Ratnagiri : 4000 devout Hindus attend Hindu Rashtra-jagruti Sabha

Devout Hindu activists resolve to make united efforts for establishing Hindu Rashtra !

From left : Sadguru (Kum.) Swati Khadye, Shri. Pramod Mutalik and Shri. Manoj Khadye

Ratnagiri : Hindus elected BJP at Centre and in Uttar Pradesh for constructing Ram Mandir; but VHP and RSS are once again staging agitations for Ram Mandir. Shri. Narendra Modi became the Prime Minister because of awareness created towards the issue of construction of Ram Mandir, during past 30 years. Again we should not have to face caning and firing. It is the duty of people in power to construct Ram Mandir. Now, no more agitations, start construction of Ram Mandir, was the appeal made by Shri. Pramod Mutalik, the Founder and national President of Sriram Sena; while addressing ‘Hindu Rashtra-jagruti Sabha (sabha)’ organized by Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS) on 30th December at Chhatrapati Shivaji Stadium. Sanatan’s ‘Dharmaprasarak’ Sadguru (Kum) Swati Khadye and Shri. Manoj Khadye, the State Coordinator of HJS for western Maharashtra, Konkan and Gujarat shared the dais with him. Large number of devout Hindus from rural areas of Ratnagiri district attended the ‘sabha’.

This country will be eliminated if the cancer of sedition is not stopped in time ! – Pramod Mutalik

1. Hindu Rashtra will not be established by working on ‘charkha (spinning wheel)’. It requires sacrifice of everything including life. Revolution is necessary along with ‘tantra and mantra’ for establishing Hindu Rashtra.

2. Uttering the word ‘secular’ is like insulting Hindu Dharma and Deities; therefore, stop saying this word. Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar created Constitution of this country and secular word was not in it.

3. Soldiers are killed in Kashmir due to stone-pelting. Who are these people throwing stones? Why stone-pelters are not shot dead? A soldier sacrifices all worldly pleasures for security of people of this country.  Why our blood doesn’t boil when we hear of such incidents ? Don’t we value soldier’s life?

4. Slogans acclaiming Pakistan are raised. Afzal and Yakub are glorified. What is happening in this country ? Slogans of ‘Afzal Zindabad’, ‘Ghar-ghar mein Afzal Hoga’ are raised at JNU. Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj flows in our blood. We shall destroy such Afzals by entering houses. Sedition is cancer. If it is not stopped in time, it will eliminate this country.

Hindu Rashtra will be established in 2023 despite throttling by progressive factions, rulers and police ! – Sadguru (Kum.) Swati Khadye

Sanatan Sanstha is working for making undivided Hindustan into Hindu Rashtra; but few people, who are Hindus by birth, having mentality of slaves, are opposing the concept of Hindu Rashtra. We are suffering because of such opponents for the last ten years. Sanatan Sanstha has been engaged in spreading spirituality in the whole world and has Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, Shrikrushna, Shriram as its ideals. Few wrong thinkers are striving hard to implicate Sanatan in murder cases of Dr. Dabholkar, Comrade Pansare, Prof. Kalburgi and reporter Gauri Lankesh. Our brilliant efforts in propagating Hindu Dharma and creating awareness towards establishing Hindu Rashtra seems to be our crime; for which anti-Hindus are trying to target us with vengeance. Few progressive leaders and politicians first demand imposition of ban on Sanatan, after getting up in the morning, even before having tea. Of course, we cannot stop Sun from rising by hiding a cock. Congress tried to implicate Sanatan in killings of members of progressive factions by branding Sanatan as terrorist organization so that people would keep distance from Sanatan. Same policy is now followed by even pro-Hindu parties; but Hindu Rashtra will be established in the year 2023 despite such throttling by progressive factions, rulers and police.

Kshatradharma Sadhana’ to be published again in public rally !

Anti-terrorist Squad (ATS) has stated in its charge sheet that killings of leaders of progressive factions were carried out after reading book titled ‘Kshatradharma Sadhana’. The book was published 20 years ago. During this period, how many murders were committed should be declared by ATS. ATS, if it has guts, should also declare which books are read by naxalites, jihadis, anti-national stone-pelters and clergy-men, who commit rapes. ‘Kshatradharma Sadhana’ book will be published again in a public rally for people to know what is there in the book.

People oppose to exhibiting pictures of Deities in government offices; but they have no inhibitions to accept funds from ‘Devasthana’ ! – Manoj Khadye, HJS

The Government seems to treat Hindus’ temples like a milking cow. The Government seems to be on a spree to take over management of temples. Its coffers are empty due to corruption and now, conspiracy is hatched to loot funds from Hindus’ temples and empty even temples’ coffers. Information obtained under RTI about management of Shri Tulaja Bhavani Devi Temple, the ‘Kul-Devata’ of Chhatrapati Shivaraya and worshipped Deity of ‘Hindavi Swarajya’ shows that ornaments worth 120 kgs have been missing; so also missing is 240 acres of its land and 1220 acres of land belonging to Pandharpur shrine. Offerings made by Hindu devotees in Shri Siddhivinayak Temple are distributed amongst non-Hindus. It is the ill effect of government’s taking over temples. We need to now ask the rulers that money is taken from temples for social causes, so, when is money from mosques and churches going to be used for the same purpose? Thousands of temples have been taken over by the Government so far. ‘Pashchim Maharashtra Devasthan Samiti’ has been set up under which 3067 temples have been taken over by the Government including Shri Vitthal-Rukmini Mandir of Pandharpur; Shri Sai Sansthan of Shirdi; Shri Bhavanimata Mandir of Tuljapur; Shri Siddhivinayak Temple in Mumbai; Shri Mahalakshmi Temple of Kolhapur and Shri Jyotiba Devasthan. On the other hand, progressive and secular people are opposing display of Deities’ pictures in Government offices and the Government has issued a circular to that effect. How do people, who are opposing display of Deities’ pictures in Government offices, have no objection in taking money from Devasthanas ?

18,500 people watch the ‘sabha’ thro’ ‘Facebook live’ !

The ‘sabha’ was shown on ‘Facebook live’ and 18500 people watched the ‘sabha’ on this link. 715 out of them have sent comment of liking the ‘sabha’ and 421 have shared the link with others.

There was comment from Latur and Mumbai commending and showing interest in joining the activities of HJS. There was a comment from Pune that the ‘sabha’ was No.1. Visit Facebook page Fb.com/HJSRATNAGIRI of HJS for watching ‘Hindu Rashtra-jagruti Sabha’.

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