Gory history of communists who have been attacking devout Hindu activists !

To expose the Communists, it is necessary to provide unbiased perspectives on history to Indians

Article- series exposing true nature of Communists attacking devout Hindu activists under the veil of rationalism, progressiveness and reforms !

Compiler : Advocate Veerendra Ichalkaranjikar, national President, Hindu Vidhidnya Parishad

Progressive factions are allergic to the words ‘Hindu Rashtra’ !  Progressiveness is an irrational word but it is somewhere connected to communism. Socialism so also atheism is influenced by Communism. In fact, the demon of Communism is quite dreary and violent. These communists, progressive factions show that their purpose is quite innocent and they want only to scrutinize ‘Hindutva’. Devout Hindu activists get fooled by such ploy. Today, there is need for devout Hindu activists to scan Communism. This country has been hollowed by demons of naxalism who have come out of the concoction of Communism. Human right is a favorite area of these progressive factions and communists. It is portrayed that only communists are very innocent, virtuous and they talk at ideological level in whole world. After murders of Dabholkar, Pansare etc. slogans against devout Hindu activists were raised under this ploy. The claim was same that war between ideological differences should be fought at ideological level which means they did so but devout Hindu activists didn’t believe in it, was their accusation. It means there was no need to wait till accusations were proved against devout Hindu activists in Court of Law. These communists were free to depict devout Hindu activists as villains since it would be then easy to eliminate ‘Hindutva’.

It may be noted by readers that this article is not a complete study of communist ideology but a short review of violence committed by communists. In fact, books and articles should be written on brutality of communists. Films should be made on this subject. Unfortunately, our media are under their influence. This article is published so that devout Hindu activists would be able to counter communists who always make devout Hindu activists stand as accused in dock of Court.

1. Genocide carried out by communists in Russia !

1. A. Lenin, promoter of mass terrorism! : Karl Marx, who is considered as creator of communism, though a German, became influential in Russia. Russia that had become very weak after the first world war, faced revolution in 1923. Lenin came into power by toppling King Czar’s rule. Lenin was a strong promoter of mass terrorism. There are many letters which show his giving order to that effect. He was the leader who based his movement on certain principles and who could take decision on such principles.

1.B. Communists committed genocide of ‘Cossacks’ community is Russia! : Communists defeated Czar’s army in Russia and took over power. There was a community known as Cossacks that was known as nomads and warring community. Large part of Russia was under their control. Their culture was different. Czar’s power was dependent largely on this Cossacks’ army. Naturally, as Czar’s army, it fought against communists. What did they get after defeat ? The communists led by Lenin, started to eliminate existence of Cossacks. Their men were killed; women were raped and sent far off, to some labour camps for work so that nobody in the name of Cossack would remain there. Even now, it is known as ‘De-Cossackisation’. Somebody should have asked communists that why they, who were known for fighting against ‘classes’, started genocide. What was the reason for such mass-beheading of Cossacks ? Cossacks were not representatives of Capitalists. Cossacks, who used to go round on their horses, were not in fact, fighting at ideological level with communists. Why were they eliminated with such cruelty?

1. C. Communists killed nearly 50 lakh farmer-Kulaks, who did not hand over their land to Govt.: Same thing happened with farmer- Kulaks. Communists eliminated them. ‘Kulak’ farmers were Russians. Communists planned to take over all lands owned by farmers in government’s name. All those, who opposed this plan, were treated as criminals, robbers etc and a secret order was issued against them by communists. As per that order, communists were to extensively use violence against rich kulaks; they wanted to massacre kulaks without showing any sympathies and create terror. At least 8000 kulaks were killed in one month of March 1919. Cases filed against them were disposed of in two minutes each and they were killed. In October 1920, 6000 kulaks were killed. Those, who surrendered, were sent to concentration camps. Those, who revolted, were killed and their relatives and neighbours were sent to concentration camps. Many cities occupied by kulaks were burnt. In just 3-4 years, 50 lakh kulaks were either killed or died in concentration camps due to torture.

Communists wanted to take over lands owned by kulaks for increasing farm-products. In this process, nearly 50 lakh hectares of land was brought under control of the Government. The question is, was it really necessary to open such bloody slaughter-houses ? There was nobody to stop them.

1. D. Definition of democracy by communists: There is a statement made by communist leader Mikhail Tomsky in November 1927, ‘We allow existence of other parties. The basic difference in western countries and us is there is only one party that rules here and other parties languish in jail.’

These are the communist leaders who established their control under the name of communism and who killed millions of people !

Karl Marx – Promoter of massive violence and founder of Communism !
Russia’s Lenin – Promoter of mass terrorism !
Russia’s Stalin- Killing his own colleagues if required !
Pol Pot – Thousands of citizens killed by slotting their throats in concentration camps of Cambodia !
Mao – Carrying out China’s gory massacre and who is the ideal of Indian naxalites !

Patriotic citizens, may please note what do they feel by looking at photos of these communists’ leaders ! Do they emit positive or ‘sattvik’ vibrations ?

2. Rise of heartless Stalin in Russia !

2.A.  Stalin grabs power in Russia after Lenin: After Lenin’s death, the power was transferred to Stalin against Lenin’s wish. In fact, it was dragged to him. The demonic tradition followed in Mughal regime, of revolting against own father, killing own brothers to snatch power, seems to have been followed even in Soviet Russia for fighting for grabbing power till end.

Lenin preferred Trotsky as his successor; but Stalin was the Editor of ‘Pravda’ which was the important official newspaper, mouthpiece of communists’ party. Stalin used his post of Editor and other undemocratic methods for grabbing power.

2. B. Stalin killing own colleague: Trotsky went missing as Stalin took over. He went in hiding, to Mexico; but Stalin eliminated him as he came to know that Trotsky was planning to write a book on his political life. This was the love Stalin had for his colleague who had joined him in fighting others. He ruled for a long time i.e. from 1923 to 1953. During this period, communists’ international forum was active in Russia. This forum helped communists from all over the world. Communists from India also had lot of hopes from Stalin.

Stalin’s violent attacks and exhibition of his inhuman cruelty under the guise of Communism !

1. Rise of Hitler in Germany who was adversary of communists

Advocate Virendra Ichalkaranjikar

‘During the period of first world war after Stalin came to power and while nurturing the wounds of defeat held in heart, the leadership of Hitler arose in Germany. Communism was trying to have hold even in Germany; but Hitler single handedly took over power, countering communism. Of course, the place Hitler held in Germany, was similar to what Stalin was in Russia. Both of them believed in concentration of power in a single hand. They were capable of sacrificing their collaborators, if necessary, for remaining in power.

Hitler was against communists. He wanted to take revenge of defeat in First World War. He wanted to drive away Jews and extend his regime. Stalin also wanted to do something similar. Instead of Jews, he was against Capitalists.

2. Non-aggression Pact between Germany and Russia brought adversaries like Hitler and Stalin together !

The situation was slowly changing to Hitler against the Allies in international politics. Hitler won over own parts which were earlier separated. He got control over Austria and the next target was Czechoslovakia. Delegations of Allies like England and France were stationed at Moscow to persuade Russia to join the ‘Front’ against Hitler. During this period, Hitler offered a part the war-morsel to Stalin and he took it.   Though delegations of Allies were sitting in Moscow, they were kept in dark and non-aggression pact was entered into between Russia and Germany.

3. Russia invades Finland taking advantage of non-aggression pact !

Later, as Hitler attacked Czechoslovakia, Russia (Stalin) too attacked them to grab some part. Keeping Germany in dark and taking advantage of non-aggression pact, Russia invaded Finland and took it under its belt. Hitler won over Czechoslovakia and moved ahead to attack Poland. Attack on Poland turned out to be a spark ignited for Second World War. Some part of Poland was grabbed even by this communist winter bear (Russia). Russia conquered Estonia, some parts of countries, like Latvia, Romania and Lithuania. It was deceit of Germany by Russia. How does it fit into freedom and equality ?

4. Germany’s war with Capitalists, on moving towards Russia, was portrayed by communists as fight between justice and injustice !

Communists openly killed thousands of military officers of Poland and when Germany was attacking France and England, Russia was providing food-grains, oil etc to Germany; but it was sent only after war material was received from Germany. Russia thus took advantage of the situation.

According to communists, this war was against Capitalism; since Russia was not at war. Germany got fed up and attacked Russia, then it became a war of justice-injustice. Communists from India suddenly, favored Allies. How could Communists digest such sheer double-standard, cruelty and opportunism ? Nobody has, however, condemned Stalin for the same.

5. Stalin exhibiting callous cruelty during Germany-Russia war !

5. A. Retreat by German soldiers reaching Russia: Stalin’s cruelty didn’t end there. In fact, separate books should be written on malicious Stalin. Germany faced several problems like severe winter of Russia and people dying during war, material required for war was getting over; so Germany’s journey towards defeat was started. German army started retreating despite reaching suburbs of Moscow.

5. B. Poland’s freedom-fighters giving a tough fight to the German army since Poland became battle-field in Russia-Germany war ! : Russian army pushed German army backwards and Poland again became the battle-field. German army started losing even there and a situation arose where Russian army, placed just few kilometers away from Warsaw, the Capital of Poland, could have entered Warsaw and released the same from Germany’s control. Not only Warsaw but the whole Poland was not at peace. Polish people were defeated but not disheartened. Polish freedom-fighters were fighting. They were using gutters of Warsaw to exchange messages and were attacking German soldiers. They were quite excited and for helping Russia, they started to fight back intensely at Warsaw.

5. C. German soldiers behead freedom-fighters from Poland: German army started getting routed. Polish people were eagerly waiting for Russian soldiers; but learning about this situation, Stalin ordered his army not to move forward. Russia’s red army only watched the attacks by Polish brave warriors. Germany also realized the situation and started beheading those civil brave revolutionaries. Tunnels, which were being used by them, were blasted and German soldiers killed at least 15000-20000 revolutionaries.

5. D. Stalin allowed killing of Poland’s freedom-fighters by German army so that they didn’t oppose to Russia: Once ensuring that war between Polish revolutionaries and German army was abated, did the red army move forward. Calculation by a turncoat like Stalin was quite clear, “Tomorrow when Russia rules Poland, the same Polish revolutionaries would create trouble for communists; therefore, this way is good to kill snake with guest’s stick. Then it will be easy for us to govern.”

6. Russia allows sacrifice of 4 lakh soldiers only to get land they wanted, by outsmarting others !

Army of Allies i.e. America, England and Russia etc entered Germany. American and English armies were together; but Russian army was moving ahead on their own. Direction taken by both the groups was different. It was like a jaw closing from both sides. Lands taken over by Russia and by America and England were different.

Germany and Russia were friends; though they didn’t trust each other. Russia didn’t spare Germany even there but tried to take advantage by harassing Germany. As the war came to an end, Russia was friendly with America as well as England; but there too, there was no trust. It was always an effort to outwit the other. Stalin was in a hurry to capture Berlin after entering Germany; but that too after conditions became favorable. Historians accuse Stalin that he purposely delayed war so that he could get the land wanted by him though it led to killing of 4 lakh soldiers.

7. Stalin had disgracefully justified his soldiers for raping women !

After taking over Germany, Russians raped German women young and old. The number of such rapes carried out openly and officially rose to millions. Same was the condition of women in Hungary and other places.

On a complaint by a person from Yugoslavia about such rapes, Stalin had said, “If soldiers, who have travelled thousands of miles and are at war, tried to have some fun, what is wrong with that?” He didn’t punish soldiers even for their looting places.

8. Germany uniting after partition while India donating own land to Pakistan and Bangladesh !

Russia didn’t give up part of Germany held under her control. It was made as a separate nation. Check in history. This part was made as a separate country viz. East Germany that later became puppet in Russia’s hands. Germany under control of Allies was created as a separate nation viz. West Germany. Communists from Germany were picked up and handed over power to rule. East Germany was not developed. Till the year 1991, people from East Germany were running over to West Germany. Communists built that ill-famous Berlin-wall to stop the rush. In 1991, East and West Germany united and became one nation which is today’s Germany. India’s former Prime Minister Lalbahadur Shahstri should have created a separate country of the part of Pakistan won by India till Lahore. Indira Gandhi should have taken back Bangladesh separated from India; but we only kept on flying peace -doves.

9. Are Indian communists going to support violent and scheming Stalin ?

Russia forcefully turned small countries like Poland, Czechoslovakia known as ‘Balkan’ into communist countries as was the case with East Germany. Water of rivers also became red with blood of local people. Their financial condition became very bad and communists ruled them for several years.

This history is never told; because Hitler was defeated. He is therefore, being misrepresented and depicted as villain. The fact is, if cruelty and wickedness exhibited by Stalin and Hitler are to be compared, Stalin would prove to be more cruel and wicked, not by iota but huge margin, than Hitler. It will, however, be difficult for communists to criticize him in this manner. Are communists from India going to support Stalin ? Communists from all over the world claim that Hitler could be defeated because of Russia; but how can one forget Stalin initially joining hands with Hitler and later, promoting imperialism and cruelty ?

In fact, Stalin’s successor Nikita Khrushchev criticized Stalin the most, after Stalin’s death. His speech behind curtain was leaked and the world was stunned. There is of course, no need to say Khrushchev was good because he carried on where Stalin left. Only, the eulogizing of one person going on due to Stalin and others not getting opportunity to lead due to Stalin, was used by him to establish himself !

10. Necessity to shout from the rooftops about distorted simile portrayed in history and about individuals !

As an Indian, there is no need for us to support anyone because none of them had fought a war for principles since it was a fight for existence, revenge or ambition. Most of them were imperialists. Therefore, there is no need to eulogize Churchill or sing praises of Stalin. The study should be undertaken on their pretenses.  In fact, impartial history should be taught from Indians’ point of view; but history is being taught as portrayed by Allies. The similes given by distorting history related to examples and individuals should be told from rooftops so that our naivety would reduce.’

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