Anti-Hindu S M Mushrif’s fanatic hissing : Real rioters are Brahmins only

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The real rioters in the country are Brahmins, whereas Muslims are only bait on fishing hook ! : Anti-Hindu Mushrif

Mumbai: Brahmins have set Hindus after Muslims for protecting themselves from non-Brahmins. In the year 1893, they first caused riot in Pune and since then, the history of riots started which is going on till the killing of Karkare. The same Brahmins were serving Muslims during Muslim regime and were not doing anything against Muslims; but when they thought that their dominance was under threat, they started communal riots. Brahmins are the real rioters. They are creating riots and bomb blasts and blaming Muslims. Muslims are used as bait on fishing hook. The above fanatic hissing was done by former Director General of Police S. M. Mushrif. (In the past 1000 years, Muslim invaders have destroyed millions of Hindu temples; killed billions of Hindus, oppressed thousands of Hindu women. Even today, pelting of stone on Hindu processions from mosques, attacking Hindus as the procession passes by mosque etc. is done by Muslims. They are creating some obstacle or the other during Hindu festivals. Police have declared that Mainuddin Bagvan is the mastermind of Miraj riots; therefore, who are the real rioters is known to everyone ! – Editor SP)

A meeting was arranged at Shivaji Mandir in Dadar on the topic of ‘True face of terrorism’. Many workers of anti-Hindu parties, BAMSEF, Shivrajya Party, Jamat-e-Islam Hind, Lokshakti Party, Aman Committee, Sambhaji Brigade, Bharat Mukti Morcha, Mulnivasi Sangh, Jijau Brigade etc. were present on the occasion in large number. Waman Meshram, the President of BAMSAFE and Brig. Sudhir Sawant of Bahujan Samaj Party were also present.

Mushrif said further, “Ayodhya is not the only issue. In the last 50 years, Brahmins have created problem with some mosque and durgah in every district or taluka and it is used for starting riots. When their ploy was brought forth, they made an issue of terrorism. (The whole world knows the history that Mughal invaders attacked Hindustan and destroyed Hindu temples to build mosques. There are many proofs available; therefore, problem about mosque and durgah is not created by Brahmins but by Muslims only ! – Editor SP)

Sadhvi Pradnya Singh and Left. Col. Purohit of Abhinav Bharat developed relations with Israel for formation of Hindu Nation. They asked for training, arms and shelter. Israel asked them to first take some action to show their worth and accordingly, Abhinav Bharat carried out bomb blasts. At the time of terrorists’ attack on Taj and Nariman Hotel, Brahmins from security forces killed Karkare near Kama Hospital. Two persons at Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus were from Maharashtra and such news was published in the newspapers at that time. I have taken reference of that in my book.” (The Court has also agreed that Karkare and other police officers were killed in the firing carried out by Pakistani terrorists. In the whole issue, there is no mention of Brahmins. Even then, Mushrif is misleading people and helping the enemy country Pakistan. What stringent action the Government is planning to take against Mushrif for this serious crime? – Editor SP)

Source: Daily Sanatan Prabhat

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