Protest: Denigration of Hinduism through Website ‘’

Magh Krushna Saptami, Kaliyug Varsha 5112

Appeal to devout Hindus

An website named nicknamed as Answering Hinduism has denigrated Hinduism by fabricated Cock and Bull Stories . This is nothing but the insult of Hinduism and Hindus. All Hindus should protest lawfully against this website so that they should remove the defamatory articles immediately and it should not repeat mistake of defaming Hinduism in the future. The concerned authorities should also apologize to all Hindus for hurting their religious sentiments.

Devout Hindus are protesting lawfully on following Contact Details :

E-mail : [email protected]

Contact Page :

More information about the denigration by

India today has become the center-stage of conversion virus, China and countries beyond China are too unapproachable for this virus. And in rest of the world on west of India, already whatever conversion had to happen has happened. Now its only a game of jumping from one branch aka Christianity to another aka Islam and its minute sub-branches in those locations.

India offers the best climate to grow new followers for any foreign religion. Now religious Conversion is a very smart game. A large number of strategies are used with varied combination to achieve the goal of only one religion. One of the greatest ploys used these days for mass-level conversion activities by those wanting all Hindus to embrace only Bible or only Quran is to showcase that Hinduism is the most obscene religion in world. Not that this ploy was not being used so far. But in recent times, this particular tactic has become much more prominent for a variety of reasons which are not relevant to be discussed here for sake of brevity.

Now when a lover of Bible or ‘Quran+Hadiths combo’ alleges that Hinduism is full of obscenities, for example the sites like, nothing can be more laughable! Because if one has to rate the most vulgar books being seriously followed to last letter, these two are bound to take the top two positions. One can browse through countless articles on these topics on sites and many other sites to know more on this. But shameless as they are, these conversion viruses would not even wink an eye in duping masses in the delusion that if they bring more and more followers by hook or crook, they would get more and more luxuries/ virgins in Paradise.

But this is a very serious issue today. Huge number of Hindus, ignorant of their true Dharma, and duped by internal as well as external frauds, eventually end up starting to hate Hinduism due to this false propaganda. For them Hinduism is nothing more than vulgar love-making scenes between Radha and Krishna, worship of male organ in form of Shiva Linga, Vishnu and Shiva raping women, Mohini seducing Shiva, Brahma having relation with her daughter Saraswati etc etc. We have come across pamphlets being circulated these days across India showcasing these obscenities in Hinduism and appealing Hindus to embrace foreign religions to worship Only true God and achieve true salvation. More and more Hindus are starting to hate their foundations and even those who love Hinduism are not sure as how to explain these stories and defend their Dharma. And existence of communist sickulars only adds to this mess.

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