Anti-Hindu book ‘Godse’s children : Hindutva Terror in India’ published

Bhadrapad Krushna 14, Kaliyug Year 5113

To cover up for ‘jihadi’ terrorism, anti-Hindu writer Subhash Gatade spreads ideological terrorism by making much ado of so-called Hindu terrorism

So-called commentary on Hindu terrorism: book titled ‘Godse’s children : Hindutva Terror in India’ published

New Delhi: Recently a book titled ‘Godse’s children : Hindutva Terror in India’ commenting on so-called ‘Hindu terrorism’ was published in New Delhi. The book has been authored by Mr. Subhash Gatade and published by ‘Ferro’s Media’. (Presently, there are many Hindu-haters who are talking or writing on ‘Hindu or saffron’ terrorism as the subject is sure to draw publicity and one of them is Subhash Gatade ! Hindus must protest, in lawful manner, against such Hindu –haters who are engaged in mud-slinging. – Editor SP)

Points spreading venom against Hindus in the book

1. More than 12 terrorists organizations associated with RSS have spread ‘Hindu terrorism’. (There is not a single incident in India where it is proved that Hindus are spreading terrorism. The cases, wherein names of Hindus are involved, are currently sub-judice. In the case of Gadakari Rangayatan blast, anti-Terrorists’ Squad (ATS) presented false evidence to make Hindus look like terrorists. The Judge has also admonished the concerned in the above case. Even then, by making such commentary on so-called ‘Hindu terrorism’, Mr. Gatade has exhibited his Hindu hatred. – Editor SP)

2.  The Chief of Maharashtra’s ATS exposed the activities of these (pro-Hindu) terrorists organizations that called Muslims as terrorists fallen prey to Hindu terrorism. (It appears that the book has been written by Gatade with the intention of branding Hindus as terrorists and appeasing ‘jihadis’. Hindus face more danger from people like Gatade who are terrorists at ideological level than the ‘jihadi’ terrorism trying to eliminate Hindus. Hindus should, therefore, unite and face such people. – Editor SP)

Lot of venom has been spitted in the book against the root of Hindu terrorism, its foreign connection and growth, its ideology, terrorists attacks by pro-Hindu organizations and investigations taking place at snail’s pace etc. Earlier in the year 2009, ‘Ferro’s Media’ had published a book titled ‘Who killed Karkare’. (This clearly shows that the publishing company is anti-Hindus. All Hindus should boycott the books published by such company. – Editor SP)

Source: Daily Sanatan Prabhat

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