Hindus should help in protection of Sabarimala Temple : Bineel Somsundaram

From left : Chandrakant Waraghade, Dr. Devkaran Sharma, Ms. Ashwini Kulkarni and Shri. Bineel Somsundaram

Hindus should help in protection of Sabarimala Temple ! – Bineel Somsundaram, Hindu Helpline, Kerala

Bineel Somasundaram

Sabarimala Ayyappa Temple is a sacred shrine of Hindus in southern part of India. Hindus have immense faith in rituals observed at Shri Ayyappa Temple. One has to observe celibacy for 41 days before having ‘darshan’ of Shri Ayyappa Swami. It is not possible for keeping such observance for women in the age group of 10 to 50 years and therefore, they are prohibited entry. All Hindu women have accepted the same. All Hindus have condemned Supreme Court’s orders allowing women in all age groups to go to this temple and a campaign was undertaken through social media against such orders which received spontaneous response from people. Devout Hindus stopped women who had come to break traditions followed in Shri Ayyappa Temple. Despite deployment of 15000 policemen; Hindus didn’t allow any one of them to enter the temple. All pro-Hindu organizations should extend cooperation even in future for protection of Sabarimala Temple, was an appeal made by Shri. Bineel Somsundaram of ‘Hindu Helpline’, Kerala.

Hindu Rashtra would be established soon if education system is devised which is based on Dharma, instead of based on Macaulay’s system ! – Dr. Devkaran Sharma, Founder President, ‘Shri Saptarshi Gurukul’, Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh

Dr. Devkaran Sharma

Macaulay created new education system after coming to India for destroying our culture and he implemented it too. This education system is followed even today and it is causing huge harm to ‘Hindutva’. ‘Sanskar’ inculcated at young age create a person. This education system has affected every field in this country. Four types of ‘Purushartha’ viz. ‘Dharma’, ‘Artha’, ‘Kaam’ and ‘Moksha’ are required in life; but Macaulay’s education system gives emphasis only on ‘Artha’ which lacks knowledge on ‘sanskar’; therefore, it doesn’t help in development of rationalism and heart; leading to making human selfish and dissipated. Our 16 ‘sanskars’ have been corrupted. Western culture has mixed with our culture. Our education system, instead of teaching Hindu culture, teaches flaws in our culture. This education system has created anti-Hindu District Collectors, police officers, judges in the country. Our education system should be as per Indian life style. Education system based on our Dharma should be created which will impart knowledge on ‘Dharma’, ‘Artha’, ‘Kaam’ and ‘Moksha’. Our textbooks should be such that people with leftist ideology would get apt reply. Such curriculum should be prepared from first standard to degree course. Education is not a field to be managed by Government but it belongs to Saints and Acharyas. Such curriculum will help the world in realizing importance of Hindu Dharma. There needs to be proper balance of ‘Shaastra (science)’ and ‘Shastra (arms)’ in life. It should also be included in our curriculum. If today’s education system prepared by Macaulay is replaced with education system based on Dharma, Hindu Rashtra will be established soon.

‘Arogya Sahayya Samiti’ for fighting against evil tendencies in the field of health ! – Ashwini Kulkarni, ‘Arogya Sahayya Samiti’

Ms. Ashwini Kulkarni

‘Arogya Sahayya Samiti (Samiti)’ has been set up for fighting against evil tendencies in health field. Efforts will be made to eradicate corruption in medical field, through this Samiti. Awareness will be created amongst people towards corruption in this field and this ‘Samiti’, by taking help of other organizations, will work to eliminate terrorism in medical field.

Right to Information (RTI) Act helpful in establishing Hindu Rashtra ! – Chandrakant Warghade, Founder-President, ‘Mahiti Seva Samiti’, Maharashtra

Chandrakant Warghade

RTI Act should be used for protection of nation and Dharma. RTI Act can be effectively used for fighting against evil tendencies in society e.g. corruption, western programs like ‘Sunburn’, cow-slaughtering, slaughter houses etc. RTI is helpful for establishing Hindu Rashtra and it should be used properly, was the appeal made by Shri. Chandrakant Warghade, Founder-President of ‘Mahiti Seva Samiti’.


Shri. Chandrakant Warghade first condemned arrest of advocate Sanjiv Punalekar and Shri. Vikram Bhave, an RTI-activist and requested to obtain clarification from CBI on provisions applied in this case.

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