Varanasi : 2nd day of North and North East India Hindu Convention concludes

Will join Hindu Janajagruti Samiti in uniting Hindu Saints during the forthcoming Prayagraj Mahakumbh : H. H. Rambalakdasji Mahatyagi Maharaj

Varanasi : On the second day of the ‘North and North-East India Hindu Convention’ being held at ‘Madhuvan Lawn’, Ashapur, various Saints, Mahants, Lawyers, devout Hindus, journalists from various States took part. On this occasion, the Android version of Sanatan Panchang was inaugurated by H. H. Rambalakdasji Mahatyagi Maharaj, Peethadhishwar of Pateshwar Dham, Chhattisgarh. Android Application ‘Sanatan Panchang 2019’ is available for free download on Google Play Store from today. In this application, a calendar, muhurt (Auspicious time) and Panchang  (Almanac) is made available. Alongwith this, special informative articles are also featured on various topics such as festivals-vrat (vowed observances), Ayurvedic treatment methods, Spirituality, Education on Dharma etc. In this application, videos on Education on Dharma can also be viewed.

H. H. Rambalakdasji Mahatyagi Maharaj, during his brilliant speech said, “India should become a Hindu Nation. Chhattisgarh was earlier known as Mahakoshal as it is Kausalya Matha’s land. In the ‘Hindu Nation’, Chhatisgarh will once again become ‘Mahakoshal’. In today’s times, the society should be taught about Shaastra, and the warriors should be made compliant to usage weapons (Shastra Sammat). We should become united for our homeland. In the coming days, we will organise these kind of Conventions at our place, and other Hindus should try to do so at their places with the help of Sanatan Sanstha. We will work with Hindu Janajagruti Samiti in the forthcoming Prayagraj Mahakumbh for uniting Hindu Saints. Sanatan Sanstha and Hindu Janajagruti Samiti are doing a wonderful work in making the society compliant to Dharma Shastras”.

From left : Shri. Anirban Niyogi, H. H. Nilesh Singbal, Rambalakdasji Mahatyagi Maharaj (inaugurating Sanatan Panchang 2019 Android App) and Shri. Vijaykumar Yadav

Mahant Ramnayan Dasji Maharaj of Bhakti Andolan Manch from Kushinagar, Uttar Pradesh said while addressing the participants, “Since ages, Saints have been protecting people from various disasters. Similarly, in today’s adverse times, Saints should come together and become pro-active. The Christians say that non-Christians are sinners. Muslims say that non-Muslims are Kafirs. Its only Hindus who say ‘Vasudhaiv Kutumbakam’. And that is why only the ‘Hindu Nation’ can achieve welfare of the whole world”.

The only permanent solution to the problems faced by Hindus in Bangladesh is to create a separate ‘Homeland’ for them in Bangladesh ! – Subhash Chakravarthy

While speaking on the pathetic state of Hindus in Bangladesh, Mr. Subhash Chakravarthy (Nikhil Bang Nagarik Sangh, West Bengal) stated, “The whole world knows about the atrocities faced by Hindus in Bangladesh. Still, nobody is doing anything for it. Giving shelter to the troubled Bangladeshi Hindus in India only, is not a worthwhile solution. Today, Hindus themselves are insecure in India. Just as Bangladesh (East Pakistan) was created by dividing Akhand Bharat, so also Bangladesh should be divided into two, and a ‘Homeland’ for Hindus be created there. This is the permanent solution to the atrocities faced by Bangladeshi Hindus.”

“Today, illegal infiltrators have increased to a very large extent in Assam bringing instability in State’s administration”, said Mr. Vasudev Sharma, President of All Assam Bengali Association (Assam). In few Districts, the population of Muslims is more than that of Hindus. They have usurped lot of land. Hindus are being attacked on a regular basis. If care is not taken, Assam will soon become ‘Kashmir’. I humbly request all Hindu organisations to take efforts to save Assam.

Speaking on the occasion, Shri. Anirban Niyogi, President of Bharateeya Sadhak Samaj, West Bengal said, ‘We call other Hindu organisations to our programme as it is not possible to fight alone. Due to our Saints, there is a change now in the mindset of the Christians in western countries like the US and Europe. There is cultural change also. We are not only the majority population, but also the original inhabitants of this Nation. This Nation is the God’s Nation. In Shrimad Bhagavadgeeta, Bhagawan has said that ‘Righteousness (Dharma) will win.’ So if we support Dharma, victory will be ours, by the blessings of Saints”.

H. H. Nilesh Singhbal, Guide of Hindu Janajagruti Samiti for North-Eastern india called on all Hindus to participate in the propagation of establishing the ‘Hindu Nation’ in the Kumbhamela organised at Prayag.

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