Overt support by Owaisi of ‘AIMIM’ to the ‘ISIS” terrorists : T Raja Singh, BJP MLA

Concluding day of the 8th All India Convention for the ‘Hindu Rashtra’

T Raja Singh, BJP MLA

Ramnathi (Goa) : Many innocent people died in the 2002 serial bomb blasts in Bhagyanagar (Hyderabad). The terrorists who were arrested in this case were later helped by MIM’s Owaisi. On 1 June 2018, the NIA arrested 12 ISIS terrorists and exposed a plot targeting me and the Shri Bhagyalakshmi temple. At that time Owaisi said that they will help all the terrorists who have been arrested by the NIA. Owaisi openly supports terrorists. Even under these adverse circumstances, we have managed to unite the Hindus as a force to reckon with. Earlier in Telangana, cows would be slaughtered openly. After we started our work, now before Bakri Eid the police proactively patrol the borders, arrest cattle smugglers. This is the strength of Hindu unity. Shri. T Raja Singh, MLA-BJP, Bhagyanagar, Telangana exhorted the attendees to work for Hindutva in such a manner that history will remember us. He was speaking during the session on ‘Countering the opposition to the service of Hindutva’ on 4th June.

At this time Adv Kiran Bettadpur (Supreme Court), Shri. Jitendra Singh Thakur (Pradesh Mahamantri, Akhil Bharat Hindu Mahasabha, Madhya Pradesh), Shri. Prakash Singh (Pratapgarh, UP), Shri. Anurag Pandey (Convenor, India With Wisdom, Varanasi), Shri. Veeresh Tyagi (Karyalaymantri, Hindu Mahasabha), HH Pradeep Khemka (Guide, Udyogpati Parishad), Shri. Manoj Khadye (HJS Convenor, Western Maharashtra and Gujarat), and Shri. Anand Jakhotiya (HJS Convenor, MP and Rajasthan) also addressed the convention.

Other points from Shri. T Raja Singh’s speech

  1. In the recently concluded vidhansabha elections, I was the lone BJP member who was elected. I won the elections only due to God’s blessings. God’s blessings are always on those who work for Dharma. I experience the adage ‘Dharmo rakshati rakshitah’ (Dharma protects those who protect Dharma)
  2. The nation will survive only if the cow survives. Earlier we have worked to protect cows in extremely adverse conditions. We would not even have enough money to buy petrol for our vehicles to chase vehicles that were smuggling cattle. To save petrol we would switch off the engines while driving down slopes. While protecting cattle we have been attacked fatally several times by fanatics. We would fail to retaliate. After we realised this, we prepared ourselves too. We are working to protect cattle under mortal peril. Now before Bakri Eid the police proactively patrol the borders and highways that connect Telangana with other states, set up check-posts, and take action against cattle smugglers.
  3. 100 crores, yet the Hindu’s existence is hanging by a thread. That is why the Hindu Rashtra is necessary. If we dont put in efforts for that now, then tomorrow it will be difficult to even apply a tilak or go to temples.

How many MLAs advocate spiritual practice and serving the cause of Hindu Rashtra ?

My fortune to be able to work for Hindu Rashtra ! – T Raja Singh, MLA-BJP, Goshamahal, Bhagyanagar

The Hindu Janajagruti Samiti has the aim of establishing the Hindu Rashtra and is working towards it. The Guru’s words are that the hindu Rashtra will be established in 2023. Everyone should work with a focus on Hindu Rashtra. History reveres those who worked for Dharma. Even today we remember the likes of Maharana Pratap, Chhatrapati Shivaji who did dharmarakshan. We are highly fortunate that destiny has chosen us to serve Dharma. It is great fortune to be able to work for the Hindu Rashtra. Dharma protects the one who works for Dharma. There is power in devotion. Perform spiritual practice and earnestly call out to God. He will rush to protect you.

To stop the loot of temples, it is necessary to liberate them from the control of Government ! – Adv. Kiran Bettadapur, Supreme Court

Adv. Kiran Bettadapur

India become independent, but Hindus are yet to gain religious freedom. Government takeover of temples and the associated corruption is a serious issue. We cannot even image the magnitude of corruption that is taking place in the 4.5 lakh temples that are government control across the country. If the Coal-gate scam was for 1 lakh 80 thousand crores, then the corruption in temples will easily surpass that. The Temple Scam is the larget of them all. If we just look at Karnataka, the government of Karnataka collects 10000 Crores from 35000 temples; but most of the money goes to churches, flood relief and other issues not related to Hindus. We have to start the dharmakarya from ourselves with the Bhagavadgita verse ‘Yada yada hi dharmasya…’ as our inspiration.

Other points from Adv. Kiran Bettadpur’s speech

  1. The Shri Padmanabhswamy temple and the Adikeshav Perumal Temple in Kerala used to be managed by the Travancore kings. In 1959-60 the Tamil Nadu (Madras State) government took over the administration of the temples and audited the temple assets. It was noticed that the devotees had donated a huge amount of wealth to both the temples. 2000 Crores were ‘taken’ from the temple coffers. If so much wealth was looted from just one temple, one can only imagine the amount of wealth that has been looted from 4.5 Lakh temples across the country.
  2. In Tamil Nadu 5 lakh acres belong to temples. This land has been ‘leased’ out. So the land which would have fetched 10000 crores every year as per current market rates, fetches 200 to 300 crores.
  3. After a 2 year study, and after discussing with over 3000 sadhus and Saints across the country, in 1959 the CP Ramaswami commission presented a comprehensive report on how the temples and religious institutions should be managed; but this report was left to rot and not even a single recommendation form the report was ever implemented.
  4. In Europe, the word secular is used to denote the separation of the church and the state i.e to ensure that the church and the state do not interfere in each other’s affairs. But in India, the government interferes in Hindu Dharma to curry favour with the other religions. We have submitted a petition in the courts seeking to end the interference of governments in Hindu temple affairs. We will never be independent till the temples are free from government control. India may have gained independence, but from the point of view of Sanatan Dharma, we are not completely free yet. That is why complete Swarajya is necessary.
  5. In the Bhagavadgita, it is said that ‘God incarnates to establish Dharma’. Instead of waiting for God to incarnate and establish Dharma, we should awaken the godliness within ourselves and fight for Dharma.

Yogesh Vhanmare of HJS who strove to unite Hindus in Madhya Pradesh !

On Dec 15, 2018, Yogesh Vhanmare of Hindu Janajagruti Samiti – Madhya Pradesh passed away unexpectedly. While working in Madhya Pradesh, he had developed a close relation with proHindu groups and evoked a feeling of unity amongst them. Shri. Anand Jakhotiya (HJS Convenor, Rajasthan and MP) spoke about the work done by Yogesh Vhanmare. Yogesh Vhanmare’s 13 year old son son Kum. Devdutt Vhanmare, who has attained a spiritual level of 61% was also introduced to the attendees of the Convention.

Hindu Mahasabha functionary Shri. Jitendra Thakur’s praise for Yogesh Vhanmare !

Jitendra Thakur

1. Developing talents in activists of pro-Hindu organizations : When Yogesh Vhanmare first came to Madhya Pradesh on behalf of the Sanatan Sanstha, he came across as a very simple man. It was difficult to comprehend how a person leading such a simple life would be able to unite Hindus. Yogesh Vhanmare then started to develop the qualities of the activists of various organizations in Madhya Pradesh.

2. Friend dedicated to Dharmakarya : Yogesh was like a member of my family and an elder brother to me. I could not stop crying for 2-3 days after he passed away. We have many types of friends, but he was a unique friend who was dedicated to Dharmakarya.

3. Reverence for Paratpar Guru Dr Athavale : Yogesh Vhanmare had a lot of bhav and reverence for Paratpar Guru Dr Athavale. When seeing his efforts in spiritual practice, he would come across as saintly. Once while speaking in a meeting, he teared up. When he was asked about it, he said that ‘Paratpar Guru Dr Athavale is getting all this done’.

4. Dedicating his family for Dharmakarya : It is inconceivable for a common man to dedicate himself and his family for Dharmakarya. Yogesh Vhanmare’s wife has also dedicated her life for Dharmakarya.

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