Hindu temple attacked in Manikgonj District in Bangladesh, am I concerned ?

Adv. Rabindra Ghosh, president of ‘Bangladesh Minority Watch’ (BDMW) which works for human rights of Hindus in Bangladesh, have informed us about the attack on Hindu temple in Manikgonj district of Bangladesh.

On 4 September, 5 jihadis attacked Hindu temple situated in the village of Solai Bangla and destroyed 10 idols of Hindu deities in Raksha Kali temple and Lokhnat temple. Shri. Lal Chand Rajbongshi, priest of the temple has lodged police complaint against attackers, but no one has been arrested yet.

This incident highlights the atrocities on Hindus and Hindu temples in Islamic Bangladesh. Attacks on Hindu temples by jihadis are going on from hundreds of years and fanatics in Bangladesh are following path of their ancestors. As all of us know that, in 1901 Hindu population was 33% in Bangladesh, which declined to 8.9 % in 2011 census. Also thousands of temples have been destroyed. The main reason behind this decline of Hindus is jihadi mentality of fanatics in Bangladesh.

Now Hindus expect that Indian govt should raise concern about such plight of Hindus with Bangladesh govt and ask them to ensure that such incidents should not happen in future.

As per various reports, 4 to 6 crore Bangladeshi illegal immigrants are living in India. Considering the anti-Hindu mentality of fanatics, one can imagine the grave situation that can arise in parts of India because of these immigrants. One recent example is attack on Mahagun Moderne society in Noida. Such incidents may reach your doorsteps anytime in near future, if proper steps are not taken immediately.

Hindus must introspect that how they would react on such occasions ? Will Hindus be able to protect themselves if jihadi fanatics attack them ? The solution to this problem is unity of Hindus and taking self-defense training which is allowed as per our Constitution.

What you can do ?

1. Ask Indian govt to take up issue of attacks on Hindus and temples in Bangladesh with Bangladesh Govt and ensure protection of Hindus. You can do so by submitting representations to administrative officers. You can send us photos and news report of this activity which can be published on HJS website. Our email ID is [email protected]

2. You can also make above demand through Twitter and email. You can post your tweets with hashtags like #BangladeshTempleAttacked and also tag us at @hindujagrutiorg

3. Indian Govt has decided to deport Rohingya Muslims from India. Now we should also compel Govt to deport all Bangladeshi illegal immigrants living in all parts of India.

4. In many states, local Govts have taken over lot of Hindu temples which include Tirupati temple, Guruvayur temple, Siddhivinayak temple, Shirdi Saibaba temple etc. Lot of corruption and misuse of temple wealth has been exposed, hence we should demand Central govt to enact law to free all Hindu temples from the clutches of state govt


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