Zakir Naik is a great threat to Humanity

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Anti-Hindu Zakir Naik

Anti-Hindu Zakir Naik

Zakir Naik is one person who is one of the greatest threats to humanity today. He is greater threat to India and humanity than Osama Bin Laden as a terrorist because while Osama conducts terrorist acts himself, likes of Zakir Naik act as breeders of terrorism to give birth to Osama Bin Ladens of tomorrow.

Zakir naik was banned in UK and Canada in june 2010. Tarek Fatah, founder of the Muslim Canadian Congress, said he and the congress have been informed that Dr. Naik will be "stopped at the airport," and sources familiar with the situation confirmed Dr. Naik does not have a visa to enter Canada." We are very happy that government agencies, having been made aware of his statements, have taken this decision," Mr. Fatah said, adding that he sent a mass email to federal MPs last week, warning them of Dr. Naik’s views. "We certainly don’t want hate-mongers to come here."

"To me, the rules as to who can come into this country were written for this kind of person," echoed Bernie Farber, CEO of the Canadian Jewish Congress. "The comments It is a matter of shame and foolishness that such Jehadi fanatic and anti-socials are allowed to propagate their hatred in India.

In this article, we shall see why and how Zakir Naik is a terrorist..

1. Zakir Naik would never ever condemn Osama Bin Laden. He would simply say he has not met him so he doesn’t know if he is terrorist or not! – Now why is meeting necessary to know about Osama? Are they supposed to get into some secretive/private acts to know each other better?

  • How many people on whom Terrorist Naik comments freely has he actually met? He says Hitler killed largest number of people in history. While this is a wrong fact and Muslim invaders of India (from Qasim to Khilji to Tughlaqs to Babur to Akbar to Aurengzeb to Muslim League etc) have each killed and raped and sodomized a larger number of innocents, has Zakir actually met Hitler to comment on his terrorism? He says that all the greatest terrorism acts of last several centuries were done by non-Muslims as per some website best known to him. But has Zakir met those people to comment on them?
  • Zakir blames it all on media and says no one knows the truth. But in that case, even all other events he comments upon are also media reported. The exaggerated claims of Gujarat Massacre in 2002 were also media reported. Why does he so easily believe in them then?
  • In final defense, Zakir says that if Osama is terrorizing America – a terrorist nation – he is with Osama and appeals all Muslims to be a terrorist to scare other terrorists! Now what proof does Zakir have to conclude that America is a terrorist?
  • Zakir will never even utter that if Osama conducted 911 as indicated in media, then he considers Osama to be among the worst sinners! He would simply say I don’t know.
  • Zakir conveniently ignores host of interviews that Osama himself gave to proclaim his terrorist designs! But he is convinced that America is a terrorist! Does he have insiders in CIA or White House? No wonder, that may also be true. After all attacks like 911 are implausible without involvement of insiders, as Zakir himself acknowledges !

2. Zakir has unusually very clear views on status of non-Muslims in Muslim countries. He says:

  • Non-Muslims should be prohibited from propagating their religion in Muslim countries because this is against Shariat and Quran
  • He however vehemently defends that Muslims should be allowed to freely propagate Islam in non-Muslim countries. His logic is two-fold: a. Islam is the only religious scripture on earth to claim that it is the best and only book of Allah. Since other books are not so ‘shamelessly’ self-glorifying, it is their loss! So as per Islam, muslim countries cannot entertain non-Muslim ideologies. But since other countries do not have such scriptures, they should allow Islam!. Logic b. Countries like India are secular countries and hence they cannot prohibit propagation of Islam. He also states that Islamic law is better than secularism!
  • He goes further and says that had non-Muslims been so sure about their religions, they would have already prohibited propagation of other religions in their countries!!
  • If say India becomes a Hindu country, then no book of religion says prohibit others from freedom of expression. Hence Muslims should be allowed to preach
  • Since India is a secular country, by law Muslims are free to preach
  • If tomorrow Muslims have a majority in India and implement Shariat, then non-Muslims are prohibited from preaching, hence ONLY Muslims should be allowed to preach!
  • Can there be a greater height of fanaticism? If you think NO, you are wrong! Simply read on.

3. Zakir clearly supports that muslims who leave Islam or turn apostate should be murdered in Islamic country. His logic is hilariously fanatic: – Shariat and Islamic law are the best laws.

  • As per Shariat, a person who rejects Islam is a traitor
  • In many countries, traitors who give secrets of nation to outsiders are punished to death for being traitor. By same logic Islam also punishes apostates with death sentence.
  • Since non-Muslim countries are not following Shariat and are secular, they cannot give such punishments. So in these countries, one is free to become Muslims. But the opposite cannot happen in Muslim countries!
  • I have rarely heard a more terrorism inspiring speech being conducted in police protection! See how foolishly he compares leaving Islam with selling secrets to enemies. This example itself shows clearly the Fanaticism and hatred of brand of islam Zakir Naik and his followers preach !

4. The designs of fanatics like Zakir Naik and his followers at IRF are very clear. As per Islam, they have to propagate Islam by all means. The strategies are as follows:

  • If in minority or powerless, emphasize that Islam is only about peace and love. Highlight incomplete verses or cancelled verses to showcase how there is no compulsion or violence in Islam.
  • Een if that demands falsehood, it is acceptable under concept of Taqiah. You can even deny doing Taqiah or fraud.
  • Never ever condemn a fellow Muslim, even if he be a terrorist like Osama. Simply pretend ignorance
  • Meanwhile work hands in hands, and get funds from spurious sources for lavish publicty
  • Do massive conversions at ground level through mixture of all above means
  • Work with time-bound target of conversions to increase majority and meanwhile also start preparing for armed struggle
  • As and when opportunity comes, strike and attack and terrorize
  • When you gain power, force one-way conversions, have death sentence for apostasy and rape and loot like Mughal invaders have done for 1000 years. We did not have bombs and modern weapon for 1000 years and hence we survived plunder of Mughal looters. But now it shall become a do-or-die situation if we do not rise up and start creating awareness about this impending danger. Many young terrorists consider Zakir their role model. Let everyone of us work together to thwart the designs of these false terror prophets and the entire mafia that is hiding behind his facade.

Let us all work together to expose fanatics like zakir Naik who are threat to India and humanity and help to preserve peace and tolerance in society.! Lets do it very quickly. In Peace TV, it was announced in 2008 that they would go all way to make India a Darul Islam in next 5 years to fulfill a 1000 years old dream. The work has already begun on all fronts very aggressively and meticulously. Unless we get into acts quickly and smartly and emphatically, our survival would in hands of fanatic jehadis.

May truth and peace prevail! And very quickly!

Source : Arise India Forum

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