More than 5,000 Hindus attend Hindu Rashtra-jagruti Sabha at Nanded

Fanatics will never be able to achieve their dream of making Bharat ‘Islamic Rashtra’ : MLA T. Rajasingh, BJP

From left : Kum. Rageshri Deshpande, Shri. T. Rajasingh, Shri. Sunil Ghanwat and Sadguru Nandkumar Jadhav

Nanded : 5 terrorists in Nanded had conspired to kill me in the year 2012; they were taken into custody by CBI. Some fanatics in Bharat are dreaming to make Bharat an Islamic State; but they will never be able to achieve this dream as this nation belongs to Hindus, said staunch Hindu activist, BJP MLA and president of Sriram Yuva Sena T. Rajasingh. He was speaking in the Hindu Rashtra-jagruti Sabha held on 6th January here on Nava Mondha ground. Sadguru Nandkumar Jadhav gave guidance in the sabha attended by more than 5000 pro-Hindus. HJS convener of Maharashtra and Chhattisgarh States, Shri. Sunil Ghanavat, Ms. Rageshri Deshpande of HJS Ranaragini wing ignited spark of Dharma in the attendees present there.

Essential to get ‘Saffron Tsunami’ in Bharat : MLA T. Rajasingh

  1. Cow-slaughter is on the rise and beef is being exported on a large scale in Nanded. Namaj is offered on streets. Hindus are prohibited from parking their rickshaws at the railway-station; therefore they have to park their rickshaws away from the station. From this the question arises, is Nanded in Hindustan or Pakistan ?
  2. In the name of ‘Massage centres’ Hindu young girls are trapped in love affairs. Wealthy Hindu ladies are becoming the targets.
  3. Waste water in the city is released in the Holy River Godavari by the Municipality.
  4. Despite these serious problems, Hindu youth is immersed in social websites. Therefore to stop all these problems, ‘Saffron Tsunami’ in Bharat is very essential. Hence each one has to prepare oneself to establish Hindu Rashtra by abiding by Dharma.
  5. Did Babar take anybody’s permission to demolish Ram Mandir ? Then when devotees of Sriram are awaiting for Ram Mandir for hundreds of years, where is the question of anybody’s permission ?

Pray to Shrikrushna to protect the Rashtra and Dharma 5 times every day ! – Sadguru Nandkumar Jadhav

Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj was blessed by Shri Bhavanidevi because of His abiding by Dharma and spiritual practice. Therefore He succeeded in destroying 5 Islamic dynasties and kept before us an ideal of protecting Dharma. Happiness lies in abiding by Dharma. We all should pray to Shrikrushna 5 times everyday saying, “O, Shrikrushna, protect Rashtra and Dharma’.

Hindus should not rest until Hindu Rashtra is established ! – Sunil Ghanavat

Some Muslim organisations in Nanded opposed Hindu Rashtra-jagruti Sabha by giving representation. From this it is evident how fanatics are united. 1.5 lakh Sindhi Hindus were converted in Ulhasnagar (Thane). We should keep the ideal of Guru Govindsinh, Chhatrapati Sambhaji Maharaj. Doors of the Supreme Court are opened at 1 a.m. for terrorist Yakub; but not even a complaint is registered against anti-Hindu films like Padmavat, Kedarnath and with regard to Ram Mandir in the name of individual freedom. 28 pro-Hindus have to suffer jail despite no accusation is being proved. Therefore Hindus too should not remain quiet till Hindu Rashtra is established.

Young ladies should get trained in self-defence and win over jihadis courageously ! – Ms. Rageshri Deshpande

Hindustan is a land of valour. Hindu ladies should show their valour facing jihadis by getting trained in self-defence. Get trained in self-defence free of cost in the classes held by HJS to conserve your self-respect.

Features of the sabha

  1. Before the sabha, T. Rajasingh offered a garland of flowers to the idol of Chhatraprti Shivaji Maharaj sitting on His throne on the dais.
  2. Ved mantras were recited by Vedmurti Shri. Shankar Gurubhale Manjarathkar, Shri. Ganesh Gurumuli Rampurikar.
  3. Pledge was taken of establishing a Hindu Rashtra at the concluding session of the sabha.
  4. The topic of the sabha reached more than 38,ooo people through direct ‘face book’ transmission.


  1. H. B. P. Parmeshwar Maharaj had come all the way from Mahur Datta Shikhar about 150 kms from Nanded.
  2. Despite electric-supply-failure, Dharmapremi were asking for ‘Abhipray patraks’ voluntarily and filling it.
  3. 137 Holy texts titled, ‘Love jihad ani Hindu Rashtrachi Sthapana’ were sold.
  4. Large number of Punjabis were present at the sabha.
  5. Elderly people aged 80 – 90 attended the sabha till the end shivering in the severe cold.
  6. Metal detectors were installed for protection at both the sides of the venue of the sabha.

More than 250 pro-Hindus were present for the review meeting held after the sabha. They showed their eagerness to participate in social media and Rashtriya Hindu Andolan. Some got their queries concerning ‘Love jihad’ in their village, solved.

Special assistance

Trustee of Mukteshwar Ashram of Shri Pachalegaokar Maharaj, Shri. Sudhakar Tak and his associates made free arrangements of providing food and shelter to all the volunteers.

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