#WeStandWithPunalekar : Implicating Adv. Sanjiv Punalekar in Dr. Dabholkar murder case is conspiracy of CBI !

The CBI officer Nandkumar Nair hatched several conspiracies to implicate Sanatan Sanstha, Sanatan’s seekers and other devout Hindus in Dr. Dabholkar murder case. To oppose these, the National Secretary of Hindu Vidhidnya Parishad, Adv. Sanjiv Punalekar lodged complaints with proofs with the Prime Minister, Central Vigilance Commissioner, Director of CBI, etc. As a revengeful action, Nandkumar Nair brought pressure on the accused Sachin Andure to implicate Adv. Punalekar in the murder case of Dr. Dabholkar. Adv. Punalekar had lodged a complaint about this also and informed the same in a press conference held in Mumbai in September 2018. A conspiracy in the form of ‘Sting operation’ was again hatched to implicate the seekers of Sanatan who were exonerated in Gadkari Rangayatan explosion case. Nair provided names and addresses of those seekers to a few journalists of a national news channel. A complaint in this matter was also made to the Central Government, which took cognizance of the complaint. Overall, due to the strong, adverse observations being made by the Mumbai High Court from time to time and the pressure from the family members of Dabholkar- Pansare, etc., Nandkumar Nair has implicated Adv. Sanjiv Punalekar in Dabholkar case purposefully by hatching a sinister conspiracy.

The flaws in the new accusations made by CBI were presented ……

1. An accused in Dabholkar case Sharad Kalaskar says, “Adv. Sanjiv Punalekar advised me to throw the gun used in the killing of Dabholkar in a creek”. In fact, until the gun is recovered from the creek, and it is proved that the same was used to fire the bullets and it is tested in the forensic laboratory, it cannot be said that the gun was destroyed. Therefore, the accusation that advice was given to destroy the gun and weapons used in the killing is baseless.

2. On the other hand, Sharad Kalaskar was arrested in October 2018 because several guns and bombs were found with him. In such circumstances, a question arises whether Sharad Kalaskar destroyed, on the advice of Adv. Punalekar, only the gun used in the killing of Dabholakar to save himself and preserved the remaining guns and bombs so that ATS arrests him ? Will any accused ever do such things ? Overall, this story itself is fake.

3. The gun, the bullets from which were recovered from the body of Dabholkar, was seized by ATS from Manish Nagori and Vikas Khandelwal on 20th June 2014. They also submitted a ‘ballistic report’ which confirmed that the bullets belonged to the seized gun.In this case a question arises that if the gun was in the custody of CBI from 2014, how was it destroyed later?

4. The discussions between an advocate and his client are private and confidential, and it is a privilege of the advocate. If this itself is considered a crime then any client can blackmail his advocate or refuse to pay fee.

5. The accused Sharad Kalaskar was arrested in October 2018. The chargesheet against him was filed by the CBI in February 2019 whereas Adv. Punalekar was arrested on 26th May 2019. Why did the CBI wait so long if they had the information about this 8 months back? The action being taken immediately after the Lok Sabha election results itself shows that this is part of a preplanned conspiracy.

6. Adv. Punalekar fought Malegaon and Madgaon explosions cases pro bono for the innocents held in the case and helped them in their exoneration. Not only that, he has helped many innocent devout Hindu activists and tribal youth who were accused falsely. Thus giving them a chance to lead a respectful life.

7. The horrible attack on journalists and police in the Mumbai Azad Maidan riots in 2012 was fought pro bono by Adv. Punalekar in Mumbai Hight Court on behalf of the journalists . He forced the Government to impose fine on the rioters. Many journalists witnessed it.

8. Why does the CBI which claims that they possess evidence not dare to fight the case in court after arresting the accused ? Dr. Virendra Singh Tawade was arrested a few years back; still, the case has not yet reached the hearing stage. Despite making persistent demand for hearing the cases in Fast Track Courts, a stay is brought by CBI itself on these cases by approaching higher courts. As a result, accused are being incarcerated for years together as they could not prove their innocence due to pending hearings.On the other hand more innocents are being arrested.

9. The RTI activists of Parishad Shri. Vikram Bhave has written a book ‘Invisible hand behind Malegaon blasts’ to bring to light the falsehood of ‘Saffron Terrorism’ concept. The real face of many officers in Anti-terrorism Squad (ATS) and Congress was thus exposed. After his release on bail, Shri. Bhave, using the information sought under the RTI Act, brought to light many corrupt practices committed in Balganaga dam project in Raigad District and those committed by Communists. We therefore feel that Shri. Bhave was also purposefully implicated in this case.

Strongly support for Adv. Sanjiv Punalekar and Vikram Bhave

Many advocates and devout Hindu organisations from various parts of the country said that they will raise their voice in the Bar council and employ all possible means against the unjust arrests of Adv. Punalekar and Shri. Bhave. This National Advocates’ Convention stands firmly behind Adv. Sanjiv Punalekar and Shri. Vikram Bhave; a resolution to protest their arrests was unanimously passed by the Convention.

Adv. Sanjiv Punalekar’s arrest tramples upon the fundamental rights of Advocates ! – Adv. Vishnu Shankar Jain

Adv. Sanjiv Punalekar’s arrest tramples upon the fundamental rights of Advocates. Ram Jethmalani who went to London to meet Dawood Ibrahim, Asaduddin Owaisi who extends legal help to terrorists, advocates who plead on behalf of terrorist Kasab are not arrested; but Adv. Punalekar who fights to protect Hindu Dharma has been placed under arrest! We will not keep quiet about this. I strongly condemn this arrest. This is also a contempt of the court. We have to start a social movement in the media about this. The Maharashtra Bar Council should lodge a case against the police about this. Adv. Punalekar is a fearless Advocate. He wishes to fight his own case. I pray that he is bestowed with the necessary energy for this!

The central government should probe Adv. Punalekar’s arrest ! – Adv. Amrutesh N P

Nandkumar Nayar, a person who has been censured by the Kerala High Court, has conspired to arrest Adv. Sanjiv Punalekar. We will retaliate against this injustice. The central government should probe Adv. Punalekar’s arrest.

Institutionalized injustice should be opposed ! – Advocate Kamleshchandra Tripathi

The conversations between the advocate and his client are privileged information and accorded protection under law; despite this if an advocate is being arrested for a statement by an accused client, then more than half of the advocates practicing today will be behind bars. This is institutionalised injustice, and such incidents will only make way for more atrocities. It is imperative that we work against this.

Will present a protest resolution in the South Assam Bar Council – Adv. Rajiv Nath, Hindu Jagaran Manch, Legal head, South Assam

While protesting against the arrest of Adv Sanjiv Punalekar, Adv. Rajiv Nath said that ‘I have spoken to some of my colleagues in South Assam. They will hold an emergency meeting and present a resolution of protest’.

Bad times have started for the CBI ! – Adv. Krishnamurti

I strongly condemn Adv Sanjiv Punalekar’s arrest by the CBI. Adv. Punalekar will soon come out of this; but the CBI should realise that their bad times have started.

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