Torture of minority Hindus in Pakistan and duty of Hindus in India !

O Hindus, be active and protect your sisters from Pakistan !

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Hindus formed 25% population of Pakistan at the time of independence. It has now reduced to 3%. Hindus are actually going through hell in Pakistan. Hindu girls are kidnapped during broad daylight, they are converted and sold for carrying on prostitution business. Killing of Hindus has become a regular feature. Overall, minority Hindus in Pakistan are being systematically eliminated. Even then, all governments ruling India, where Hindus are majority population, have purposely overlooked injustice done to those Hindus; therefore, it is now time that all Hindus in India should go to rescue their brethren. It is the prime duty of every Hindu in India to try to get justice, shelter and status for Hindus in Pakistan and try for their rehabilitation in India. This article discusses the above mentioned issues.

1.Minority Hindus going through hell in Pakistan is the resultant sin of partition !      

Minority Hindus in Pakistan are going through hell today. They are treated in most inferior manner. Hindus from India accepted partition for maintaining peace; but they didn’t get peace they wanted. Many people opposed partition; but the then Congress leaders divided India and separated Hindus from Hindus. Its adverse effects are faced by Hindus even today from India as well as from Pakistan.

2.Killing of Hindus and exploiting their women means following Shariat Act !

Shariat Act was implemented in Pakistan from 1947 and incidents of conversion of Hindus increased. It has been advised in Shariat Act that ‘Women of ‘kafir’ should be exploited as slaves’; ‘their property should looted whenever it is felt like and if they opposed, they should be killed’. Fanatic people from Pakistan use Shariat Act when they interact with Hindus. Local police and courts also help fanatics. Will those Hindus ever get justice in such situation?

3. Kidnapping minor Hindu girls, converting them and forcing them to marry old Muslim male is a regular matter !

Hindu girls are openly kidnapped from their houses. They are raped for 3-4 months and then converted. They are later married off to some old Muslim male or sold for carrying on prostitution business. These girls are never seen returning home. Such incidents are taking place regularly in Pakistan. As a result, when a Hindu girl is lost, it creates terror in her house, scare in their eyes and their mental and physical demoralisation is beyond our imagination.

4. Every day, at least 3 minor girls are kidnapped in Sindh province !    

Hindus from Sindh province are leading life under constant terror since past 20 years; because at least 3 girls are kidnapped every day in this province. Moreover, such things are encouraged in Pakistan. It is live genocide of Hindus !

Few examples are given as terrible way of kidnapping which will give an idea of existing situation in Pakistan.

A.Two daughters of Harji from Deharki village in Pakistan were kidnapped by fanatic Muslims. Later, they were converted at Ghotagi durgah. The Mullah of the durgah claimed that ‘they were so influenced by the teachings of Islam that they voluntarily converted.’ These girls are minor so they cannot be married under law; therefore, family members of the girls lodged complaint at police station that they were forcefully kidnapped and converted. Under ‘Sindh Child’s Marriage Restraint Act’, girl or boy below 18 is treated as ‘child’ and he or she cannot be married; but police, who are hands in gloves with the mullah of that durgah, showed a film to family members of the girls saying that they have voluntarily adopted islam. Is it not possible that the girls could have done so under pressure ?

B. Fanatic Muslims kidnapped a 15 year-old Hindu daughter of Kanio Meghwar from market in Badin district of Pakistan. The said girl was mentally sick; therefore, she had gone with her mother to her sister’s place for treatment who was staying in Karachi. They are a very poor family and her mother works as maid in some houses to earn money. The kidnapped girl has not yet been found.

5. Under Shariat Act, it is ‘kurf’ (crime) to help kafirs against Muslims; therefore, neither police nor courts help Hindus !

Despite such grave oppression, Hindus have no saviours. Aggrieved Hindus don’t get any help from police because helping kafirs (non-Muslims) against Muslims is considered as ‘kurf’ (a crime) in Pakistan. Therefore, neither police nor courts help aggrieved Hindus. Hindus from Pakistan are going through grave torture. They have now lost patience to bear such inhuman oppression and looking up to India with hopes for ending their torture.

6. It is necessary for Hindus in India to raise their voice for rehabilitation of aggrieved Hindus from Pakistan, in India !

Hindus are scared of their genocide in Pakistan. They are looking at India with hopes for justice. Most of the Hindus are trying to come to India; but Indian Government is purposely ignoring these aggrieved Hindus. How long should this go on? Hindus from India should therefore, go to rescue their brethren and try to get justice, shelter and status for them while rehabilitating them in India. It is the prime duty of every Hindu in India. Hindus from India need to take up this issue and force the Government to take action. If need be, agitations should be staged, in lawful manner, for the purpose. We are bonded together through Dharma. India is the true home of Hindus from Pakistan. We should go to the border and bring back our Hindu brethren.

7. This is the time for saving Hindus from Pakistan !

Presently, the whole world is against Islamic terrorism. We should take advantage of this favourable situation and take steps to bring back our aggrieved Hindu brethren from Pakistan. If we don’t wake up now, the remaining 3% Hindus would either be killed or converted in Pakistan and we would lose them forever; however, with willpower of all Hindus, these 3% Hindus would be saved and after their coming to India, power of 100 crore Hindus here  would increase. This can be done only now or never.

(Ref: Information received from ‘Nimittekam’ organziation working for displaced Pakistani Hindus)

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