Regional Hindu Convention held successfully at Pune

Undoubtedly Hindu Dharma is going to be a religion of the whole world : H. B. P. Niranjanshastri Kothekar Maharaj

Pune : Hindu culture is the mother of all cultures. There is no doubt that Hindu religion will be the religion of the universe. Therefore Hindus need to unite for that, expressed H. B. P. Niranjanshastri Kothekar Maharaj, the President of Devidas Dharmashala in Alandi. Regional Hindu Convention was held at Indraprastha Hall on 7th January on behalf of HJS with the intention of establishing Hindu Rashtra. He was addressing the gathering during the inauguration of the Convention. Sadguru (Ms.) Swati Khadye of SS, Adv. Suresh Kulkarni, founder member of Hindu Vidhidnya Parishad, Shri. Abhijit Deshmukh of HJS were present on this occasion. 76 devout Hindus from Pune and Nashik district were present there.

Topics like, protecting and increasing cattle, preparing Hindus to face adverse period, protesting against so-called progressive factions, need to develop courage among Hindus, need to practice spirituality for establishing Hindu Rashtra and for living a blissful life etc. were discussed in the sessions throughout the day. At the same time direction for carrying out the mission unto Dharma was given to volunteers.

From left : Sadguru (Kum.) Swati Khadye, Adv. Suresh Kulkarni, Shri. Abhijit Deshmukh and H. B. P. Niranjanshastri Kothekar Maharaj

H. B. P. Niranjanshastri Kothekar Maharaj said further in his address

Hindus are imitating westernculture and westerners are getting attracted towards Hindu culture. Hindus are insecure because they are not united despite in majority. Because Hindus were divided, British could rule over Bharatiyas. Hindus need to awaken now.

Sattva predominant (Sattvik) atmosphere is necessary for mission towards Hindutva. This sattvikata can be achieved only with Guru’s grace. It is said that when Guru is supporting any mission then who cares for others.

Hindu Rashtra is the constitutional right of Hindus ! – Sadguru (Kum.) Swati Khadye

There is a provision to make alterations in the Constitution of Bharat as per the requirements of the time. If by making changes in the constitution Bharat can be declared as secular state, then why can’t Bharat be declared as Hindu Rashtra constitutionally ? Hindu Rashtra is bound to come in 2023 as per the Divine declaration.

Hindus are suppressed between the democracy and secularism ! – Shri. Abhijit Deshmukh

Hindus are suppressed between the democracy and secularism. The Hindu culture is being wiped out systematically and Bharat is being taken towards Islam; but according to the influence of time and resolve of Saints, Hindu Rashtra is bound to rise. The mission of Dharmaveer is just touching their sticks to the Govardhan mountain lifted by Shrikrushna.

H. B. P. Niranjanshastri Kothekar Maharaj’s devotion for Dharma

I am always with HJS in their mission towards Hindutva !

Recently a Warkari Convention was held in Alandi on behalf of HJS with the assistance of H. B. P. Niranjanshastri Kothekar Maharaj. That time and now also he repeated the same words that, I myself and my pathshala will always support the Samiti for protecting Hindu samskruti and Hindu Dharma. We will succeed in our resolve of establishing Hindu Rashtra.

Prepared to embrace the noose for Hindu Rashtra !

H. B. P. Niranjanshastri Kothekar Maharaj said with determination that if the time comes to embrace the noose for establishing Hindu Rashtra, then I will be the first one ! These very words show His bhav for Hindutva.

I am a seeker doing spiritual practice as per the guidance of Saints. My only desire is to witness educated and dedicated Hindus created in the society. Hence Hindus have to unite physically, mentally and financially. The mission towards Dharma will continue incessantly in every district.

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