Customer buys Bhagwat Purana, Amazon seller also sends a Hinduphobic book as a ‘special gift’

An Amazon user has alleged that a seller-Vishv Books, Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh, has been fuelling anti-Hindu sentiments by sending a copy of a book denigrating the ordered Shrimad Bhagwat Mahapuran as a “special gift” along with the holy scripture.

The user took to Twitter to expose the Hinduphobia exhibited by the seller for anyone who wished to buy a copy of the holy Hindu scripture. The user had ordered Shrimad Bhagwat Mahapuran on Amazon from the aforementioned seller. However, the seller dispatched two items in the order.

Along with the ‘Shrimad Bhagwad Mahapuran’, a copy of “How irrelevant is Bhagwat Puran” marked as a “special gift” was also sent by the seller. The user has stated that the book packaged as “special gift” by the seller was a book written to denigrate the Bhagwad Puran and was meant to discourage the buyers from reading the Hindu holy book. The book also carried a survey card seeking readers’ views about the book and if they would be willing to more books from the seller, Vishv Books. The user had accused the bookseller of mocking the Hindu faith by unsolicitedly sending such a book that denigrates the Bhagwat Puran as ‘irrelevant’ and hurting the religious sentiments of the adherents.

Condemning at the seller, the user asserted that nobody has a right to impose what others should be reading and if the book gifted is worth reading, then it should be sold on the website and not bundled as a freebie along with the Hindu scripture. The Amazon user has also sought a response from the organisation by mailing about the unprincipled practices employed by the seller and has sought a clarification on the communal bias espoused by it.

This is not a one-off occurrence of the seller sending a book mocking the Hindu faith and its scriptures. The said customer shared that according to a review available on Amazon from 2019, another customer had raised his grievances against the aforesaid seller for sending a book that denigrated the Hindu scripture and which served to spread negativity about the faith and the holy book- Shrimad Bhagwat Mahapuran.

Amazon India sends Bible even when customer never ordered one

Earlier in 2017, netizens were shocked when a Twitter user had shared that Amazon India has sent her a copy of the Bible even when she had not ordered it from the online marketplace. The user, Yogini Deshpande, claimed that she had ordered a JNU book on Amazon India. But, instead of her ordered book, she received a copy of the Bible.

Strangely, the tags on package claimed that it was a book sent by the same publisher — Hindi Sahitya Sadan — but the book (Bible) was published by another publisher named The Bible Society of India, having its office in Bangalore.

After Yogini took to Twitter to inform how she had received a copy of Bible on ordering a JNU book, several Twitter users claimed to have received a Bible instead of their regular orders placed on Amazon.

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