Solapur : 15,000 Hindus take oath for establishment of Hindu Rashtra

Solapur : The Hindu Dharmajagruti Sabha held by HJS in Solapur, famous as Shri Siddheshwar’s city, on 7th February, turned out to be very special. Despite various kinds of opposition of police and so called Hindu activists, the sabha was a grand success due to the grace of God. Among all the sabhas held in Solapur so far, in this sabha more than 15 thousand dharmapremis attended the sabha travelling hundreds of kms to reach the venue. While addressing the gathering Shri. T. Rajasingh confessed saying, “I am moulded by Sanatan Sanstha and HJS. Therefore more and more Hindus should join their mission.”

Congratulations to seekers and volunteers for making the sabha in Solapur a grand success despite severe opposition ! – (Paratpar Guru) Dr. Athavale

More than 15 thousand Hindus to attend the Hindu Dharmajagruti Sabha is a symbol of the trust people are developing towards HJS. Current period is conducive to create awareness among Hindus. Despite oppositions from police and some organisations to the sabha in Solapur, Sanatan’s seekers and HJS volunteers yearned to make the sabha a grand success using constitutional ways. Hence the sabha got the tremendous response from people. Therefore we cannot express our appreciation in words. Seekers and volunteers from all over should take this as an ideal.

Establishment of Hindu Rashtra is not difficult for 100 crores of Hindus in the nation by getting united ! – Staunch Hindu leader and MLA Shri. T. Rajasingh

Presently Hindu population in the country is 100 crores. Therefore it is not difficult to establish a Hindu Rashtra if they desire. If 10,000 Hindus give 1 hour every day for Dharma, then 1 lakh workers will be created. If this happens, seculars will not suppress saffron flag and Hindus. Then we can establish Hindu Rashtra. Many Hindu young girls in Solapur have succumbed to the trap of love jihad and have been converted. If we desire to stop this, then considering every Hindu girl as a sister, Hindu youth need to save them from the clutches of love jihad as their duty. Hindus should learn to sacrifice while opposing the attackers on Hindu Dharma and Hindus, expressed the staunch Hindu leader and cow protector Shri. T. Rajasingh here. He was addressing the gathering at the sabha held on behalf of HJS at Punjal grounds here on 7th February. Sadguru (Kum.) Swati Khadye of Sanatan Sanstha, Shri. Monoj Khadye , co-ordinator of HJS, West Maharashtra and Shri. Nilesh Sangolkar of Hindu Vidhidnya Parishad were present on this occasion. In the history of Hindu Dharmajagruti Sabha in Solapur, for the first time, more than 15,000 devout Hindus were present in the sabha.

MLA T. Rajasingh said,

  • It is not easy to establish a Hindu Rashtra. We will have to fight to achieve it. If Hindu Rashtra is not established, then our country will become Islamic nation or Christian country in no time.
  • Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj’s 1 soldier was stronger than 100 fanatics. Hindus should not get converted by succumbing to money and other luring.
  • We need to help weaker Hindus who are the victims of conversion due to their pathetic financial state. These converted Hindus may become our enemies.
  • Hindus should learn to use weapons to fight terrorism for their self-defence.
  • Police give permission to hold a meeting to anti-national Kanhaiya Kumar who want to break our nation into pieces; but police do not give me permission to hold a sabha. This is unfair.

Hindu youth should visit the Ramnathi (Goa) Ashram to get inspired ! – MLA T. Rajasingh

Hindu youth need to get connected with Sanatan Sanstha and HJS. HJS has created its strength in Bharat. Hindu youth can get guidance from these organisations for protecting the nation and Dharma. When they will join the samiti, each of them will be a yoddha. All these youth should visit Ramnathi Ashram at least once.

Sadhana is very essential while increasing the mental and physical strength ! – Sadguru (Ms.) Swati Khadye

Those who are scared of Hindu Rashtra oppose its establishment. They demoralise Hindus. Queen Padmavati’s character was tarnished in the film Padmaavat; but some Hindus only appreciate such film. Keeping the ideal of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, we need to be active for Dharma. Hundreds of young girls in Solapur have been victims of love jihad. Those who are working for Hindutva are murdered in broad day light. Hence Hindus need to learn self-defence to stop these murderous acts. Therefore along with increasing the mental and physical strength, Sadhana (spiritual practice) too is very essential.

While greeting on a telephone or mobile phone, Hindus should say ‘namaskar’ instead of ‘hello’ like westerners. We say ‘Aai’, in this word, ‘Aa’ means Atma (Soul) and ‘I’ means Ishwar (God). Hence instead of mummy say aai.

Will destroy progressives’ conceptual terrorism ! – Adv. Nilesh Sangolkar, HVP

Government and politicians appease minorities in Bharat. Hence majority Hindus are suppressed by police and administration. Atheists-progressives being against Hindutva, a patriot like Chandan Gupta is murdered; whereas the ideology of so-called progressives like Dr. Dabholkar, Comrade Pansare, Dr. Kalburgi is glorified. From the hints given by family members of Dr. Dabholkar and Comrade Pansare, innocents like Shri. Samir Gaikwad and Dr. Virendra Singh tawade are arrested and put in jail. They are ill treated there. God will definitely punish them, who are responsible for oppression of Hindus. Hindu Vidhidnya Parishad has exposed the scams of MANS. It has exposed the corruption in Shri Mahalaxmi temple in Kolhapur. Sambhji Nagar Division bench has given an order recently to the forest department and the Collector of Dharashiv to submit their own statements in connection to this corruption.

Antagonists opposing the sabha severely, slapped by the presence of devout Hindus in such large numbers : Manoj Khadye

Many secularists opposed this sabha vehemently. Lot of obstacles through the medium of administration had to be tackled; but Hindus gave them a slap by attending the sabha in such large numbers. I congratulate all of them. When Hindus started uniting, Sushilkumar Shinde uttered the word ‘saffron terrorism’ for the first time. Thereafter all Hindus in Solapur defeated such politicians in elections.

Many public representatives, Hindutvanishthas, Hindutvawadi organisations like ‘Art of Living’, Ayappa Swami, devotees of Annadanam Mandal were present for the sabha.

Specific highlights of the sabha

  1. As soon as Shri. T. Rajasingh entered the venue of the sabha the whole Punjal stadium was resonating with slogans like, ‘Kon ala re kon ala, Owaisi cha bap ala, Jay Bhavani Jay Shivaji, Har Har Mahadev, Sambhaji Maharaj ki Jay, Jay Shriram, Jayatu Jayatu Hindurashtram’
  2. Devout Hindsu had put on saffron caps and were carrying saffron flags.
  3. 10 Devout Hindus in Ganapati Dhol Pathak welcomed dignitaries till reaching the venue with drumming (Dhol vajvat).
  4. Devout Hindus from Lodhi community entered the venue giving slogans of valour.
  5. Most of the groups representing various areas entered the venue with slogans.
  6. 40 Devout Hindu from Ambejogai, 150 kms away, had come to attend the sabha, 30 had come from Sakharpeth wearing saffron caps and carrying saffron flags.
  7. Almost from all areas Devout Hindu had assembled at the venue.
  8. 300 Devout Hindu from Dhongade locality in Solapur came for the sabha.
  9. 25 volunteers of Shivpratishthan from Tuljapur attended the sabha.
  10. Devout Hindus attending the self-defence class conducted by HJS had participated in the preparations for the sabha.



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