Morning session of 6th day of 8th All India Convention for Hindu Rashtra

From left : Pujya Santshri (Dr.) Santoshji Maharaj, Shri. Suryakant Kelkar, Shri. Arjun Sampath and Shri. Munnakumar Sharma

Sects should adopt expansiveness for the ‘Hindu Rashtra’ : Pujya Santshri (Dr.) Santosh Ji Maharaj, Shivdhara Ashram, Amaravati, Maharashtra

Pujya Santshri (Dr.) Santosh Ji Maharaj

To establish the Hindu Rashtra, it is necessary to outline a blueprint, lay down procedures and decide on rules and regulations for Hindus. For some duration the Sindhi community’s activities were centred around food, clothing and shelter while culture was sidelined; but the circumstances have changed now. Even the Sindhi community is at the forefront when it comes to contributing to the nation and dharma. HH Santshri Dr Santoshji Maharaj, of the Shivdhara Ashram in Amaravati, Maharashtra expressed his belief that Hindu Rashtra will definitely materialise, but for that various religious sects will have to let go of their narrow-mindedness and work with an expansive outlook. He was addressing the 8th All India Convention for the Hindu Rashtra on 3rd June, 2019.

Shri. Arjun Sampath (Founder-President, Hindu Makkal Katchi, TN), Shri. Suryakant Kelkar (National convenor, Bharat Raksha Manch, Bhopal MP), Sou. Meenakshi Sharan (Mumbai), Shri. Munna Kumar Sharma (National General Secretary, Akhil Bharat Hindu Mahasabha, New Delhi) and others were present. HH Ashok Patrikar (Dharmaprasarak, Sanatan Sanstha, Vidharbha region) felicitated HH Santshri Dr Santoshji Maharaj.

The confluence of Dharmprasar and sadhana seen in Sanatan Sanstha and Hindu Janajagruti Samiti is admirable !

Sanatan Sanstha and Hindu Janajagruti Samiti are sharing the ideas on Dharmaprasar and Hindu Rashtra on the national level. Usually those who do dharmprasar don’t do spiritual practice (sadhana), and those who do sadhana don’t protect Dharma actively. But here we see a confluence of Dharmaprasar and sadhana. This is the need of the hour. The main idea behind the Hindu Rashtra that we keep hearing about is to protect our Dharma and culture. This is admirable. This convention is an effort to unite various prohindu organizations. The devout Hindus should implement the points that they have learnt here once they return to their respective provinces. The Saints who put in efforts to uplift the society by teaching them practical spiritually are superior to the Saints who only think about their own spiritual progress. Even our life’s purpose will be fulfilled when, along with our personal spiritual progress, we will put in efforts for the society to progress spiritually. I am happy that a major platform is being utilised to try and protect Hindu Dharma.

HH Santshri Dr Santoshji Maharaj said that Guruji (Paratpar Gur Dr Athavale) has the faith that the ‘Akhand Hindu Rashtra will materialise’; but for that we have to become karmayogis (selflessly and tirelessly work towards that aim).

Tamil Nadu State is moving in the direction of Jammu-Kashmir ! – Shri. Arjun Sampath, Hindu Makkal Katchi, Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu is turning into Jammu & Kashmir due to the atheist DMK government. Anti-Hindu and anti-India forces have gained predominance. Even DMK’s atheism is fake. For them only Hindu gods and goddesses don’t exist; but they do not have any opinion on Allah or Jesus. They have joined hands with the Christians to attack Hindu Dharma. They are using television and movies to impose their antiHindu ideology on the people. Jihadi terrorists have a free run. Till date more than 173 proHindu leaders have been targeted and killed; but no one has raised any objection to it. This should be protested.

Inspirational quotes by Shri. Arjun Sampath

  • Hindu Rashtra is the birth right of every Hindu
  • If India is personified, then Hindu Dharma is the soul, with patriotism and piety being the eyes

NRC (National Register of Citizens) must be implemented in all the states ! – Suryakant Kelkar, National Convenor, Bharat Raksha Manch

Suryakant Kelkar

An effective law is required to combat infiltration. Work permits must be made mandatory for citizens of other countries want to work in India. This will ensure that the personal details of the person will be registered with the government. NRC is being implemented in the border states of the country to identify and vet Indian citizens. In this process 40 lakh people out of 3 crore 30 lakh people in Assam have been found not to own any proof of citizenship. To make India free of illegal Bangaldeshi infiltrators, NRC must be implemented in every state. Recently the Indo-Bangladesh border was fenced. This reduced the infiltration to some extent. Smuggling of fake currency, drugs, cattle as well as human trafficking have stopped. Now it is necessary to deport the 3 to 5 crore infiltrators. The government should put in efforts to bestow citizenship on those Hindus who have had to flee Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and other countries due to the atrocities they face there.

Cast aside caste and provincial differences and unite as Hindus ! – Shri. Munna Kumar Sharma, National General Secretary, Akhil Bharat Hindu Mahasabha

Shri. Munna Kumar Sharma

Political parties have divided the Hindu society along caste lines. It is time to cast aside caste and provincial differences and unite as Hindus.We need to create awareness about the atrocities that Hindus are suffering from. The society has to be acquainted with the real history and an awareness about our ancient culture has to be created. When this happens, the Hindu Rashtra will not be far-off.

The All India Convention on the Hindu Rashtra is doing the work of uniting devout Hindu organizations. This gives a feeling of certainty that the Hindu Rashtra will materialise soon. Let us participate in this wholeheartedly and strengthen the unity.

Hindu kings are history’s true heroes ! – Sou. Meenakshi Sharan, Mumbai

Sou. Meenakshi Sharan

The Hindu history is peppered with great leaders, their lives and work should be made known. Todays children look up to movie actors as their heroes; but Hindu kings are history’s true heroes. The fought with the islamic invaders and kept this country alive. During the partition in 1947, the Hindus in Pakistan suffered untold misery. Estimates for the number of Hindus killed put the number at 10 lakh. The religious fanatics have always viewed Hindus with hostility even before independence; but some Hindus are yet to awaken to this.

The foreigners copied knowledge on yoga, pranayam etc from Hindu holy texts. They have turned it into a business and are minting money, while the Hindu is either deprived of these or has to learn them fro the foreigners. Hindus pay homage to the God in every living and non living thing. This comes naturally to them; so that is why Hindu Dharma is the only true Dharma and others are religions. So sarva-dharma-samabhav (equal respect to all religions) is not possible.

Sou. Meenakshi Sharan got emotional while sharing the harrowing experiences that her family underwent during the partition.

The police-administration must be compelled to take action against fanatics ! – Adv. Kamleshchandra Tripathi

Adv. Kamleshchandra Tripathi

It is necessary to stay within the system, use the provisions therein and to change the system. As we are a part of the society, we should follow the constitution. This is our responsibility. Our families will be safe only when the societal structure is maintained. The fanatics use jihad to spread fear in the society. Illegal prayer halls are built on encroached land; but the police-administration do not take any action. Dharma, culture and the nation will survive only when they are reminded of their duty.

Adv. Kamleshchandra Tripathi shared information on the legal fight carried out in Varanasi against the malpractices in democracy.

Ishwarprasad Khandelwal’s successful fight to save the Shri Ganesh temple in Bhayandar (Mumbai)

Ishwarprasad Khandelwal

Shri. Ishwarprasad Khandelwal of Lashkar-e-Hind spoke about his successful fight to save the Shri Ganesh temple in Bhayandar (Mumbai). He said ‘There is a 47 year old Ganesh temple in Bhayandar. It was set to be demolished by the municipality to facilitate road widening. A notice was issued by the municipality to this effect; but the police and the administration rushed to demolish the temple even before the notice period was supposed to end. There is a large tree next to the temple, which was also going to be felled. What was interesting to note that a Christian cross across the road was to be left untouched. When we learned about this, we submitted a petition in the court. Since trees are given more important that Hindu gods today, we asked for the tree to be spared from being felled. We followed it with ‘save the temple’ as point no.2. The court brought a stay on the work to stop the tree from being felled; but that would not suffice.

Widespread awareness was required at the local level, so we contacted Hindu Janajagruti Samiti. The Samiti’s activists knocked on every door to make them aware of this campaign. It was also decided to hold a meeting in the temples; but the local BJP corporator and MLA opposed this. As a result, the temple priest withdrew the permission to hold the meeting on the eve of the meeting. When we came to know about this, we decided to hold a press meet and expose the opposition that BJP posed to the Hindu meet. When the MLA who had opposed the meeting came to know about this, they got cold feet and contacted us late in the night and told us that there was no opposition from their end. 100 Shiv Sainiks were present to provide protection. The meeting concluded successfully. We cautioned the BJP MLA that ‘if we can elect you, we can also cause your downfall’. The BJP MLA told us that ‘as long as I am the MLA, I will never allow this temple to be demolished’.

Shri. Khandelwal strongly condemned the illegal arrest of Adv. Sanjiv Punalekar by the CBI. He demanded that CBI officer Nandkumar Nair has mishandled the case to unjustly implicate prohindus and that he should be removed from the investigating team.

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