Expressing views on Hindu Rashtra is a constitutional right of Hindus : Ramesh Shinde, HJS

The third day of North and East India Hindu Convention being held at Varanasi

Varanasi (Uttar Pradesh) : Indian citizens are given freedom to practise their own Dharma and to follow their ways of worshipping in the preamble of India’s Constitution. Indian citizens have right to propagate Dharma as per Article 25 and have right to express their views on the same as per Article 19. As such, Hindus expressing their views on Hindu Rashtra in India is in accordance with their Constitutional right, stated Shri. Ramesh Shinde, national spokesperson of Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS) while speaking on the topic of ‘the basic views on establishing Hindu Rashtra’ on the third day of North and East India Hindu Convention being held at ‘Smruti Lawn’ in Ashapur area.

Representatives of different pro-Hindu organizations expressed their fiery thoughts on topics like oppression of Hindus, Hindu unification and importance of Hindu Rashtra. Blessings through a message conveyed by ‘Pujya’ (Dr.) Shivanarayan Sen, the Editor of periodical ‘The Truth’ and President of ‘Shaastra-Dharmaprachar Sabha’ from Kolkata on the occasion was also read out.

Shri. Ramesh Shinde said further, “Prabhu Shriram made us realize the importance of motherland. After defeating Lanka when Lakshman said to Rama that they had won Lanka of gold so where was there any need to go back to Ayodhya. “Prabhu Shriram had replied that his motherland was more close to him than Lanka of gold. The thought of Hindu Rashtra is not of any political party or organization. It is an ancient, noble and ideal way of governance. A country is made of directions. Nation is made from our sentiments, our ancestors and our culture. India can be a country but Hindu Rashtra will only be Bharat.

One can buy nationality of a country; but loyalty to a nation is different as it has to be felt from within. We need to motivate even others to do something for the nation, instead of doing it single handedly. There is not a single country in this world which is run as per demands of minority community in that country. We need to change this situation. ‘One Bharat, one Law’ should be followed and Indian laws should be abided for staying in this country.”

‘Hindutva’ needs to be protected in Nepal ! – Shri. Ajay Singh, World Hindu Federation

Shri. Ajay Singh, the President of ‘World Hindu Federation (WHF)’ said while speaking on the topic of need for Hindu unification at international level and its challenges, so also about activities related to Hindu unification by WHF, “Maoists and Christians are oppressing Hindus in Nepal. Population of Hindus has come down to 80 % from 92% in Nepal. It has been observed on studying this issue that Hindus are being converted to Christianity on large scale. We have to therefore, protect ‘Hindutva’ if we want to save Hindus from this situation.”

Try to include businessmen known to you in the mission of establishing Hindu Rashtra ! – ‘Pujya’ Pradip Khemka, Conference of businessmen

While giving guidance on uniting businessmen through the medium of conference of businessmen for establishing Hindu Rashtra, ‘Pujya’ Pradip Khemka said, “Work of any organization cannot be handled by just one or two persons. Everyone needs to be associated with the same. Advocates were brought together by connecting other advocates to the mission; similarly, now, we will have to join the drive of uniting businessmen. Try to associate devout Hindu businessmen known to you, to this mission and unite them. Activists of HJS have all the necessary material available with them for unification of businessmen. Your valuable participation to this mission will be inspirational for establishing Hindu Rashtra.”

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