Separatist losing control in Kashmir, latest conspiracy to instigate Kashmiris proves it

Are rising incidents of braid chopping in Kashmir Valley a concern ?

Discredited separatist trio of Syed Ali Shah Geelani, Mirwaiz Omar Farooq and Yasin Malik, feeling the heat of the ongoing investigations in the terror funding cases and ‘hawala’ money have now decided to zero in on rising incidents of braid chopping to stay relevant in the eyes of Kashmiris who have apparently dumped them in the ‘dustbin’ of history.

These self-styled resistance leaders had appealed to the local residents in Kashmir to hold protest demonstrations after Friday prayers to register their protest against the alleged incidents of braid chopping.

But before they could join the protesters Yasin Malik was detained and Mirwaiz was placed under house arrest.

The mobile internet services too were suspended to check rumor mongering and spread propaganda material via social media.

Since these separatists had earlier failed to incite passions of common masses especially in the wake of NIA raids in connection with terror funding cases they are growing restive as they are fast losing touch with the masses they claim to represent in their small pockets of influence.

It is in the wake of these unsavory developments these separatists got together and issued a press statement stating, “The joint resistance camp led by Syed Ali Geelani, Mirwaiz Omar Farooq, and Mohammad Yasin Malik have decided to call a state-level public meeting in TRC Polo View on October 14.”

Calling for mass participation, they said people have been asked to register protest against “incessant incidents of braid chopping, attempts at altering and changing history, culture, heritage and Muslim majority status of the state by authorities in New Delhi”. They said the braid chopping incidents are an attack on the dignity and a “war weapon against womenfolk”.

Is it a real Saazish or are separatists manufacturing fake anger against India ?

The manner in which the self-styled champions of Kashmir, fighting for ‘Azadi’, are searching for a foothold to remain relevant in Kashmir it sends a strong signal to the policymakers to keep tightening the noose around their necks as they have almost become irrelevant on the political landscape across Kashmir valley.

Smelling an opportunity to once again motivate gullible Kashmiris these separatists are trying to weave a complex web of lies to mislead the local residents and incite their passions to put Indian agencies on the back foot by orchestrating violence on the streets of Kashmir valley.

A random survey suggested the total number of incidents of stone pelting have gone down in the last two months. Between August and September, the total number of incidents has reduced by nearly 50 percent. Against over 100 incidents reported in August less than 50 incidents have come to light in September 2017.

High time to call the bluff of separatists ?

It remains a mystery as to how progressive and educated Kashmiris giving space to these separatists to mislead the whole society and take people for a ride.

Geelani, Mirwaiz, and Malik have nothing to lose even if they fail in their effort to mobilize big crowds but they will get benefitted by ensuring yet another shutdown in Kashmir, for which the beleaguered neighbor is pumping huge funds through various channels.

Since these incidents of braid chopping have been reported from across different Indian cities including the National capital and other parts of North India then how on earth can these incidents become “India’s weapon against women folk or attack on their dignity”? By such an argument these separatists are giving license to criminals indulging in such acts to carry on with their hot pursuit of chopping hair.

This is not for the first time when Geelani and company have played politics over criminal activities.

A few years ago he had touched a very sensitive issue of depleting moral values amid the reports of growing drug addiction among youth and the so-called flesh trade being carried out in the city and some towns.

On another occasion, the separatists had taken exception to youngsters playing music or some girl students going on study tours. They had an objection because those girls were from poor families. Otherwise, the kin of these separatists can go anywhere for greener pastures, even if they are funded by some agencies from within and outside.

The separatists are trying to divert attention from NIA raids under the garb of braid chopping. They are not only hampering the investigations against criminals but encouraging them too to carry on their ugly game by bringing in New Delhi into all this and trying to manufacture cosmetic anger against India.

No progress in the Braid chopping case?

The state police have so far not been able to make any arrests in the case, even as over 50 incidents of braid chopping have been reported in the past three weeks.

A helpline has been established and a reward of six lakh rupees has also been announced for information leading to arrest of braid choppers.

A 70-year-old man mistaken as braid chopper was killed after he was attacked with a brick late last night in Danter village of Anantnag district of south Kashmir, police said.

An official said that Abdul Salam Wani was attacked with a brick when he came out of his house late last night, apparently to answer nature’s call.

In many cases, residents have been acting on their own against the braid-choppers, resulting in beating and harassment of innocent people by mobs.

On Friday evening a mob intercepted a person near Tourist Reception Centre and tried to lynch him on the alibi of being a braid chopper. The said person was a crossdresser being a transgender.

Police had to intervene to rescue him from the frenzied mob. He had come to pay obeisance at Makhdoom Sahib shrine. After this disclosure, his family was contacted and was handed over to them. “People are requested to cooperate with police and not to resort to kangaroo justice”, a police spokesman said.In another incident, two more civilians were captured by the frenzied mob on charges of being braid choppers at Chopan Mohalla, Ishber. The two were beaten to a pulp by the angry mob forcing the police to issue a fresh advisory in the surcharged atmosphere.

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