There was never any doubt that ‘seculars’ were behind the Delhi riots

By Abhishek Banerjee for OpIndia

It was always a matter of common sense. The eyes of the world are upon us. Delhi is all set to welcome the President of the United States. Then, the evening before his scheduled arrival, riots break out in the capital. Thick clouds of smoke rise high above the city as the world media watches.

The US President finishes his visit and his plane takes off. The violence stops. As if someone has pulled a switch.

You don’t even need to ask who was behind the violence. Anyone with common sense would know that this could only have been done by opponents of Prime Minister Modi, trying to embarrass him in front of the world.

But in this case, common sense was facing two powerful enemies: brazen shamelessness of the liberal ecosystem and their overwhelming vice like grip over global media outlets. And thus was born the smear against Hindus, especially the Hindu right, of engineering riots in Delhi. Some went so far as to call it “genocide.”

From Day 1, this was an open and shut case. It was obvious who had the motive. There were viral videos of stones and petrol bombs thrown from the houses of ‘secular’ leaders. Legions of police and media persons later thronged their homes to see their inventory of acid, stones, rods, petrol bombs and assorted riot ammunition.

We had not one or two people, but entire localities pointing fingers at who killed IB employee Ankit Sharma. On TV channel after TV channel. We had the dead body of Ankit Sharma, recovered from the gutter, with injuries too many to count.

And yet the smear continued. They called Hindus the worst of names, starting with Nazi.

Now we even have a confession from Tahir Hussain.

In his confession, Tahir Hussain has also named people such as Khalid Saifi and Umar Khalid as well as the PFI.

The liberal ecosystem was ahead here as well. They had started raising the pitch over Khalid Saifi a while ago, highlighting the fact that he has a wife and kids. The familiar template, from “headmaster’s son” to “math teacher” to “video game player.” Whenever a ‘secularist’ is accused of a crime, go find some small human aspect of his life that a common person can relate to.

In a world where Osama bin Laden is remembered as “husband and father” and ISIS chief Baghdadi is remembered as “austere religious preacher,” creating sympathy for small fry like Khalid Saifi is no big deal for liberal media.

And therefore, no matter how many facts pile on, the insane global liberal narrative around Delhi riots continues. They don’t have motive, witnesses, physical evidence, confessions, anything to put the blame of Hindus. But they have friends in powerful places and that is what counts.

If control over media is one pillar of the liberal narrative, brazen shamelessness is the other. Almost exactly five years ago, as many as 15000 people from the secular community gathered in the heart of Mumbai to pay last respects to terrorist Yakub Memon. They did it with the whole world watching: a public celebration of one of the worst terror attack in India’s history.

As counter-intuitive as it may seem, the brazenness works in their favor. In terms of public perception. If you can tell a lie, so many times and so brazenly, looking people in the eye, with no trace of confusion or regret, they will start believing you. So bringing 15,000 people to the streets to support Yakub Memon is perverse, but it works. Especially in the court of global opinion. Not everyone in America knows intimately about events in India. Whoever speaks with more confidence has a chance of being believed.

Did you know that the term “conman” is actually short for “confidence man?” The oldest references are to a New York man in the 1840s who would walk up to people on the street and politely ask for their watch. He never snatched anything. They gave it to him. It was art, really.

That’s who the modern liberal is. They lie to you with such amazing confidence that you start believing in them.

There is only one way to stop the confidence man. It’s common sense. So unplug yourself from the silly narratives about Delhi riots. And just ask yourself: who had the motive?

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