Resurgence of Hinduism: Dr Subramanian Swamy’s Plan, now and future

To revive Hinduism, make Sanskrit Nation’s identity, rewrite History and be proud of it: Dr. Subramanian Swamy

Upendra Bharti | HENB | Margao :  Amid the ‘one nation, one language debate’ sparked by Union home minister Amit Shah’s push for Hindi as a common language, BJP Rajya Sabja MP Subramanian Swamy  on Sunday said that a revival of Hinduism would be possible only when Sanskritized Hindi becomes synonymous with the nation’s identity and civilisation, and Hindu Culture and Sanskrit revived.

“That is our goal. And only then will the task of resurgence of Hinduism be accomplished,” Swamy said while delivering a talk on “Resurgence of Hinduism” at packed Ravindra Bhavan, Margao on Sunday. Pointing out that almost all Indian languages contain Sanskrit words, Swamy said, “There should definitely be one language in our country which everybody should speak, but the language of the judiciary and the proceedings of the court should take place in Sanskrit in coming days even after 50 yrs later.”

He emphasized that the Indian Constitution mentions the importance of Sanskrit.

“The Constitution says, Hindi should be our link language, but it also says Hindi terminology should be derived from Sanskrit and written in Devnagari script. Because Hindi has so many Urdu words, that a South Indian may not understand it,” he claimed.

Swamy, who is also the Global President of Virat Hindustan Sangam, delivered his hour-long talk in chaste Hindi.

The re-establishment of ancient Hindu temples was also imperative for the resurgence of Hinduism, Swamy added.

He identified three temples to be rebuilt as an “immediate task” – the Ram temple at Ayodhya, Krishna Janmasthan temple at Mathura, and Kashi Vishwanath temple in Varanasi, though he said he had a list of 40,000 temples to be re-established.

Swamy said that the varna system in Hinduism was not determined by one’s caste at birth, but by the virtues and ideals one practised in life, the highest traits being those of knowledge and sacrifice (gyani and tyagi), is to be called as Brahmins. Asserting that the roots of various civilisations could be traced to Hinduism, Swamy said, “The DNA of all other religions is identical to that of Hinduism; we are all one.”

Dr Subramanina Swamy also gave importance to rewrite the history in the right light to inspire the people of India as they were found victorious against Mughals and British whether those courageous struggles were fought by Vijayanagaram kings over 300 years, by Ahoms years after years, by Marathas, by Sikhs and lately by Peshwas, Rani Jhansi and others.

Dr Swamy reiterated, “As all the Indians have same DNA that there is no problem to accept all as Hindus irrespective of their way of worship. But, prblems begin when anybody thinks that Ghori or Gazni were their ancestors”.

Acknowledging the role of RSS and its founder Dr Hedgewar, Dr Swamy says RSS revived the old Hindutv concept in a wide and united organisation level present time what was thought by Swami Vivekananda, Sri Aurobinda and Kranti Veer Savarkar separately.

Reminding the highest position of female in ancient India, Dr Swamy urged not to take dowry or not to neglect girl child.

In a question – answer session at the end,  Dr Swamy spoke about the Indian Economy, Ram Janmabhoomi, Accession of POK by India, Fate of Sonia and Rahul Gandhi in National Herald Case, Free Temple Boards from the control of Govt and Partition of Pakistan.

In the function, Swamy’s book “RESET-Regaining India’s Economic Legacy” was re-released for the Goan people in the function.

The Programme, “RESURGENCE OF HINDUISM” was organized at Margao in Goa by ‘Shiva Samrajya’ and ‘Smt. Annapoorni Aiyar Charitable Trust’.

Source : Hindu Existence

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