Journalist Kamble arrested for despicable criticism of Jijabai

Magh Krushna Dashami, Kaliyug Varsha 5112


Journalist Kamble arrested for despicable criticism of Jijabai

February 27, 2011

Magh Krushna Dashami, Kaliyug Varsha 5112

Issue related to his derogatory criticism of Jijamata and Dadoji Konddev

Ratnagiri (Maharashtra): On 19 February 2011, a Shiv Jayanti program was arranged at Mandangad by Vishwadeep Tarun Mandal of Mandangad Shirgaon and Rayat Foundation. In this program, journalist Dayanand Kamble made derogatory statements about Jijamata and Dadogi Konddev during his speech.  Shiv Premi Mr. Aadersh Ravindra Kene lodged a complaint against this at the Mandangad Police Station. Based on this complaint, Mandangad Police arrested Dayanand Kamble. Yesterday when he was presented in the court at Dapoli, the judge ordered 10 days judicial custody until March 10.

Mr. Aadesh Kene, a proud Hindu who promptly protested the derogatory remarks made by Dayanand Kamble by going to the dais and openly protesting !

After the speech of Dayanand Kamble, when organisers were about to conclude the program, Mr. Aadesh Ravindra Kene fearlessly stood up and expressed his desire to address the gathering. He went to the dais and said, “I openly protest the derogatory statements made by Kamble. You are not an historian, life history of Chatrapati Shivaji is known to one and all. Do not make attempts to change it.” (Congratulations to the proud Hindu Mr. Aadesh Kene who opposed anti-historian journalist Dayanand Kamble ! – Editor SP)

Photo Copies of Daily ‘Sanatan Prabhat’ were distributed

Furious over the derogatory statements made by Dayanand Kamble 250 Shivaji lovers marched to the Mandangad Police station and made a demand to attest Kamble. The Police Inspector C. B. Bhalke did not show any interest in registering the complaint. This news was published very prominently in daily Sanatan Prabhat. Copies of this edition of the daily were distributed in Mandangad today. After reading the daily some Shivaji lovers took photo copies of this news from the daily and distributed the copies to everyone.

Such abnormal tendencies should be destroyed ! – Mr. Aadesh Kene

I am a Shivaji lover. If a speaker makes derogatory remarks about our reigning deity Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, his mother Jijau and guru Dadogi Konddev, no Shivaji lover can tolerate this. That is why I protested. Initially I thought ‘What can I do alone ?’ ; but then I thought ‘This is work of righteousness. So I should fight.’ With this thought I registered a complaint against Kamble in the Police Station. This opposition is not against any person but it is to prevent such attempts in future. Such abnormal tendencies must be destroyed.

Journalist Dayanand Kamble stands by his derogatory statements and creates a drama that his life is at risk !

After this Dayanand Kamble submitted a memorandum at Mandangad Police Station in which he states that his life is at risk from attacks by Shivaji lovers. He further says that he his statements are based on the researches by historians and history. To prevent the celebration of Shiv Jayanti on Mandangad Fort some people with extremist tendencies have bloated the issue out of proportion and are politicizing it.  Since he belongs to the backward class, this plot is being intentionally hatched to defame him. Considering this memorandum strong action should be taken in accordance with the act prohibiting injustice against backward and other backward classes.’  (Accused Kamble turns accuser ! Which historian has made such a derogatory research about Jijau and Dadoji Konddev should be made clear by Kamble. First he goes against history, when Shiv lovers oppose him, then using his caste as a shield he registers a caste related complaint against Shivaji lovers in the Police Station, this is the result of the caste based laws made by the rulers ! To change this situation we need to remove such caste based rulers and replace them with rulers who work for the nation and righteousness ! – Editor SP)

Source: Daily Sanatan Prabhat

Journalist Kamble’s despicable criticism of Rajamata Jijabai

February 26, 2011

Magh Krushna Navami, Kaliyug Varsha 5112

* Shivaji-devotees take out protest march to police station
* Police avoid to take down complaint   

Ratnagiri (Maharashtra):  Rajamata Jijau and Dadoji Konddev had immoral relations. Dadoji Konddev had raped one minor girl, therefore, Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj had cut off his hands. Dadoji Konddev is not a ‘Guru’ of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. The above despicable criticism was made by journalist Dayanand Kamble on stage. (One cannot be a Hindu if his blood does not boil on reading the above. Such disgraceful allegations have been made by James Laine in his book. Sambhaji Brigade had accused that the Brahmins from Bhandarkar Oriental Science Research Institute had given such data to Laine and they had attacked and damaged the Institute. Now, are the Sambahji Brigade workers going to take Kamble to task? – Editor SP)

Shiva-jayanti was celebrated on 19th February on behalf of Vishwadeep Mitra Mandal at Shirgaon, Mandangad Taluka in Ratnagiri District. A rally was taken out through the town and meeting was held on Mandangad Fort when Kamble spitted venom through his speech. It may be mentioned here that Police Inspector (PI) C. B. Bhalake of Mandangad Police Station was also present on the stage. (Police Inspector does not feel like preventing the criticism of Jijau and Dadoji made by Kamble by stooping to such low level. Why should Hindus pay tax and provide for such insensitive policemen? – Editor SP)

Yesterday about 250 Shivaji-devotees took out a march to Mandangad Police Station and demanded that a case should be filed against Dayanand Kamble for his disgraceful criticism against the seats of worship of Hindus. A representation to that effect was submitted to PI Bhalke who refused to register the complaint on the pretext that he was very busy with the Chief Minister’s tour from 26th February. He very arrogantly said that the complaint would be taken down on 28th February. (What is the connection between taking down a complaint and the CM’s tour? Is there a provision in the law that when a CM is on tour, cases should not be registered against the offenders? Would Bhalke dare to show such arrogance to people from other religions? And even if he had, even a child would tell what would have been his and the police station’s condition after that ! – Editor SP)

The enraged Hindus took a stance that they would not leave the police station till a complaint was taken down by the police; therefore, police had no alternative but to register a complaint. They demanded arrest of Kamble but police paid no attention. (Have the police force been given unwritten orders that, come what may, they should not pay attention to the complaints lodged by Hindus? – Editor SP)

Police protect the accused

When the Shivaji-devotees went to the police station, they noticed that Kamble was present in the police station; therefore, the Shivaji- devotees demanded to arrest Kamble; however, rather than arresting him, the police provided him protection with 4 armed policemen.

Why are the police trying to support the accused ? – Mr. Santosh Govale, Shiv Sena member of ZP

Mr. Santosh Govale, a member of Zilha Parishad (ZP) said, “Why was Dayanand Kamble not arrested for making statements that could create communal disharmony? PI Bhalke should have first issued such order against Kamble. About a week back, Kamble had made derogatory statement, on the occasion of a cricket match, against Goddess Seeta worshipped by all Hindus. Why are the police backing such miscreants?”

Public protest by Shivaji-devotees

All devout Hindus from Khed publicly condemned Dayanad Kamble for his despicable criticism against the seats of worship of Hindus as also against Vishwadeep Mitra Mandal and Rayat Foundation. A board has also been put up to that effect at the bus-stand.

Protest march to be taken out on 3rd March

The Shivaji-devotees will take out a march to protest the above incident on 3rd March 2011. An appeal has been made to all devout Hindus to take part in the march.

Source: Daily Sanatan Prabhat

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