Hang ALL Jehadis who burnt Hindus alive : VHP

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Dr Pravin Togadia Appeals to Courts

New Delhi: Appreciating the Honourable Sessions Court that worked under the supervision of the Honourable Supreme Court for confirming that 58 Hindus were burnt alive in the Sabarmati Express under a Jehadi conspiracy, Dr Pravin Togadia, International Secretary General of VHP appealed to all courts to hang such brutal Jehadis.

Dr Togadia said, “It is welcome that 31 accused in the Godhra Train burning case are convicted for criminal conspiracy to murder of 58 Ram Bhakts, however I appeal to the state government to appeal against the acquittal of the remaining 64 accused including Maulana Umarji. Then & then only the families of the Hindus who were burnt alive will get real justice.”

Dr Togadia further expressed, “There has been a larger ‘Victimize & Persecute Hindus’ conspiracy going on by the political class & by the so called pseudo secular media. It has been evident in the said Godhra train burning case. First, the government removed POTA from the accused; secondly the Union Government even went to the extent of forcing the Justice Banerjee Committee’s vicious report that claimed that the Hindus in the train burnt themselves alive! This was nothing but the most shameful attempt to appease Muslims & sheer violation of all Human Rights of the families whose near & dear ones were burnt alive. The third attempt to demean & degrade Hindus has been going on by the so called pseudo-secular media who without going into the merit of the case have been running the campaign against Hindus & Hindu Organizations. Hindus have noticed it not just in this case but also in the post Godhra happenings coverage & as recently as in the biased coverage of what the Union Govt termed as Saffron Terror. It is a tragic paradox for the majority that when a Muslim dies in any blast or fire, these biased people blame Hindus; but when Hindus are burnt alive, the same group claims that Hindus burnt themselves – with fully realizing how much they must be hurting the families who have been waiting for justice so long! While running tear shedding stories of the accused & their families, media almost boycotted the grieving families of Hindus who were true victims!”

Dr Togadia continued, “Now that the Honourable Sessions Court has accepted under the supervision of the Honourable Supreme Court that under the brutal criminal conspiracy, 58 Hindus were burnt alive by the Jehadis, as the law says, ALL conspirators must get the same punishment by all the Honourable courts & that is only a DEATH PENALTY & nothing less than that. I also appeal all in the judiciary & all the political parties & all the governments that it is the duty of all these to give justice to the families of 58 Hindus without getting influenced either by the vote bank politics or by the biased channel – panel media trials. Then & then only the human rights of these 58 Hindu families would be protected.”

Dr Togadia appealed to all Hindus in Bharat & in Gujarat to respect the legal process peacefully.

Source: Press Release by VHP

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