, Maharashtra, in 1956.

The letter also stated that Praveen Kumar and SWAEROES have “reportedly taken complete control of hundreds of taxpayer-funded, government-run educational institutions”. The complaint said that as part of the Buddhist teaching forced upon them, children’s heads are regularly tonsured and that they are sent home with cleanly shaved heads.

YSRCP MP Raghu Rama Krishna Raju’s allegations against RS Praveen Kumar and his SWAEROES activities

According NewsBharati report, MP Raghu Rama Krishna Raju (AP’s ruling YSR Congress Party) has also raised his voice against PV Sunil Kumar IPS’ Ambedkar India Mission (AP) & RS Praveen Kumar IPS’ SWAEROES (Telangana) Activities. It his letter to the President of India, the MP has demanded stringent administrative action against RS Praveen Kumar, IPS for openly spreading hatred against one particular religion.

By taking the names of Gods and Goddesses belong to a particular religion the religion, Praveen Kumar who is serving as an IPS officer and holding responsible chair as Secretary to Telangana Social Welfare Residential Schools department schools, being in a highly decisive, authorized public bureaucrat openly spreading hatred against other religions is an uncalled for gesture. “There are allegations that SWAERO volunteers are abusing and even kidnapping the minor girls belonging to the SW hostels. In additions to that they also threaten the principals and teaching staff not to raise any complaint against them and organisation’s activities. They even threaten any person who ever question SWAERO activities”, the letter to the president read.

In addition, they perpetrate to anti Hindu activities like tonsuring the children, inmates’ heads without getting parental permission. “This is done as part of Buddhist preaching forced on the minor children. They brainwash the children with anti-Hindu propaganda, which fills hatred towards their ancestral faith, traditions and civilisation. The Christian preachers have free access into the concerned hostels and schools. Anti-Hindu literature like the ones written by Kancha Iliaha is vastly distributed to the students. The parents of these children are shocked to learn of these things when children come home for holidays”, it added.

The Central Civil Services (Conduct) Rules, 1964 GENERAL 3(1) (xviii) says: “Every Government servant shall at all times refrain from doing anything which is or may be contrary to any law, rules, regulations and established practices”. The conduct of RS Praveen Kumar IPS in setting up SWAEROES organisation and carrying on hate and divisive propaganda is clear contravention of Rule No. 4 (2)(3) of Central Civil Service (Conduct) Rules 1964

Attacks against BJP leaders by SWAEROS members

Several Hindu organisations, including BJP leaders, protested against Praveen Kumar and his ‘Swaeroes’ for propagating anti-Hindu propaganda by using state funds. Telangana BJP leaders and VHP members have accused Praveen Kumar of cultivating sentiments against the Hindu religion through the Swaero movement among students of the Telangana Social & Tribal Welfare Residential Educational Institutions.

Following the serious allegations, the members of Swaeroes attacked state BJP President Bandi Sanjay Kumar with rods and stones near Koada in Telangana. The members of Swaeroes attacked Sanjay Kumar and damaged his vehicle for voicing his protests against the anti-Hindu propaganda on Praveen Kumar.

The BJP leaders alleged that Praveen Kumar and members of Swaeroes had led the attack against Karimnagar MP in a planned manner with iron rods, sticks and stones when he was travelling from Huzurnagar to Hyderabad. The attackers have damaged the windows of the car in which Sanjay Kumar was travelling.

The controversial cop Praveen Kumar issued a statement saying Swaeroism is an inclusive ideology, where people of all religious faiths are working for the liberation of the poor from poverty. However, he did not condemn any violence against BJP leaders.

“Swaero Network has people with all religious beliefs in it, and we take the best from all religions, and we don’t teach any prejudice against any religion both in our homes and in workplaces and celebrate all festivals. We work for a just and equal society in the country only through education, health awareness, scientific thinking and economic empowerment, not through hatred,’  the statement said.

Meanwhile, the Hindu organisations have demanded that the state government transfer him from his current post.

Source : OpIndia

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