Nalasopara : ‘Janasamvad Sabha’ to oppose unjust action taken against Hindu activists

We are proud of Vaibhav Raut, who has been working for protection of cows and protection of ‘Hindutva’! – Navinchandra Bandiwadekar, President, Akhil Bharatiya Bhandari Samaj Mahasangh

From left – Shri. Shivkumar Pande, Shri. Navinchandra Bandiwadekar, Shri. Shirish Chavan, Shri. Sagar Chopdar, advocate Balraj Kulkarni, Sou. Nayana Bhagat

Nalasopara (Dist. Palghar) : We are surprised that a person striving to protect cows is branded as a terrorist. We shall not tolerate injustice against anyone. We shall extend as much support as possible to such person. We have faith in Court and hope that Vaibhav Raut would be released soon. Bhandari community always fights against injustice. We are proud of Vaibhav Raut, not only because he belongs to Bhandari community but also because he works for protection of cows and protection of ‘Hindutva’. He has our full support, stated Shri. Navinchandra Bandiwadekar, the President of ‘Akhil Bharatiya Bhandari Samaj Mahasangh’; while addressing public ‘Janasamvad Sabha’ held at Dhanajay Talkies Hall at Nalasopara on 9th September. The meeting was held in support of ‘Gou-rakshak’ Vaibhav Raut and to protest against unjust arrests of other ‘Hindutvavadis’. Shri. Shirish Chavan, former District-Chief of Shiv Sena from Palghar; ‘Hindutvavadi’ activist Shri. Shivkumar Pande, advocate Balraj Kulkarni of ‘Hindu Vidhidnya Parishad (HVP)’; Shri. Sagar Chopdar, Mumbai District Coordinator of Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS) and Sanatan Sanstha’s spokesperson, Sou. Nayana Bhagat shared the dais with him. The meeting was attended by more than 350 Hindus from Sopara and Vasai villages.

We shall see to it that justice is done to Vaibhav Raut : Advocate Balraj Kulkarni, HVP

Vaibhav Raut was arrested by police on 8th August. To which Court he was being taken, was also not clearly informed. Investigating agencies tried to suppress Constitutional rights of the accused and his advocates. We shall, however, see to it that justice is done to Vaibhav Raut. All of us should extend support to Vaibhav Raut. Hindu brethren need to realize that it is injustice done to all ‘Hindutvavadis’.

It is unfortunate for people working for ‘Hindutva’ that Vaibhav Raut is being persecuted despite pro-Hindu Government in power : Shirish Chavan, former District-Chief, Shiv Sena, Palghar

Vaibhav Raut has been purposely implicated in case of finding so-called explosives at his residence. Vaibhav Raut will surely get justice. He is a staunch ‘Hindutvavadi’ activist. It is unfortunate for people like him, who are working for protection of ‘Hindutva’, that they are being persecuted even though there is pro-Hindu government in power. All of us are firmly supporting Vaibhav Raut and his family.

Naxalites are protected and ‘Gou-rakshak’ and ‘Hindutvavadi’ Vaibhav Raut is treated as terrorist : Shivkumar Pande

This country is facing serious problem of naxalism; but many political parties, so-called thinkers and social activists come forward in support of naxalites. ‘Hindutvavadi’ and ‘Gou-rakshak’ like Vaibhav Raut is, however, immediately treated as anti-national and a terrorist. It is quite infuriating that advocate Sanjiv Punalekar, who is striving to get justice for ‘Hindutvavadis’, is being questioned by political leaders and media, who are openly supporting naxalites and terrorists.

Defamation of pro-Hindu organizations is a ploy for creating hindrance in activities related to protection of ‘Hindutva’ and protection of cows : Sagar Chopdar, HJS

Despite being busy in preparations for Ganesh festival, Hindu brethren from Sopara and Vasai villages have gathered here in large number, in support of Vaibhav Raut which is commendable. Ploy to defame pro-Hindu organizations is hatched by arresting activists of pro-Hindu organizations so as to create hindrance in all activities related to protection of ‘Hindutva’ and protection of cow. All those, who are accused in various scams, are trying to portray Hindus as terrorists.

Dabholkar-Pansare families are pressurizing police not to arrest real culprits but to impose ban on Sanatan Sanstha : Sou. Nayana Bhagat, spokesperson, Sanatan Sanstha  

Dabholkar- Pansare families never pressurized police for nabbing real culprits in murder cases; but they are pressurizing police only to impose ban on Sanatan. Today, different news channels are defaming Sanatan. Sanatan’s spokesperson and seekers are counter-arguing the ideological terrorism. Sanatan Sanstha will continue to fight, at ideological level, till Bharat is declared as a Hindu Rashtra.

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