HJS intervention prevents unrighteous acts related to Sree Ganesha idols

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Felicitation of Mr. Chapalgaonkar and Mr. Kulkarni

Felicitation of Mr. Chapalgaonkar and Mr. Kulkarni

HJS intervention prevents unrighteous acts related to Sree Ganesha idols – Advocate Suresh Kulkarni

Pena (Dist. Raigad, Maharashtra) : The Court has disposed of the public interest litigation (PIL) filed by Andha-shraddha Nirmulan Samiti (ANiS) in Sambhajinagar High Court for imposition of restrictions and ban on immersion of Sree Ganesha idols; therefore, the problem that could have been faced by sculptors, Ganesha committees and Ganesha devotees has been temporarily avoided. The Court had said while disposing of the case that ‘It is expected of the Central and State Governments to prepare plan as per the guidelines of Central Pollution Control Board’; but ANiS distorted the Court’s verdict and announced that the Court had imposed ban on the idols made of Plaster of Paris (PoP). The Court had admonished ANiS for such act, said Mr. Suresh Kulkarni, an advocate of Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS) and made an appeal to all sculptors to now unite so as to teach a lesson to anti-Hindu organizations like ANiS. He was replying in the felicitation program arranged on the grounds of New English School at Johe in Pena taluka.

Advocates Mr. Suresh Kulkarni, Mr. Sudhakar Chapalgaonkar and Mr. Veerendra Ichalkaranjikar had pleaded the case on behalf of HJS in Sambhajinagar High Court. The case pending for last 5 years has now been disposed of giving solace to the Ganesha-devotees.  The organization of Sree Ganesha idols’ sculptors from Maharashtra felicitated the above advocates and Mr. Shivaji Vatkar, the district coordinator of HJS for Mumbai, Thane and Raigad districts in this context. Advocate Mr. Vilas Sonawane, the former Assistant Solicitor General of Sambhajinagar Bench of the High Court was present on the occasion.

From Left : Mr. Chapalgaonkar, Mr. Suresh Kulkarni and Mr. Sonawane on the Dias

From Left : Mr. Chapalgaonkar, Mr. Suresh Kulkarni and Mr. Sonawane on the Dias

‘Dharma-drohis (unrighteous)’ have to be taught a lesson ! – Advocate Vilas Sonawane

Advocate Mr. Sonawane said, “This is the first time I have seen that somebody is felicitated for doing something, without expecting anything in return, for the welfare of the society. Everyone should come forward to work so selflessly like HJS. Any problem can be faced successfully provided the unity is strong. Today, ANiS and few other organizations are trying to destroy Hindu Dharma; therefore, they should be taught a lesson.”

Religious and other festivals have to be celebrated as per ‘Dharmashastra’ ! – Advocate Sudhakar Chapalgaonkar

Advocate Mr. Chapalgaonkar said, “It is the prerogative of only devotees and sculptors to decide about the idol. A meeting has to be therefore, held between the sculptors of the idols, devotees and the Government administration to understand the rules and nature of the festivals. The religious and other festivals have to be celebrated as per the ‘Dharma-shastra’. Even then, Dr. Dabholkar of ANiS interferes in Ganesha festival of Hindus and opposes the festival. Hindus should realize that they should be alert against the unrighteous and should wake up on time.”

To prevent pollution in society, it is necessary to immerse views of Dr. Dabholkar and Prof. Shyam Manav – Shivaji Vatkar, Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS)

Mr. Vatkar of HJS said, “In the case filed by ANiS, there were demands made like Sree Ganesha idols should not be made of PoP but should be of clay/ soil; the dimensions of the idols should be 6” X 6” in length and breadth. In big cities, only one idol should be installed in every area etc. HJS, however, took initiative in disposing of the case so as to give relief to the Ganesha-devotees. Recently, advocate Kulkarni was felicitated at Shiv Sena Bhavan by Mr. Uddhav Thackeray and at Parel on behalf of Mumbai Suburban Sarvajanik Ganeshotsava Coordination Committee and the Sculptors’ Organisation, Maharashtra by ‘Jyotirbhaskar’ Jayant Salgaonkar. In the year 2008, a similar PIL was filed in Mumbai High Court to prohibit immersion of Sree Ganesha idols; against which HJS had promptly given representations to the Chief Minister and Opposition leaders. HJS has been creating awareness among people through various mediums. The Government is trying to bring an Act for eradication of superstitions and for taking over management of all temples. All such organizations of sculptors should unite and immerse unrighteous thinking of Dr. Dabholkar of ANiS and Prof. Shyam Manav so that the pollution in the society will be permanently removed.”

The future battle will be fought at sculptors’ level ! – Shrikant Deodhar, sculptors organization, Pena           

Mr. Deodhar, the President of Sculptors’ Organisation, Pena said, “Although HJS was not one of the defendants in the case filed at Sambhajinagar, it took initiative and provided appropriate evidence for disposal of the case; therefore, congratulations to HJS. Henceforth, the fight will be of us, sculptors. We will now form organizations of sculptors at district, taluka and village levels and file a case against Dr. Dabholkar for distorting Court’s verdict.”

Mr. Vikas Naik, the President of Hamarapur Sculptors Organisation, Mr. Baliram Pawar, the Vice-President of Pena sculptors’ organization, Mr. Vijay Khatu from Mumbai, Mr. Pravin Bavdhankar from Pune, Mr. Amarnath Kanaki, the President of sculptors’ organization, Solapur, Mr. Chandrakant Kumbhar, the President of sculptors’ organization, Kolhapur besides more than 250 sculptors from various parts of Maharashtra were present on the occasion. All commended advocates of HJS and expressed gratitude for avoiding the calamity befallen on sculptors. Mr. Pravin Patil, Sarpanch of Johe Grampanchayat and Mr. Pushkar Mokal, the advocate of sculptors organization, Johe also shared the dais with other dignitaries.

Source: Dainik Sanatan Prabhat

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